Friday, October 01, 2004

President Bush Bears Much Weight!

The long-awaited first debate between Sen. John Kerry and President George W. Bush (43) is over. For now, I cannot address the content, because the air is filled with so many opinions swirling all about. We all watched the same telecast yet we each saw something different. To add to the mix, the news pundits put in their commentaries. And, we all know how much weight national news coverage carries. Suffice it to say, the President has carried a lot of weight on his capable shoulders. Much of that weight has come from the deception of the Demo(n)crats. God help us as a nation, if we have to even think about another four years of the Clinton regime.

This is the times in which we live. People call right wrong and wrong right. Sen. Kerry and his spin machine know how to rip the heart out of any truth. They operate from the standpoint of pure evil. That is enough to tire anybody. Trying to keep up with the many positions of Kerry and his cohorts and maintain some semblance of dignity is very hard work! Our President is articulate and steadfast and has a healthy respect for the Office. He is doing his job of protecting and defending this nation. Anybody who cannot see and understand the differences between Kerry and the President will not be able to no matter how many words the President may or may not use.

President Bush is the man for this time and season. If the Demo(n)crats had any idea of what loyalty to this nation means, they would realize how much harm they are doing to the cause of freedom and security by mischaracterizing the President's ongoing position while we are at war. And Demo(n)crats are doing it for the sake of winning politically by any means necessary. God help us, is my continuing prayer. The Demo(n)crats upset my stomach every time they show up and twist the truth into facts that suit their evil purpose.

Earlier today, I received an email from a military person stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, just around the time the news broke about the explosion and murder of about 35 children and injury of about 100, including our military. That email was a pleasant conversation and my heart went out in gratitude to all who serve to keep us free.

This very night (Thursday), the President knew what the nation had not yet learned --- that is, more of our military was at that very moment embarking on an intensive combat offensive in Iraq. Even at this hour, the news is still not being widely disseminated to the public. I happened to have just seen it on CNN. Is there any wonder that President Bush's mind might have been elsewhere tonight?

Maybe I will be able to speak on the debate matters between now and the next debate(?) But my prayers are with President Bush, his family, his team, our military, and this entire nation and our allies.

Lord, "forgive them for [The Demo(n)crats know] what they do!"