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America Mourns - Prophetic 911 Tribute

Reprinted September 11, 2010

Written By Rev. Lainie Dowell

I wrote this reprinted prophetic message as it was revealed to me on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. And I remain restless and still. Even so, Americans Bless Our God.

Thus saith the Lord.
As revealed by the Hand of the Lord to be a blessing to waiting hearts.

The fabric of America is strong. Faith is her best suit. Family values is her cloak. Chastity is her undergarment. Righteousness is her finest dress. Earth contains her bedrock, but she rests in the bosom of Abraham. Peace is her shadow that follows and covers her back. Strength is embedded in her feet. Her hands are coated with filth. But the blood of Jesus cascades all over her. She is covered in Jesus' blood from head to toe. Her knees propel her forward and down. Her head tips and bows weighted with humility and repentance. Her heart lies open. Her chest exposes her ample breast. Nourishment continues to flow. Solidarity and unity come forth. Her sleeping eyes have fully awakened. her mind touches the One far greater than she.

Spiritual Awakening ~ Firery Revival Breakout ~ Chains Fall Away

Spiritual giants give way to yield and move out of the way of the giant maker. Her children need not fear. Her lamp is lit. And her oil barrels are filled from Zion above. Her light shall never fade or fail. Her lamp shines best at nighttime. Her brightest day is dark of night. She is seated in the presence of God. Dining on rich fare from the Master's Table culled with the sweetness of God's love. She rests. She waits. She smiles. She sighs. Yes, all is right with the world. Her people renew their commitment. Draw near and let me tell it to you. In every woe. In every joy. In everything, the Lord IS. He is God above all gods who causes our hands to war and our hearts to make peace. And so it is.....

Step lightly. Surefooted. And securely. Anchored to solid Rock. Step boldly.

Her soul gives way to Spirit. Her Spiritual Awakening lifts her to heights greater than any she has known or ever known to mankind. Solomon and The Queen of Sheeba are her mentors. And if she pays rapt attention, her garments will/shall be securely wrapped about her girth, this home called earth. Her ears shall hear God's voice and obey. Her throat shall drink God's living water and be satisfied. Her loins shall give birth to a brand new people whose commitment to their Father is without equal. For there is none like our God.

America, this "(sweet) land of liberty".
Rise from the ashes.
Dry your tears.
Shake yourself.
Awaken to the new dawn.
The Day of the Lord is at hand.
This is your finest hour.

And, lest you too soon forget, God is yet on the Throne. And He is God alone.

America, this "land of the free and home of the brave."
Long may you live -- In the Lord's perfect harmony.
Hear ye Him. Amen.

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America Mourns With Dignity 911 Tribute

~ YES AND . . .

Note: I wrote this reprinted article and originally posted it on my former Firebrands Christian ClergyWomen Support Network/Resources site on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. I later learned that a female church parishioner I had recently talked with was on the flight that hit the Pentagon. She was a beautiful spirit-filled teacher travelling with a couple of her young students on the way to receive rewards. My experience on that day is shared below (on this site), because the Geo-Yahoo servers have now shut down and I have not yet reconstructed my sites online elsewhere. Look for them soon! Join us there. God bless you. God bless America. God bless Americans. Thank you for sharing again in 2010, as we remember.

October 11, 2000 And The Bombing of The U.S.S. Cole

September 11, 2001 ~ Terrorists Attacked By Air

The World Trade Center - The U.S. Pentagon - A Field in Pennsylvania

Reprinted September 11, 2010

Written by Rev. Lainie Dowell
Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Today is a day when prayer requests and words of prophecy are going back and forth on the internet relaying the awful news of events personally touching and affecting this nation. Some harsh pronouncements spoken against America are fearful. Much death and carnage has occurred.

My oldest son, Ted, was driving in and around D.C./Virginia today and passed the Pentagon as it was burning. He said he saw the American flag still standing up out of the heavy, black, smoke, and he didn't have film in his camera. What a photo that would make.

[Ted had phoned me at home earlier to tell me a plane had hit the World Trade Center and told me to turn on the television. My first impression had been that it must have been a small plane and it was just an accident. But I turned on the TV in time to see on the news that one Tower was on fire and reporters were saying it was an accident. But just then another plane approached and I saw fire and smoke come from the Tower alongside the one that was already on fire. Then the cameras showed the angle at which that second plane had hit the second Tower. The explosion (to me) seemed to have released a gigantic demonic face and body belching way up in the air, and I shuddered. It was so sickening. It was unbelievably painful to watch as those Towers fell (each in turn). It was overwhelming to even think that people were still inside as those buildings imploded. I knew the horror and tears would take a long time to stop flowing. And I knew that God knows this is a day - as gorgeous as it is - that nobody should ever want to see again.

I was turning around in circles praying when my son phoned again to tell me the Pentagon was on fire and a plane had hit it. It was a day of utter confusion. I hung up and wondered what was happening and where would the next strike be. Then the news reported a plane down in a field in Pennsylvania and, once again, believing it to be just an accident.]

My youngest son, Dominic, was at work in Maryland. He told me he witnessed a meeting in his office (in Maryland), with some employees down from his company's home office located in 50% of the NYC Twin Towers. They were all understandably visibly shaken and many had family, friends, and colleagues back home working in those buildings that went down into dust with them in it. My son said his office was closed down, and those employees from NYC were trapped in Maryland unable to get home today to be with family and friends. God bless the hurting, wounded, dying and dead. God bless the living.

Earlier this morning (Tuesday), when I sent my two posts, (1 a prophetic message I had rec'd around midnight and the other a lesson of hope, were both developed the same time]. But I had not understood the timeliness of the moment when I shared them with our Firebrands-of-the-Lord Support Network List. Join us.

Together, We can make a difference!

All of these things we heard and saw are harsh. Yes AND, America knows God as Savior and Lord. In an effort to be liked and understood, many whored after strange gods. This is a wake up call, truly.

Yes AND, God has not forsaken us nor left us as a people and nation whose God is the Lord.

All of the words going back and forth (including this one) do not negate the fact that we do know the worth of prayer. We know that we, as a nation, can grab the heart of God and turn back the tide of God's Hand when we lift our hands, hearts, minds, bodies, spirits to Him. Therefore, we truly will not fear; because we had received and believed God's word and prayed BEFORE the terror struck. God never leaves us without a warning.

Yes AND, indeed, we continue praying.

No one person has all of the word from heaven. God's people must also understand that infighting is past. The change in the world begins with each and every one of us.

Yes AND, we believe above all that God is faithful who will deliver us yet once more when we turn to Him. And that right quick. The battle is the Lord's.

Yes AND ours is to hear His voice and be guided by His Holy Spirit. Our God judges with a righteous judgment. Vindication belongs to God.

Yes AND our God will not leave His people unavenged, as we cry to Him.

Yes AND???? Truly President Bush was right earlier today when he added to the many voices his call for prayer, retribution, and acknowledged "America is being tested."

Yes AND he [President Bush] also said, "this nation would show the world how America will PASS this test!" When America is under attack, she always rises to her knees before God. For those younger people who never experienced the sentiment of WWII and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, this is their opportunity more than at any other tragic storms they have witnessed to understand why we say this nation is the nation of the true and living God Almighty.

Yes AND there is right and wrong. There is righteous and sinful. There is truth and error. There is heaven and hell. There is life and death. There is God and Satan. There is victory through Jesus our Savior, Lord, and soon-coming King.

Yes AND we are followers of the Lamb Jesus. "We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus." He is our Peace in the midst of every stormy gale. Do you know Him?

Yes AND we will tolerate no other God before our God in this "one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all." Why not? Because we know, believe, declare, and decree that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God. And Jesus is the only way by which one may be saved. How is it so many cannot understand that America offers freedom and justice to all, because our God is the God of love and salvation.

Yes AND He is the God of wrath who fully demands that we worship Him alone. So much is passing for truth that is not even true.

Yes AND our "God is Spirit and all who worship must worship in Spirit and in truth." (John 4:24). To that, there is no Yes AND. There is only Yes, Lord. Amen.

God's Salvation is free. Are you saved? Be sure.

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