Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Sin, Death, Hell, and the Grave and all encompassed with it . . . .

  • evil -- contrary to contemporary thought, it does exist
  • satan -- despite popular belief, he does exist
  • abortion -- early, late, on-time or otherwise
  • lies -- one-half a lie is still a lie (white, black, omission, comission)
  • rape -- including body, soul, mind, spirit against and by male, female, child
  • murder -- premeditated and vicious
  • death -- accidental, incidental, sentimental, providential
  • child abuse -- including screaming at and threatening children
  • domestic violence -- against and by male, female, child, spouse, parent, etc.
  • vain disputations -- esp. when they go on without reconciliation
  • animal abuse -- deliberately perpetrated by heartless people
  • immorality -- that attempts to redefine and to destroy family structure
  • devastating diseases -- esp. ones that have no known cures
  • hunger --- esp. in a land of plenty
  • drought -- and devastating forces that rip up the earth and its people
  • ungodly leadership -- whether in our home, church, or state government

    Someone once wrote and sang that "It's a thin line between love and hate."

    Many people know what the Word of the Lord has to say about God's love.
    What does the Word of God say about hate and evil? Questions?
    contact me.