Thursday, October 07, 2004

Did Pres. Bush Drop the Ball on Iraqi Inspections?

I came across a great timeline. Many of us lived through it in the moment but this person has compiled a great timeline to allow us to look back. Sen. Kerry vehemently contends President Bush did not give the U.N. inspectors enough time before taking steps to oust Saddam. What Kerry has not talked about is where he was (Kerry) in the Senate during that time long before former Gov. G.W. Bush became President. As I recall, much of what went on before that was within the domain of President Bill Clinton! And, now, we are being pestered by the same administration people who failed to take decisive action when they had the chance (Clinton-Gore). What I can't understand is how gullible so many people are who could very easily do a little research for themselves today rather than just "drink the kool-aid" doled out by Demo(n)crats.
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