Sunday, November 14, 2004

Say No to Arnold S. as President!!


U.S. Constitution -- Candidates, Office of U.S. President

Any Americans, particularly those in Christ Jesus, are not deceived by so many deceptive voices. I believe it is atrocious that any American today would be gullible enough to fall for plans to amend the U.S. Constitution to either do away with the electoral college or to permit anybody to run for the highest office in this land (i.e., President) who is not native born and, in some cases, who may not even be a naturalized citizen. That could be the next natural progression towards weakening the constitution.

Moreover, any attempts made to have any man or woman to remain in office as President for an additional third term could lead to a dictatorship. What would there be to stop them from amending the constitution further to allow themselves to remain for as long as they live in spite of the objections of the people? Only unpatriotic, ignorant people (in the truest sense of the word) could even entertain the thoughts of any such amendments as being viable.

Right now, we must begin recommending everything we can to combat such ignorance. It starts with education about our history (good, bad, and ugly) and about how we were able to overcome all such foolishness to this day. Anybody who relishes such changes to the constitution just might get their wish. Then they would know what true lamentations is all about.

I believe this website* illustrates a vivid example of the many attempts to "legitimately" rearrange the social, financial, and political structure of our nation. We have a whole lot of self-avowed, publicly decreed communists and socialists ** who are teaching in our colleges and universities *** and many are, also, making inroads in the underpinings of this nation via the entertainment field. Every such professor, politician, religious leader, and entertainer ought to be identified and routed. They have abused their freedom of speech and our children's minds have been poisoned long enough.

Get ready!
I heard announced on the tv news this morning that a newly organized group called, "Amend It,"**** has begun making plans to advertise on tv to amend the U.S. Constitution to allow Arnold S., in California, the chance to run for the office of President of the U.S. Republican or not --- we must not allow that to happen. I, personally, am not all that sure Arnold is Republican much less American! His celebrity ought not be allowed to overrule the nation's constitution. I do not believe Americans are going to fall for this farst any more than they did for the Kerry-Edwards team during the 2004 election season! As it is, my spirit tells me that "little" Arnold already believes he is larger than life and has more authority than the President right now. The Republicans who express support for such an amendment to help Arnold need to hear from their constituents. And, this nation's people must soundly defeat every effort they come up with to make it happen against our will.

Now is the time to speak up against it! Begin to write letters, make phone calls, sign petitions to block and stop that movement to change the U.S. Constitution, as outlined above.

U. S. Constitution -- Amendment to Protect Marriage
(That link leads to the new Faith and Values Coalition)

I do support the nation's efforts to amend the U.S. Constitution to protect the definition and sanctity of marriage as being the union between one man and one woman. The homosexuals have made it crucial to pass such an amendment into law because of their defiance demonstrated earlier this year, especially, when quite a few courthouse clerks and small town mayors and leaders deliberately and illegally distributed marriage licenses to men and men and women and women. That must not be allowed to happen again. In addition, "civil unions" must also be soundly defeated across this nation, as against the Godly principles of all we hold dear to having a just and orderly society.

Education --

What does it mean to say we want "America For Americans?"
Can you say assimilate?! Learn what it means.

All who are aware and do not act are doomed to repeat the failures of the past, unless they do act.
Address your comments to Rev. L. Dowell, Five-Fold Minister

Below are the clear links to the websites linked above. Wake up!
(Democratic Socialists of America)

(Communist Party in the U.S.)

(Young Democratic Socialists)

(Reported by the Southern Christian University)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Prayer for V.P. Cheney & Family!

UPDATE! (see below)
Thanks to God for His keeping power to bring V.P. Cheney through one more time. Amen!

By now, most of you may have heard about V.P. Cheney going to the hospital today. Our prayer chains are continuing on his behalf and for his family. We are praying for his peace, protection, comfort, and healing.

We praise God for His answers to our prayers to lift V.P. Cheney by His (God's) power and with His (God's) strength. Grant peace, Lord, in Jesus's name. Amen!

Who Killed Yassar Arafat?

Isn't it just like man - and woman to look to the natural before looking toward the Spiritual?

There have been so many theories spun around what took Arafat's life. After all, you must remember he was 75! Arafat had a whole lot of enemies. Yes, he also had a whole lot of followers who actually loved him. And there have been just as many people who did not follow Arafat who wondered why he was lovable.

The man was responsible for taking an aarid land in a faraway desert and keeping millions of people content to live there amidst the relatively brand new settlement of Jews who landed in 1948. Well, actually 1948 was not the first time Jews landed anywhere. Isn't that right?

As God's chosen people, they get to go wherever God has driven them. What's more, we, as Christians and grafted-in believers of the same true and living God, ought to know by now that we do not just start out for some place without first having a mapped out destination that was chosen by God Almighty Himself.

Who Killed Yassar Arafat?

He was responsible for the murder of so many innocent people during his lifetime. He was a terrorist who is now touted as being a martyr even though he died in a nice clean hospital bed in Paris, France, after being transported there from his Palestinian hovel-rubble during his last weeks. So, a lot of people want to know what killed him? The diagnosis remains elusive and unannounced. However, there has been much speculation as to the cause from poison to AIDS - but no proof has been forthcoming. Now Arafat is dead and buried (1929-2004). What are we to say to these things? God bless his soul? I do not think so. Did Arafat cry out to God before he lost conciousness for the last time for God to forgive him and to save him? I have not heard that! Have you? Did God hear Arafat's repentance and nobody else heard? That remains between Arafat and our God.

Indeed, after all is said and done, I believe we can look to our God for the answer. The Holy Bible tells us that God puts up rulers and God takes them down. Did you not know that? Did you not believe that?

Start meditating on the things of God. Stop contemplating about the minds of men.

Have you yet to recognize that our God is real? God is alive. God IS! But just in case all of mankind all over the world has not known it to this day, then let the word continue to go forth that God is still God and they are not nor will they ever be God.

Our God has heard our many heartfelt cries to have mercy on this nation. Can we forget Him now that He has done it? Can we doubt that our God has truly done it by allowing this nation to go on under the leadership of a man who seeks His face, President G. W. Bush (#43)? What a sobering thought, as we continue to join in prayer that the people will turn to the true and living God to know Him in the pardon of their sin in Jesus's name! Amen.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Spiritual Woman Rejected Comments

I addressed this message to the Spiritual Woman . She rejected it.

"We live and move and have our being in Him." "God is Spirit and they that worship must worship (God) in Spirit and in (God's) truth." Christians "must be born again" from God in order to understand the message of God. For, His ways are far above those of any man, woman, boy or girl. Jesus *is* the Son of God who *is* God who *is* the Holy Spirit, all together the blessed Trinity. To reject any part of that message is to turn your back on the Christian gospel of Jesus Christ. And it also reflects that your walk has yet to become mature in Christ, which is a process and takes your life long in Him.

Meanwhile, please be careful to understand that it is God Himself alone who chooses His beloved vessels to preach, teach, minister, keep watch, shepherd His own. This is important, because whenever we do it God's way, we must first hear His voice. And His words and ways are not our own. When we do it our (own) way, then we are apt to lead so many people astray and away from the true and living God. I am glad to know you are a self-confessed "Spiritual Woman." I trust you are aware, also, that --in the Supernatural Realm -- that spiritual realm includes the demonic as well as heavenly spirits. Discerning people know the difference.

I pray that your spirit will take time to listen and hear and not reject out of hand what the spirit does not bear witness to. I am praying for God Himself to reveal the truth of the matter and that you will hear what He has to say. Please do not be like those who are "ever learning but never coming to a knowledge of (God's) truth." God bless you and all who draw near to keep watch to see what the Spirit has to say to the church.

Posted by: Silent Thunder November 7, 2004, 02:45 p.m.

Note: It concerns me a great deal when I come across so many Christians online who have a zeal for God but have not yet learned that God alone really does call His own. What's more, they know they could not get away with the lack of accountability in their home churches that they try on the internet. But, every God's preacher knows that when God calls, He tells that person what his call on their life is. Not only that, But God Himself also prepares that person to step into His (God's) call on their life when God says they are ready. Too many Christians want to jump ahead of God. And when they are called on it, their lack of spiritual maturity causes them to take offense without testing the spirit. Ours is not to offend; but, when so moved by the Holy Spirit, to step in the gap lest so many believers would go off course and not know it. Discern. ---/me

Friday, November 05, 2004

Why Mourn For Sen. Kerry and DEMS?

I understand. I am certain I would have felt the same way, if Kerry had won the election. However, I know Kerry and the Democrats were the deceivers.

Kerry and the DEMS divided this country with fear tactics not the Republicans. They misread the nature and character of Americans, as a whole. It was that we were seeking/praying for a change in what the DEMS were doing. The majority spoke and bore that out.

The gays are not being discriminated against. They misused a legitimate term to highjack a valid claim for civil rights. If they are either black, white, red, or yellow, and male or female, and American and believe they have been unjustly treated, then they already have legal protection. But, what the gays have done was to deliberately mislead this nation into granting them "special rights" over and above what is due to all those who obey and uphold the law. No homosexuals ever had a "right" to misuse their minds and bodies to "love" same sex people. But they deceived and blackmailed the public into believing they had the right by calling them "homophobic, haters, discriminators," and any other false names that they chose."

Take heart. You will see in the days to come that this nation will turn people back to God's ways. And you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more peace you will experience in every area of your life -- even in times of trouble. Although you may not understand now; I will pray your peace and best wishes now and in the days to come, filled with all of God's merciful blessings, love, forgiveness, and salvation.

Note: I am convinced that DEMS love to suffer and do not want relief. I left this message (above) posted at -- "Nature Girls Guide, Spontaneous Me," but she deleted the post I left at her site. I guess she wasn't ready to know the truth, but at least I told her.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

God Broke Kerry's Heart!

Before the whole watching world, we saw as God broke Sen. Kerry's heart. And that is the very best thing that could have happened to him, if he recognizes it.

I saw Kerry's heart break and he was broken as he delivered his concession speech, almost to the point of tears. Now God has removed his heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh. God humbled the man -- brought him low so he had nothing left to do but to look up. And I believe all of those days he spent in the churches across this land were not in vain. "God's ways are not our ways. Nor are His thoughts our thoughts." But God does reveal His mind to whom He wills. A new breeze is blowing among us and it is sooooo sweet! Keep on reading the Word to know it and "be the word," before people who will not pick it up and read it. Did that message annoy somebody? Good! That means they heard.

Now, God told me. I told you. And that's all.

Praying and praising God as I go.

Hail to the Commander in Chief

Up all night watching the election returns.
And thank God it was worth it!

Let's all unite behind this Godly man and restore
Christian values, morals, and truths
to this great land of liberty.
For the Lord He is God.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Taking the Vote to The River !

How do you deal with people who spit in your face, kick you on both cheeks, turn you around, stab you in your back, and then turn around and blame you for backing into their knife? Vote the DEMS out, that's how!

If JFKerry wants to be the next JFK? O well? But, I am so glad God knows exactly what He is doing.

As for me? I've got so much peace like a River. And once President Bush is re-elected, I know that River will have a lot less peace, because I'm staking a claim to that part, too. Hallelujah to Victory in Christ Jesus. For we know that, "Whether He (our God) will or whether He won't, we still will not bow down to you, O King (kerry/dems)." And, what's more, "Nevertheless, whether He will or whether He won't, we know that our God is able!"

God's continued peace and blessings.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Polls Skewed! Remember Jesse!

At this late hour, it appears the news media are stepping up their every attempt to skew the results of the election. Polls go up and down for one candidate or the other. Yet, there is good news for Republicans and the President. However, we hear the numbers highlighted *for* Kerry.

We are all are in a fight for electoral votes. The President does lead in those overall numbers. Americans who are listening to the cable news might get the idea there is no need to go vote (I pray that is not the case). The Republicans need to present a stronger and more confident voice in the nation. We have God and truth on our side whether any wants to believe it or not. But, Kerry has yet to articulate an original position or plan for this country, beyond making the case that he will say or do anything to get elected. And, in fact, a review of his record proves time and again how Kerry has not told the truth about many issues that matter to the nation's general health and welfare.

Remember Minnesota and Jesse!

I recall that, when Jesse Ventura was running for Governor of Minnesota, the wrestler was laughed to shame. The news media were all over him. He was presented as a clown but the media couldn't resist giving him a whole lot of publicity. Guess what?! Jesse V. won and didn't know what to do. He didn't even want the job. He made all kinds of promises to the people -- until he got into office. Then he started making backtracks. He found out how much it takes to run a state and that his say was not the last sayso. He promised to give people their money back. Next I heard from him (via the news media), he was apologizing. The worst part of all of what took place was this. A lot of young people were lured to the polls, because of Jesse's wrestler status. But, when they were later asked why they voted for Jesse, many of them said, "I voted for him, but I didn't think he would win!" After one (I am sure) agonizing term in office, poor Jesse passed up another run. Sad commentary for this nation.

Stay encouraged! And, continue to encourage one another.
Don't get through praying. Continue praying it through to the glo ry of God.

Praying and praising as I go.