Saturday, October 23, 2004

Joke is on Kerry's Women Followers

How does one get through a brick wall and open the heavy strongholds of people's minds? What is worst, many of those minds belong to people who profess Jesus as Savior and Lord. How can so many people be deceived and not know it? The Pied Piper piped his tune and the masses danced to it.

Not only has Ms. Tay Razzzz ZZZaaa insulted the First Lady and anybody else in her path (i.e., Shove it!, etc.), but John Kerry, also, continues to insult the intelligence of the masses (at least the gullible). For me, the latest insult was hearing Kerry ask the audience of women he was addressing, "Who are you going to believe? George Bush or *your eyes*? Left unsaid was not hard to guess. Like everything else Kerry has pronounced during his 20-year term of public service, he quickly forgets what he has said and done and disavows having done it. But I understand, and I believe others do, that Kerry was asking those attentive women, without saying it, "Who are you going to believe? Me! Or your *lying* eyes!" How about that man? And he has the unmitigated gall to state for publication that President Bush is not right in his head.

Well, Kerry-Edwards people, the joke is on you! And it is all over but the SHOUT! Well, I am not waiting, I am shouting now, because I am so happy this nation will get back to feeling pride for our officials and the conduct of business on behalf of U.S. citizens and for the good welfare, justice, and peace of the whole world without being concerned that our President is praying on his knees with thanksgiving to God for allowing him to watch over us, in the Lord, for another four (4) years. Thank you, Jesus! More time to help somebody to get to know you in the pardon of their sin before you crack the sky.