Sunday, October 10, 2004

Debate #2 w/Clear and Definite Differences

Friday night, I watched the clear and defining moments of the Presidential Debate No. 2, which was held at the Washington University in Missouri (Friday night). President Bush presented a definite difference from Sen. Kerry, his opponent. The differences were always there, but Kerry continued to try to emulate the conservative position for so many months it's no wonder the general public is confused. I surfed through the televised programming before, during, and after the debate and found the media bias towards Kerry is so obvious it hurts my head (Fox News Cable 54, MSNBC Cable 57, CNN Cable 2, C-SPAN, C-SPAN2). The latter two stations were the least biased presentations. Of course, their telephone callers who saw the same programming had diverse opinions and views about it.

Charlie Gibson (Host, "Good Morning America" tv program) selected objective, substantial questions from the audience members and had a selected number of them to read their questions outloud for response by the President and the Senator. I have read quite a few online assessments of that debate, and I have heard the pundits and spinners during the debate wrap up. I believe President Bush took the gloves off (finally!) and that he forcefully put Kerry on the defensive by reminding him of his (Kerry's) 20-year Senate record that is nondescript, especially when placed alongside the President's almost four-year first term in office.

As for me, I will continue to work for and join in with the continued prayers of faith on behalf of President Bush, his administration, our congressional leaders, and for all those who love the Lord God's truth, liberty, justice, freedom, faith and love.

The reader(s) will note I have not delineated the differences in this post. There are so many who have already written about the debates in their Blogs. And any who are interested can find those via an online search. Suffice it to say, I pray for four more years for the Bush-Cheney Administration. Thank God!