Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pull Out Your Bush-Cheney Signs and Buttons!

Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Earlier today, when I drove up to my house and left my car, a woman was approaching me and asked if I lived here and I said I did. As she approached, she had this big smile on her face. I had never met her before but she introduced herself as a neighbor around the corner and up the street from my house. She told me her husband had come home yesterday and told her there were Bush signs on our lawn. She said she told him she was going to come knock on the door but he said not to. So she said today she decided to walk down to see for herself and saw me pulling up in my car.

She told she was so glad to see somebody had enough courage to put the signs out. She said she was Republican but she had been afraid to put out any signs. (There are no Bush signs anywhere in this whole neighborhood.) In fact, I have not seen one yet. But I ordered two (2) Bush signs and put them out. And they really make a difference. One side of the sign says, "BUSH COUNTRY!" and the other side of the sign says, "IM4W". So I positioned the signs to show both messages to passersby. My neighbor and I laughed and talked so long that her husband took a walk around the corner to (I guess) check up on her. And the three of us talked for almost an hour even though we had never met before. We had a great time comparing notes on the Wednesday debate and the ignorance of democrats. Boy do we have a book to write! lol

I also had a doctor's appointment earlier, and at the last minute, I put on my 2 buttons I ordered with the signs. Both buttons read, "IM4W."

When I got to my doctor's office I noticed a sign on the receptionist's window. It was addressed to pharmaceutical reps and asked them to be patient and to not disturb the receptionist while she was either on the phone or with a patient. But when I saw the graphics and text about "sit buddist (sp?) style" and it included a reference about Budda, I went off (tried to be gentle). I asked the receptionist what that was doing there and who had put that up when we as Christians can't even say Jesus or display a cross in this country any more. She said she didn't know and started backing up and seemed to be cringing. LOL

So while waiting for my doctor to see me, I was so disgusted I contemplated asking for my co-pay back and going out to find another doctor. So while deciding whether to stay or go, I looked at the bulletin board. Then, I went off again when I saw two pages of neatly typed clips that were obviously democratic spin long since disproved and, yet, noted as "The Facts." Again, the receptionist couldn't tell me who put it there so I said I would talk to somebody who could tell me why it was there. There was absolutely no balance of information in the telling. And there was one smaller note on the board about the President which was a terrible slur against him.

One male patient was in the office at the time and he went up to the board to see what I was talking about (which he muttered to himself). LOL

Then he turned to me to ask what was so bad about it. He said it was a private place and they could do what they wanted (but he was not abrasive or abusive). He was open to dialogue. Then we entered into discussion about the definition of "public v. private" facility and the freedoms of America and last night's Presidential debate. Then he asked me about what my buttons meant (i.e., IM4W). I told him and he said he never knew that. After I had asked him if he was a democrat, he told me he was a Republican the last four years. And by the time we parted, he shook my hand and thanked me. And we parted, I felt, with an understanding that even when we might not agree, we can listen and depart in peace.

When my doctor came in, she asked me about the board and I told her. The receptionist must have gotten to her first. But my doctor said she didn't know it was on the board and she said she was going to speak with the person who put it up. She told me, "They are all democrats but I am not." I told her that I was just surprised to see that in the doctor's office, especially without counterbalance. And on the way out, I laughingly told the receptionist that posted information was incorrect and it was enough to give patients high blood pressure. I told her I was going home to make a cup of tea and calm down.

And how was your day?