Wednesday, September 29, 2004

You Take It From Here!

All I know is how thankful I am that God has allowed me to live to see the fulfilment of His promises in my life and in the earth. If you keep on living long enough -- If God blesses you to live as long as I --- perhaps you will understand. And, if God holds back the Trumpet Sound, as only He can and will, you may have a heads up on those who are up ahead of you.

Struggle for change is futile and King Solomon is right in that "Vanity of vanities. All is vanity, says the Preacher." When you are young and beautiful and believe that beauty does not die -- in fact, cannot die, you deceive yourself. Day by day morticians have work -- and they do not have to look very hard to find it, either. Nobody wants to be morbid and dwell on the facts of life and death and yet we walk daily with our graves beside us ("dust to dust. . . ." ) Lower than the dirt that we walk upon despite the asphalt and cement and tar that covers the surface.

I marvel at the way men and women fritter away their days making plans for 20 years hence, as if to say, there is no God to stop me from carrying out *my* plans! Surely, it won't hurt to every once in a while stop long enough to let your breath catch up with you. If you stop to think about it long enough, you will understand you have been running on your own steam ----- and how long did that last you? Not very.

Good people of earth ---
Great plans and gobs of money a life does not make.
For, if that were so, the earth would still be full of "old money" and "old moneymakers" would be right here with it instead of with their heirs in control of that fortune. Why do you delude yourselves that unless you alone raise the Lord's blood-stained banner it will not get done? Did He not say He has so many who have not kissed the feet of idols or bowed their knee to baal? God always has a ram in the bush, but the way believers are continuing to hop, skip, jump, and leap all over God's Kingdom, you would think they would have made progress by now. But it seems to me they have not lept high enough to touch God's Throne Room. If they had, they would, by now, have heard Him say --

"I the Lord alone AM God and I have already done what you are struggling to do. Time is at My beck and call, and Time will move only as I direct. Time knows your name and address, because I have written it in My books. My Book awaits your presence. Well done, My good and faithful servant, is My own to tome. How long is My question not yours. Go on believing nothing has ever been done before you came upon the scene. Dare to believe that, if you will. Does that make it so? Nay. Hear My voice in the midst of the noises throughout the universe. It is only that which comes from My own voice that shall survive even your time on earth. Have not my dear servants who now rest with my arms wrapped around them already left a clear pathway for you to follow? Think about it. "

Now, this is what I say, You all can take it from here! But, as for me, I believe I will stand back and bask in the warmth of the Lord's beautiful rays He revealed way back in the day when people listened and heard from Him and were not afraid to obey. So the Preacher is right ---- "Let us hear the conclusion of the matter . . . . " Do you know what that is? Have you read Ecclesiastes? Praying and praising God as I go.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Demo(n)cratic Shrill Voices Rising!

The closer we get to Election Day 2004, the louder the shrill will be coming from the Demo(n)crats! They are running scared and it is scary. The once renowned U.S. Congress has shown its ugly face to the world for all to see. I guess it wasn't enough for us to witness literal fisticuffs in various august legislative bodies abroad (i.e., Taiwan, etc.). And, although it may appear we have come that close on the floor of our Congress, I pray our citizens will never have to "read all about it" via any of our news outlets.

The downhill spiral leading into the brand new millennium. When former President Clinton had the unmitigated gall to unzip his fly in the White House office while conducting the nation's business at that "sacred desk" of authority, responsibility, and accountability, he did so with a female intern underneath that desk. Then when his actions were finally "uncovered," he tried to cover up with fig leaves (lies). And "fig leaf" mentality has become the mantra of the Demo(n)crats ever since. What is more, gullible citizens bought the lie and have become bogged down in filth and degradation to the point of no return. And, right now, Sen. John Kerry's mind is not the only one that is "seared." Their minds have also become seared. Their fate is sealed. And HELL has written their names on the furnace door!

Sen. Kerry, Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy, Howard Dean, Sen. Nancy Pelosi, and on and on to name just a few have continued to try to lead this nation down the final stretch into hell's firery furnace. Their collective shrill voices have united to fill the air with hatred for one man ----- President George W. Bush (No. 43).

What is it about this one man, our current President, that causes such lacridity? Could it be that they know his heart is pure in God's sight? Do you suppose somebody glimpsed that his light is too bright for their dark-of-night deeds? Oh yes, I am sure these are they who have stayed up all night and day to hatch plans about how they can "get" this man. Indeed, they have told us they are out to get him. They even introduced a new slogan in the land. Dem(on)s call it "Anybody But Bush!" (ABB) We have witnessed their blatant resolve as it has gone forth via newspapers, radio, television, word of mouth, and even the halls of Congress. They have declared before God and this people how much they "Hate" our President. Now, I'll say this and mean it! Listen. l sure hope our CIA and FBI and Homeland Security folk have their eyes on those people over there who already have passes for admission to the Capitol. Why? Because any ordinary "Joe or Jane" on our streets would be scrutinized very closely, if even a hint of dislike for President Bush came from them. Are those with such vocal voices in Congress who breathe out threats against the President, and who have access, to be taken any less serious? I hope not. These are the "difficult days ahead," Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about. And he should know, too, because he told us "I've been to the mountaintop! I have seen the Promised Land . . . 'mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!' " I, for one, believe his report as Godly and of God. We need, as a nation, to get up off our knees and do what we know God has already told us to do. The reason so many remain on their knees is they are afraid to get busy about God's work.

I say, "Move on out!" It is past time and the enemies of God have overtaken us to give credibility to abortions, same-sex "marriages," redefinition of family, athiesm, teen sex, modern-day theologies/religions, manmade leaders, and all those things that are anathema to God's will, word, and way. God have mercy on us.

Moreover, any time our black Congressmen and women spew out, with disdain, as they do, their disrespect for the President of the United States, then we know we are in trouble. Have they forgotten their manners taught at Mammy's knee once she got up off of them? Have they forgotten how very hard Pap worked in the steel mills and on the iron rails so they could one day stand where they are today? Have they become so niggardly that they have forgotten the many niggers that hung from sycamore trees? Yes, like the song said, "Strange fruit." But all those who have been blessed to climb up out of all of that to be able to "sit under their own vine and fig tree shade" (paraphrased) have refused to take one moment to reflect on how they got there. And now that they are ----- they have not learned that this is not about them! This is about a nation. This is about a people, yes. But "the people" they represent want to see their example of how we move forward "as a people" to include all people who love God, themselves, and this nation "under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

It is past time for all Godly, freedom loving people to tell the Demo(n)crats that their saying it does not make it so! Whatever "it" might be, there has to be some evidence to substantiate their shrill charges. This nation (north, south, east, west) needs leaders who will push aside their own selfish agendas and allow those missions and goals to be ushered in which will elevate any debate rather than kill it from the outset in order that all will have a chance to engage the battle for truth and justice in the land.

There is but one man who is up to the task at hand of leading a team supported by Vice President Cheney. And he gets my vote. But not only my vote there are also millions of others who draw near to support him. He is President George W. Bush and I, for one, am so glad he even wants the job! Praying for his continued peace and strength in the Lord. Praying for this nation and the world and for all who love God. Always earnestly praying in Jesus' name. Amen.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Trailblazers in 2004 or Re-inventing the Wheel?

On Sunday, I passed by a sign that read, "Trailblazers Church of Christ." It made me wonder whether their message was that they were blazing new trails for Christ or that they were following the trails already blazed by followers of Christ so long ago? Somehow, I believe it was the former response. So, that made me search the annals of my puny mind to recall how many who once walked that path so they could come along and step upon it are now, themselves, resting in the arms of Jesus? Ought they to have been forgotten so soon? How soon is "so soon?" I believe the answer is, for as long as life lives. But history is only as kind as those who were around in the moment and are willing and able to relate the story within context. History begins when life ends and when there is no more to be written.

What about trailblazers? In 2004, if we were to search in earnest, we would be sure to find what is believed to be "trailblazers" is actually re-inventing the wheel. So much wasted time! History has proved how the truism, "Youth is wasted on the young," really is of a truth. And, too often by the time that reality is brought to fruition, the curtain is closing and is drawn never to be opened again. Understand? "There is nothing new under the sun." Oh how I long for that day when God is believed without mankind adding their own mentalities to taint His truths. Elders are seen to be infants and infants are thought to be elders. Upside down living is costly. Values, morals, ethics, integrity become skewed all the more when just because times and seasons change, people think God changes His mind according to the times. But when God said, it was already done for all time. We are just the ones whose time He chose to bring on the scene for a brief time. And, if that is so, how can it be that mankind has not seemed to learn the lesson that no one is immune to sin, disease, death, and dying and they, too, will soon pass off of the stage?

I daresay, if but for one instant a thought would catch hold in the minds of mankind (humans) that only God is mortal and eternality is His alone --- how much better would our times and seasons upon earth be, if but for a "brief strut across the stage?"

Christians ---- devils ---- athiests ---- nonbelievers ---- disbelievers ---- doubters --- scoffers --- mockers --- naysayers ---- learned ---- ignorant ---- scholarly ---- experienced ----- nonexperienced ---- living and dead ----- all will come to understand how much we are really hearing from the Lord our God. And won't it be something when they hear their own lips say, "I wish I had believed when I had time." My mother always said, "If you don't know, you'd better ask somebody." Sad when people don't know and don't know enough to know they don't know. So, what are we to say to all these things? God knows. Seek His face. Hear His voice. Obey His will, word, and way. Remember ------ in spiritual terms, a crowd of people is not the criteria for being thought to be on the right road. But, oh ----- if, every now and then, you find a soul coming up that same lonely road you are on ----- just know you are on the right road and "few there be that find it." Say on!

Whatever may come. Whatever may go. God is, was, and forever will be. Vote for those ones who promote the heart of God and whose spirit your own spirit bears witness as true and of God. If there is any "mixture," move on away from there.

Friday, September 24, 2004


All thanks to God! After a long prayerful search online, I was led to a new template that really suits my site. I have found that there are a whole lot of beautiful graphics online but not all or many are meant for everybody. But "Eye For Beauty" is a wonderful graphics site. Special thanks to Gini!

Now, I spent a whole day trying to figure out how to change my template to my newly purchased one. I have been waiting several days, to date, for blogger reps to get back to me about how to make the exchange, since my new template came without the blogger tags. Blogger reps came through. But they only sent me back to the page that gave me a headache in the first place. (Said with tongue in cheek).

I can't complain, because I was pleasantly surprised each time I previewed my changes and something actually looked like it was supposed to look! Yes! Prayer works wonders. Praise God! So, after working all day and l/2 the night getting my new site as far as it is, I am calling it a night (unless I get a brainstorm). Then I'll work some more to get my post links to work the way they are supposed to. I wonder how long that will take? Oh well. I already know what I wrote, anyway. Besides, if anybody else wanted to know, they could always email me.

John Kerry's "Dean" Moment---

Who didn't see the strong diplomatic demeanor and statements made by our President at the U.N. earlier this week? He was not there for entertainment or kudos. He represented this nation as world leader very well! That's why true leaders are called, "Visionaries." "If the leader has no vision, the people perish." That's why leaders have to first learn how to follow. Our President has done that. Senator John F. Kerry has never learned that lesson. And it shows. And that is why he is all over the place offering nothing but criticism of things he knows nothing about.

Who didn't understand that President Bush is not only a candidate for re-election but he is also still our current sitting President of the U.S.? There are decisions that are still only his alone to make. And he is a Godly man.

Who didn't see the guest appearance of Senator Zell Miller (Democrat) at the recent RNC in N.Y., as a look back to the day when the words, "Statesman" and "Diplomat" meant something? We need the demonstration of more like him where it was not only what he said and how he said it but why. He did America proud, because he spoke from what he knows this country will stand for and what it will not stand for despite party affiliation. He didn't make anything up, either.

Who didn't see the Thursday televised program with the current Prime Minister of Iraq standing and speaking boldly before the Joint Session of our Congress and take it to heart that we are on the right track?

Now why would candidate John F. Kerry, a U.S. Senator, not have taken note and responded accordingly?

Instead, he jumped up out of his sick bed (lost his voice) to publicly criticize President Bush's speech at the U.N. Then Kerry cancelled an earlier appearance he had Thursday (claiming loss of voice, which earlier clips showed) but then he jumped to make his appearance later on the same day (Thurs.) to criticize the Prime Minister of Iraq, along with President Bush to label them as liars and deceptive. I thought I was seeing a Kerry meltdown. To be sure we were looking at a Howard Dean moment right before our eyes. And Kerry doesn't even have the mind to understand we are at war. We have men and women (military and civilian) in harms's way on the battlefields of foreign shores. And those nations have access to the same tv programs we watch. Oh how the terrorists and their supporters must have been jumping up and down with glee. I can just hear them say, "You tell 'them,' Mr. Kerry! We can hardly wait for 'them' to get fed up and pull out of our "domain." " And, if this is not aiding and abetting the enemy, tell me what is.

Vietnam Revisited. If you have any family, friends, acquaintances who still "Blame America First" and say "Look what 'they' did in Vietnam!" Pull out a picture of John Kerry and say, "Hmmmm, now I wonder why that is?"

Marylanders For Bush! I might see more Kerry/Edwards signs in the neighborhood where I live, but I take great delight and comfort knowing that my house (sign on the lawn or no) is that one light in the whole block! Do you do the same? "Hail to the Chief" shall once again be the rallying cry behind President George W. Bush for another four years, as God is our Judge and as you carry the word for skeptics to judge the thing for themselves instead of remaining in the "herd mentality" mode behind Demo(n)crats. A partisan statement? Yes. And proudly so.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ms. Smith's WebLog

-- Click link for demonstration of Excellence in Teaching.

Today As A Clergy 19 Years--

Today, on this anniversary date of my God-given ministries, I thank you, Lord, for loving me through 19 years+ of serving your people in Jesus' name and by Your grace. If not for You, and knowing how real and alive You are, I truly would have fainted, because I have failed to get the heart of Jesus for the ones who did not return to say, "Thank you" and thereby glorify God in the telling. Some preachers might know what I mean. Some might not. Those are the ones I stay away from. The former will understand. God knows. I am so thankful that You called me during the time in my life that I had no better sense than to believe You did it! Hallelujah! Yes, Lord! And I still believe it. You, O Lord, have promised and You have proved how You keep Your promises. And, thereby, I "walk by faith and not by sight." It is "in you I live and move and have my being." Supernatural living!

Politicos- Reaching Out To You Is So Hard to Do!

Sometimes, I get the feeling that government entities do not trust the people. Try making a call to any office for assistance and, if you can get through, it is more than likely to an answering machine. But, if a human answers, they are likely to immediately turn you over to either a "comment line" or a "voicemail." The way things are going, I am not all that certain somebody will answer at "911," if you can get through.

How can it be that, with all of the government's money (i.e., taxes from the people) and enough personnel to fill up many stadiums, it is so hard to find a person (top to bottom) who is willing or able to either help you or refer you to the correct source to get help? Insiders are so busy introducing their friends and relatives and their friends to the right people to help them that it seems like you have to know somebody who knows somebody to get an audience with somebody to answer your questions and help. A whole lot of government waste of time and money could be alleviated, if human resources informed their incoming workers they are there to give service ---- not attitude (as in, "I've got mine. Now, you get yours!"). Atrocious.

Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, Governors, the Office of the President, and others in leadership leave us to fend for ourselves while their (unelected) workers assume their authority to make life and death decisions. That is not right. It needs to be addressed. I could say much more, but, because they remain unreachable, I reached out to try to "touch" somebody via a fax (copy below). Lord, help your people to know it isn't that nobody is speaking out against injustices and illegal acts. It is just that we do not own the news media to voice our concerns on a wider scale. Oh well. Lord? You know I tried. (I want to see my attachment and remember to keep on trying). See attachment below.

September 21, 2004

From: Rev. L. Dowell, [address omitted from blog]

To: Mr. Ed Gillespie, et al and BUSH-CHENEY '04, Inc.

Senator Biden appeared on IMUS* and made incredible statements that I have not heard repeated by any news media. IMUS is broadcast on radio, but I saw it on C-SPAN either Thursday, Friday, or Monday past. It was within that timeframe and can be verified via transcript or copy of the IMUS tape of that interview. * Biden was interviewed via phone in.

Senator Biden made statements to IMUS and the public in re intelligence from committee meetings. Senator Biden also said that he had met with 50 (or more) world leaders and he told some of them that they "know George Bush is not good for this country," and that unless they helped (to get him out of office), that "if Kerry becomes President, I am going to go into his office and tell him to pull them out! (referring to the troops in Iraq). It was frightening and dangerous knowing our own elected leaders are boldly working to undermine our President for political reasons.

Also, on Monday evening (9-20-04), at a panel discussion on "Hardball," Tony Coelo (sp?) former Clinton-Gore advisor told Chris Mathews that the Dan Rather memo information was known to the Gore Campaign (during the Gore-Bush 2000 election). Coelo said that information was brought into Gore and they considered it but decided against using it. Coincidentally, Dan Rather (CBS) has admitted his office has been "working on the (memo) story for five (5) years." The transcription or tape of "Hardball" will confirm this in terms of the DNC's ongoing attempts to undermine President Bush.

Today, (9-21-04), I called the offices of Senator Hatch and Senator Bill Frist, but I am concerned that none of this information will be considered in the course of the overall investigation. I want truth and justice to prevail. I am a Republican volunteer ("Party for Bush" and Prayer Team), but I also know this nation needs President Bush to remain in office. We do not need another term like "Clinton-Gore" with their deceptive practices. Please continue to fight for right. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Election 2004 - Day Breaks and Hearts Too!

Monday was so full of distressing news that I couldn't begin to express my heartfelt grief. Not only was another kidnapped American beheaded by terrorists in Iraq but there are also other kidnapped hostages purportedly awaiting the same fate. On top of all of that, John Kerry, a U.S. Senator, took to the national forum via tv to vehemently, falsely, viciously, and cruelly lambast President Bush for his Iraqi policy, as the Commander in Chief.

Even with our military men and women in the heat of the battles all around the world, Kerry fails to understand that he is aiding and abetting the terrorists. But, then, he did not understand that 35 years ago during the Viet Nam war, either. This country is at the crossroads of building up America or utterly destroying it as world leader. It began with the Clinton-Gore disregard for discipline, respect, order, and professionalism.

CBS --Their False Documentation and Apologies.

Actually, I think what I saw was that Dan Rather did not bring out the crow. Rather (no pun), he looked more like the catbird that swallowed the canary to me. Outwardly Rather stressed his statement, "I am sorry." But he did so with his deceptive lips and not with a contrite heart. It left me with the observation that Rather's only regret was that he got caught. Notice how they all initially rushed to disavow foreknowledge of the document (fraud) and attribute knowledge, if any, instead to "partisan detractors." When pressed, they quickly followed with their verbose and strident protestations that the "content" about President Bush was, nevertheless, true.

The Demo(n)crats quickly picked that mantra up and ran with it (i.e., if they did not, themselves, start it). Terry Mcauliffe, head of the democratic party quickly stated his party did not participate in the "preparation" of those documents. Yet, he never mentioned anything about their dissemination, which frankly, I believe further and deeper digging will root out stalks up to the head of the DNC and others. Keep in mind that the DNC had contacted various news media days before that CBS 60 Minutes II program. And they were reportedly gloating about "something big getting ready to happen," as they urged the news to keep watching. The DNC tipped their hand ---- red flags all over the place. This smacks of "Clinton-Gore" administration tactics. We still rue the day they were in office. They totally disrespected that Office.

NOTE - Monday night on the Chris Matthews "Hardball" program, among other admissions, Tony Coello of the former administration admitted that Dan Rather memo story had been brought to the attention of the DNC during the "Gore-Bush 2000" election. But he said they considered it and dismissed it. I wonder?? Or would it be found that the news media refused to bite at that time? After all, there are admissions all around that (CBS) Dan Rather has been working on that story for the past five (5) years. And, Rather admitted that he had, in fact, first approached the man who turned over the bogus documents. The man was re-interviewed by Rather and both admitted he was pressured.

Now, Kerry's "foreign policy" speech in New York on Monday (9-20-04) was highly incindiary and blatantly false on top of that. Did anybody here notice how he flipped his position again even as he spoke? Watch closer and see also how much Kerry is parroting so many of President Bush's prior pronouncements and actions (after the President) that it can almost be suspected Kerry has an insider in the Bush-Cheney Campaign to lift their papers. The man is dangerous. How can we trust a man with his hand on the "football," when he has yet to demonstrate all these months that he has a handle on his own mind let alone past and current events? Maryland's answer has to be President Bush is the man with the plan to keep all Americans safe at home and abroad. War is not a temporary measure for permanent peacetime. It is a permanent awareness of ongoing warring factions around us. Sometimes they have to be addressed. Sometimes they can be monitored. Sometimes it takes all of that and more. We are in the latter phase right now.

I am in Maryland. I want to know that Maryland is with and for President Bush along with other parts of this nation. Our neighbors and friends are hardliners for Kerry-Edwards. We have to be just as tough for Bush-Cheney and let them know it, without guilt, excuse, or apology. I believe truth is decisively on the side of the RNC. And I believe what is now under the tip of the DNC iceberg is going to surface and catch a whole lot of hardliners as they are coughed up. My vote and attention are fully with Bush-Cheney for 2004 and beyond.

God has blessed us. God has blessed America. May He continue to bless. Amen.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

News Media Self-Examinations Begin

Where do I start?

Preface. It is early Sunday morning now, but I had received more of the answers to my initial open letter to the news media almost immediately after posting my last update on the subject yesterday. The program was so wonderful I could hardly contain myself. It contained relevant questions and solutions. I had wanted to write this sooner but perhaps the following will explain.

After I posted my last update yesterday, I fell asleep with the tv on. But around 8:24 p.m. EST, I woke and surfed to C-SPAN TV in time to hear the dialogue about more of the same issue I had raised. This was a panel discussion moderated by Betsy Ashton, Board Member, Society of Professional Journalism. She was conducting an interview of Walter Cronkite, former CBS-TV News anchor (1952-1981) and Bryan Williams, NBC-TV News Anchor and Correspondent. It was fantastic!

The program was conducted by their "2004 National Convention" held at the New York Grand Hotel, on September 10, 2004. It was a rebroadcast. The topic was, "Past, Present, and Future of Television News." It was an excellent forum that reminded me of the professionalism and civility long forgotten. I took notes but right now more can be found on it at I would highly recommend getting a copy of that transcript and/or the DVD. See: "American Perspectives." More about The Society of Professional Journalism at

There is always somebody who doesn't get the message.
Immediately following that rebroadcast (above), C-SPAN aired another rebroadcast from this past Tuesday. It was a "Debate on Election Issues," moderated by Van McMurtry, Vice President, Government & Community Relations, Cornell University, New York. The panel was David Corn, liberal magazine editor, and Rich Lowry, conservative magazine editor. See: "American Perspectives" at . The dialogue coming from Mr. Corn, a former advisor to the Clinton Administration, was so uncivil that the moderator formed his question to the panel around the matter of "tone" of the current campaign.

Suffice it to say, it would have been good if Mr. Corn also had the opportunity to see the earlier program and could have taken notes. His venemous responses wore me out! When will people wake up and judge the noticeable differences between the party candidates and their supporters during a necessary debate?

BTW, if President Bush is guilty of all that the Democrats continue to accuse him of, then where does that leave "Senator" Kerry? I placed his title in parens, because both Kerry and Edwards have been among the missing from their senatorial and congressional duties for many months during this crucial time for our country. Dems need to re-examine their facts and watch their conversation. If they did that, then surely they would know how much they are talking about themselves, and that their own nakedness is showing. And we are screaming at them that "The Emperor(Kerry/Edwards?) is not wearing any clothes!" They are treating this campaign as "fun and games." It is not even in their minds to understand.

Another thing. Earlier this past week, I watched Senator Joe Biden being interviewed by Imus on his MSNBC-TV simacast. I was shocked to hear Biden freely and openly disclose government intelligence information to Imus and his listeners while lambasting President Bush. Worst yet, Biden also vehemently revealed to Imus that he (in his capacity as Senator) had already met with about 50 (or so) international leaders (?) and threatened some of them that they know George Bush is not good for the country and if they did not go along with the Dems, and Kerry is made President, Biden said he (Biden) told them he would "go in and tell him (Kerry) to pull the troops out (of Iraq)!" Apparently the man he had told that expressed disbelief, because Biden told Imus he repeated it to assure him he would do it.

What is going on in this country?!
Imus and his on air buddies have made horrible remarks about Security Advisor Rice and other Bush staff. And, last week, Imus -- on air -- blatantly threatened- in his words, "to go beat Vice President Cheney's a___." He even had the gall to call the Vice President's name. Anybody else would be looking at the FBI agents right about now. When will we, as citizens and, certainly, as Christians, stop allowing the First Amendment excuse to beat up on us with impunity? Can you hear me? Then what are you doing about it on the street where you live?

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Election - An Open Letter to News-Update!

What an update!

Immediately after I posted my open letter, I turned on the Fox News channel 54 TV and the panel happened to be talking about the news media. Without knowing it, they were discussing the issues I had just raised in my last post, including media/news/entertainment, polls, and the upcoming election, etc. I give God glory for that quick turnaround. And I say with confidence that God is real. He is alive. He lives. He answers whenever I call. And it is not just a coincidence. It is confirmation.

So, if anybody is interested in conducting research to find out what the Fox News program had just said to compare it with my post, call or write them. Eric Burns is the moderator and their email addy is .

Do not put yourselves in the same position as Madelyn Murray O'Hair, one of her sons and her granddaughter (daughter of her other son who is Christian). O'Hair and the other two believed in their atheist organization's money more than they believed that God is God. And it is because of their love of money and rejection of God that they unfortunately died horrible deaths (murdered, dismembered, set on fire, and hidden for many years before being discovered).

Election - An Open Letter to News Media!

What are the journalism schools teaching today? Why is it that profession has become bastardized and prostituted for the sake of "exposure?" Today's news reporting has become about entertainment. I will gladly settle for a return to the good old days when reporters were content to read "copy." But now we, the public, are inundated with talking heads, including the paid "analysts," aka reporters, who continue to argue their own personal views with their guests in the guise of conducting an on air "interview." The worst possible body blow to American democracy began the moment somebody decided that large corporations could swallow up little news "shops." Suddenly, in order to read a story about a common, ordinary person, they had to first do extraordinary things. For example, Columbine and that whole season of school violence; Monica Lewinsky; Linda Tripp; Scott Peterson, and so on while otherwise good deeds go unreported. But I digress.

Why doesn't somebody tell the news pundits that we are in a time of great historical importance? I will! Listen. This nation is at war. Our men and women are fighting in a life and death struggle far from home and do not need to have our enemies hear on the same airwaves as theirs that "We are in a quagmire," or that "We are losing the war with no chance of winning," or that our President "is incompetent." Here let me say, "Shame on our Congressional leaders who spew this rhetoric that borders on the very edge of traitor." America, we need to restore that word and meaning back in our vocabulary along with others that are pointing to "Duty, Honor, Country."

How do we get the message through to the media that they need to view this election and the Office of President as being serious. The media have no respect for the office or the one who occupies it. President Bush is the leader of the free world. He is not in competition. This election process is not a beauty pageant. He is not a CEO of a corporation. Yet, he is too often referred to in ugly terms by "interviewers" and their guests. And his cabinet members are treated as "just one of the boys or girls." Not only that but our leaders permit it. It is time to let the news people know they are to "report" the news not to "make" the news or make up their idea of news to force feed the public and then act as if they, themselves, are elected. Think about it.

Pay closer attention to news and see how the media does more than play devil's advocate. They interject their own suppositions and views into the story. They have forgotten what it means to be objective. They have become so arrogant as an industry that they have removed funds for investigating sources preferring to rely on the "first in - first out mentality," most often in the guise of "Late Breaking News!"

News Media-- Why won't you take a look at yourselves! You are shameless and I am shamed by you and ashamed of you. You are setting the wrong example for young and old who tune in. Instead of being an example of civility, honesty, and professionalism, you are presenting as a serious threat to the civility and moral Godly society our brave men and women are earnestly fighting abroad to maintain not only for us at home but also for the whole world. Salute our military! That starts with our Commander in Chief President Bush. To do any less taints your tribute.

You need to respect our nation's leaders. Likewise, to our elected and appointed leaders - including those in local, state, and federal offices - stop acting as if you do not know right from wrong. Why won't you take a stand for what is right and show all those who do not believe there is a difference between right and wrong how to respond or not respond when confronted by it? Stop doing all you know how to adversely affect the outcome of this privilege to vote for the party of our choice.

Down with all of those polls and informal responses that are taken as legal! When President Bush took office, he told the American public that he does not operate according to polls. Did you forget that he also promised there would be no "leaking" from his administration (the way it did in the Clinton administration)? And, speaking of the time President Bush took office --

Did you forget that former Vice President Al Gore is the first one who took the election results to court?

Did you forget that was what led to appeals and, ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court?

Did you forget that none of the many ballot counts and recounts in Florida came out in favor of Mr. Gore?

Did you forget how some of the outgoing Clinton staff deliberately left the offices in shambles and removed the "W's" off of all of the typewriters? Look it up.

When was the first time such atrocious conduct was reported? I believe that was it. And the Democrats have continued their dirty tricks, with impunity. Until now. Watch and see. It will all be revealed. Then maybe the news media will get back to being about the professional news business of ethics, credibility, and present facts that are actually true.

As for me, I thank God every second for allowing me to be born during the time I was. I have a frame of reference. I grew up knowing loving grown ups in my life who more than taught me about "God, Mother, and Apple Pie." They demonstrated love of God, self, others, and, certainly, for America and all her blessings.

September Simmering - 2004

Can't believe I found my way back at last. Doesn't appear anybody has found me, yet. No feedback. No input. No gathering here, yet. Gives me a lot of time to reflect on all that is going on in the community, nation, and the world. Time to simmer and get real angry. Election time in the U.S. has never been nastier -- almost. Come to think of it, there are shades of "Clintonism" in the air. Matter of fact, Clinton's cronies have banded around John Kerry and his (failing) campaign to become our next President. Thing is, who needs a leader whose hand is never far from the "hot button," when that person can't even find his way to his own mind. True.

A few of my neighbors have placed Kerry/Edwards signs on their lawns. That explains some of the attitudes. Well, I placed a Bush/Cheney sticker on my auto bumper. So far, my car wheels and windows are still intact.

How about those "Swiftees?" How about all the vets who have personal knowledge about military ethics and procedures who have enough courage to stand up for truth? And I applaud citizens who take the time to look, listen, and make up their own minds instead of going along with the "herd mentality" of the majority of Dems. Thank God for Senator Zell Miller. He remains a true statesman heretofore unknown to this modern generation. He appeared at the Republican National Convention and refused to sell his soul for his "Party" affiliation choosing to stand up, instead, for what he knew to be true and just, as articulated by the Republican Party. And, he did that without feeling that he had to flee the Dems. Good for him!

What about the Dan Rather 60 Minutes fiasco? I am wondering when people will finally understand that "what goes around comes around." This deceptive practice is not new to CBS. Ask General Westmoreland and others. But this time, thank God, our citizens are more becoming aware. And they are mad at hell (sic) and refuse to be spoonfed garbage and junk any longer. With the advent of internet, especially, there is no reason to be ignorant or timid.

I want to say to Dems, in particular, when people (whether Republicans or not) repeat words spoken by the candidate and publicly documented as such, it does not constitute "attacks" or "hate speech." How could it, if the ones reporting have not changed the context or meaning? Get to know the difference and surprise yourself about how well the dialogue will be among people who may disagree. Closed minds and empty heads generate discord and disunity and destruction. Open minds and a degree of willingness to learn will go a long way towards building bridges. Think about it.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be deep. It is meant to be plain spoken and encouraging for those who are still unsure about what or who to believe in this fiercely political climate. Stop. Take a breath. Slow down. Wait and watch. Look. Listen. Be aware. You will come to know what I mean.

Whew! September simmering - 2004, is healing. I started out angry and found peace. Thank you, Lord.