Thursday, October 07, 2004

VP Cheney Kicked Sen. Edwards' Butt!

Let me be clear. Christians are peace-loving followers of the Lamb Jesus. It is not contradictory to profess Christ and Salvation and, at the same time, kick the devil every chance we get. God did not make us to be doormats to be walked on and kicked around. When "Christ in us, the hope of glory," resides within us and among us who love Him, we know that by His Spirit we can discern right from wrong and good from evil and mess from bless. LISTEN! It is all well and good to know about the Lord and His Word. But it is all together something else to know Him and His will, word, and way. When you know this God we serve, then you are not afraid to stand up for what is right and true and of God.

Republicans, as a party, are people who generally confess to be Christians. Yet, Democrats, as a party, make the same confession. How, then, can there be such a wide gap among them in terms of what political and social issues they support? Notwithstanding all of that ---- Republicans continued to take the high road and stayed focussed on the issues. Democrats turned a deaf ear and lent a blind eye to the discourse. If that were not bad enough, they then emerged as a party to misrepresent the unfolding events in the world.

[If anybody wants to know what I *really* think, email me for an indepth discussion/debate/argument/talk/summation, etc.].

In this forum, I only want to speak on the surface, because I have found that deeper discourses go by the boards when people clearly do not understand or have any intentions of trying to reach some degree of understanding with one another.

Why do I say that VP Cheney kicked Sen. Edwards' Butt?

VP Cheney spoke directly to the issues. He addressed the questions Gwen Ifill, as Moderator, posed to him and he still maintained a calming yet strong demeanor compared to Sen. Edwards' boyish inexperience and failure to directly (or indirectly) address the questions posed to him by the Moderator. In this way, Edwards followed the model of Sen. John Kerry (his running mate). Except Kerry remained with a frozen face while refusing to respond directly or indirectly to questions posed to him during his debate with President Bush. The President's campaign is hit hard not by the debates as much as they are by talking heads and pundits who try to effect policy and manipulate the upcoming Presidential election by twisting and spinning out of control on behalf of the Demo(n)crats.

News media are still playing the dangerous game of forgetting that historically and by necessity, this country has only one (1) President at the time. But they have capitulated to the Demo(n)crats who have made it no secret that they want (sic) Clinton to have a third term in office. When we see their same old hateful rhetoric and stepped up efforts to undermine the Bush-Cheney Administration every chance they get, then it ought to become clearer that they meant it when they said they *hate* George W. Bush (#43). Americans who know the worth of prayer realize they cannot discontinue sending up prayers on behalf of this administration, nation, and all people all over the world. I am leaving so much unsaid, in this forum, but my mind, body, and spirit, stand ready, willing, and able to engage the battle. I, for one, am not afraid to kick butt and take names! And, yes, I am Christian. I know God and God knows me. And I thank God for all this Holy Boldness that He worked in me to work through me.