Friday, October 22, 2004

Kerry Lied Flash Video! Must see!!

Sharing my initial reaction after viewing the film (referenced below). Heart wrenching!

Oh my God. Along with the message from the Marine Corporal, that film broke my heart. I haven't stopped crying. I remembered those daily news reports with photos spread across page after page of our young men who gave all -- died for this country (as well as women). I remembered those nightly news casts with video tapes from the battlezone in the jungle. My heart couldn't take it then and, now, it is all back, and I can't stop crying. I get mad all over again when I think that in 2004 we are faced with the same ignorant mindset that caused our men and women to be mislabeled as the first to lose a war. Not true!

I remembered the photos my husband brought back from Nam. My husband served in Viet Nam and he is one of the blessed ones who came back -- intact. I think I get more upset than he does about that era.

North Vietnam won the war in our streets for no other reason than this. Just like then, today, again the ignorant masses are led by John Kerry out in the streets. It
is his hope that America will "lose" the war on terrorism and I believe he does have a plan. I believe that plan was set in place back in the 1970s to turn this nation over to the enemies of our faith and culture. When we think that Kerry and Edwards are lawyers that ought to be enough to force us to see we are in this battle against good and evil. Lawyers?? Do we really need another 4 to 8 years of two more lawyers? Remember Billiary Administration? They have never left the political scene and they don't intend to do so. The DEMS always said they wanted Bill and Hill to have another term. I see this as their means to that ends ---- Kerry!

Seeing that film also makes me want to start a movement against the government to release our men and women who were blessed enough to live through that hell in Iraq. The officials know that war is hell. Yet they have prosecuted our brave men and women and released the combatants! Pray for action to call for the release of those brave men and women "scape goats" of that Iraqi prison. I want to start a move towards having those soldiers exonerated and their pay restored. What is what they have done when compared to the terrorists who cut off heads of humans and film it so everybody can see? Where is the outrage about that? I am for President Bush but he, as Commander and Chief, also has to step up and speak out. He told this nation before going into battle that this was a different kind of war and that there would even be things that we would not know about (and I think we knew what they meant when he said it in the joint session of congress). Well, political correctness bedamned! Our people are in Iraq. My daughter volunteered to serve in Afghanistan and in Bosnia and, thanks to God, although she wants to go to Iraq, my prayers -- I believe -- have kept her home. I have had to fight the military on her behalf because she is a strong young woman who has earned medals and is a Captain. She is a college graduate, linguist, and a paratrooper. Yet her commanders tried to block her promotions and did block her bronze star. What's wrong with this picture? Our military need to be applauded. They have their own private hell but they love this country literally to death and have chosen to serve it even in the face of (their own) death. Yet, so many of this younger generation who have taken to the streets across this nation really do not know what it means to be a patriot. How could they when they have not seen enough people come to heart wrenching tears when the Star Spangled Banner plays or when the troops are on the march or when you look up and see the flag flying overhead? or when the President of the United States was about to address the nation. OR when you walk into the voting booth not to be vindictive but for the joy of doing what is right for the nation. I am offended -- highly so -- that the news media (who do so) have misused their positions to denegrate the Office. How could our children not be confused. We have taught them what is right. But schools and universities and peers have gripped their puny minds and told them to think for themselves (after they had told them what to think). And God is not in it. God have mercy on us all. And may the President's victory be more than enough proof for naysayers and this whole wide world to know that our God reigns Supreme and Supremely reigns! God bless. (signed) - clergywomen/Silent Thunder

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