Wednesday, September 29, 2004

You Take It From Here!

All I know is how thankful I am that God has allowed me to live to see the fulfilment of His promises in my life and in the earth. If you keep on living long enough -- If God blesses you to live as long as I --- perhaps you will understand. And, if God holds back the Trumpet Sound, as only He can and will, you may have a heads up on those who are up ahead of you.

Struggle for change is futile and King Solomon is right in that "Vanity of vanities. All is vanity, says the Preacher." When you are young and beautiful and believe that beauty does not die -- in fact, cannot die, you deceive yourself. Day by day morticians have work -- and they do not have to look very hard to find it, either. Nobody wants to be morbid and dwell on the facts of life and death and yet we walk daily with our graves beside us ("dust to dust. . . ." ) Lower than the dirt that we walk upon despite the asphalt and cement and tar that covers the surface.

I marvel at the way men and women fritter away their days making plans for 20 years hence, as if to say, there is no God to stop me from carrying out *my* plans! Surely, it won't hurt to every once in a while stop long enough to let your breath catch up with you. If you stop to think about it long enough, you will understand you have been running on your own steam ----- and how long did that last you? Not very.

Good people of earth ---
Great plans and gobs of money a life does not make.
For, if that were so, the earth would still be full of "old money" and "old moneymakers" would be right here with it instead of with their heirs in control of that fortune. Why do you delude yourselves that unless you alone raise the Lord's blood-stained banner it will not get done? Did He not say He has so many who have not kissed the feet of idols or bowed their knee to baal? God always has a ram in the bush, but the way believers are continuing to hop, skip, jump, and leap all over God's Kingdom, you would think they would have made progress by now. But it seems to me they have not lept high enough to touch God's Throne Room. If they had, they would, by now, have heard Him say --

"I the Lord alone AM God and I have already done what you are struggling to do. Time is at My beck and call, and Time will move only as I direct. Time knows your name and address, because I have written it in My books. My Book awaits your presence. Well done, My good and faithful servant, is My own to tome. How long is My question not yours. Go on believing nothing has ever been done before you came upon the scene. Dare to believe that, if you will. Does that make it so? Nay. Hear My voice in the midst of the noises throughout the universe. It is only that which comes from My own voice that shall survive even your time on earth. Have not my dear servants who now rest with my arms wrapped around them already left a clear pathway for you to follow? Think about it. "

Now, this is what I say, You all can take it from here! But, as for me, I believe I will stand back and bask in the warmth of the Lord's beautiful rays He revealed way back in the day when people listened and heard from Him and were not afraid to obey. So the Preacher is right ---- "Let us hear the conclusion of the matter . . . . " Do you know what that is? Have you read Ecclesiastes? Praying and praising God as I go.