Saturday, October 30, 2004

Pessimism, Who Is Your Mother?

Bin Laden makes a sudden taped appearance on a fine Friday afternoon and stirs up the ongoing voter rhetoric.

News media hurriedly put out questions as they gasp for breath and all but foam at the mouth for the pot stirrer Laden. And, when they gather their collective breaths, they come up for air and latch on to two (2) Presidents of the U.S. That is what I said! And, since when did a candidate for that Office have the authority to assume the same position as the holder of that Office? This nation has only one (l) President. His voice ought to have been the only voice we heard coming out of that chaotic message. And the President's advisors need to let him, this country, and the whole world know this is too important an issue to relinquish the Presidential seat and come down to speak on the same level as a candidate.

I believe political correctness ends where political savvy begins. Period! The President may be a candidate at this time, but he is our President. Kerry has a big mouth but he can't seem to fix it to tell the people what his plan is or what he did to the veterans of Viet Nam.

Even though we are in the final throes of the election season, this nation still has only one voice. President Bush (#43). That voice is never more crucial to our welfare as it is when we are at war and our men and women are in harm's way. Yet, Sen. John Kerry (sorry, I choke on that) is sought out for a comment on the pot stirrer Laden; and, guess what?! Kerry makes a statement that sounds Presidential. And is there any wonder? President Bush had already made the statement many times over before that. Could anybody miss the last part of Kerry's message (i.e., "Whatever it takes!"), supposedly said with authority? Well, who has not heard the President publicly make that resolute statement as a mandate? Nevertheless, the press latched on to Kerry's remarks as though they came from his mouth alone and first.

We have seen the same thing happen time and again since Kerry stepped up on the public stage from out of the shadows. We saw it happen after the President used the terms, "Dead or Alive," and "Bring it on!" The DEMS were beside themselves. They talked disdainly about the "cowboy attitude" and scoffed even at the terms. Yet, after Kerry used the words, "Bring it on!" to taunt the President, his kool-aiders acted as if that was macho and began attributing that term to Kerry. Then Kerry began acting as if he were macho (on the President's coat tails). And that is the way the DEMS began riding out their election season. On GWB's coat tails! And I have not once heard the news media make that connection. Is there any wonder the nation is divided and so many constituents are confused?

  • Where is all of this pessimism, cynicism, sarcasm, bitterness, and downright pure hate and disrespect for authority coming from across this nation?

  • Who proclaimed the "Blame America First" dicta as the rule of thumb standard and won't call it back?

  • When did that 9-11 moment of national pride deteriorate into bringing in national disunity?

  • How is it the country is so divided along partisan lines?

  • Day in and out, we watch and listen as pundits appear by way of old fashioned means of getting out the news (i.e., tv, radio, newspapers). But, now, there is a new category. Bloggers are on the scene!

    Over the years, I have noticed how the Republicans (i.e., President, Congress, Senate) have capitulated to the DEMS' whims and then watched as they turned around and used the GOP compromises negatively against them. On the other hand, the DEMS have refused to compromise their position to reciprocate. Being "nice" has its place. But when you are in a neck-to-neck combat zone and your neck is headed for a chopping block or a hangman's noose, then nice has to go. I want to know why the GOP puts up with it. They are the ones who, on tv debates with the DEMS and their cohorts, keep smiling and nodding in agreement while we sit at home and watch them get pummeled unjustifiably so. The DEMS overtalk them, are rude, crude, and downright debased in their delivery. And even after the moderator/host says the GOPer gets the last word, the DEM surrogates not so gently elbow in their last zingers. And the hosts always allow it! Then they all smile and say a polite adieu. But, I don't believe our hearts can take it! It's past time for the disruptive DEMS and GOPers (who are) to be left on the side of the road and let the President's "Ship of State" glide on with those who can rock the boat and, yet, still stay on board (beyond party, race, gender, polls).

    I have asked this question, "Pessimism, who is your mother?" And I have a response. "News media take a look at your own womb that births discord rather than truth. That's really where we need abortions. "

    I am certain I am one of many who thank God that President Bush knows who His Father is and is not ashamed to let the whole world know Jesus Christ is his Role Model.