Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Republicans Blinked Once More

When will the Republicans ever learn?
If anybody has watched the demo(n)crats in action, especially since Clinton, they know that every time they screech and have tantrums, the Republicans capitulate. Don't they know that when they (Republicans) give up their majority power, they will lose it? They have lost it.

When the dems were the majority party, they made all kinds of changes and told the Republicans to like it or else (because they couldn't lump it). And the dems had their way. Think back to the Clinton impeachment hearings. The dems came together with one (warped) mind around Clinton and held fast choosing to blame the Republicans for Clinton's "alleged" failings. Even now, it would be hardpressed to find any of them (dems) even Clinton to acknowledge that Clinton was, in fact, impreached and lost his lawyers license as a result of his actions.

The dems are never pacified. They refuse to be satisfied. When the Republicans capitulate to each of their demands, they come up with another. They plainly refuse to accept the Bush Administration -- choosing to believe they (and Clinton, Gore and Kerry) are the present elected majority leaders of this nation. Who can stand to hear the dems continue to accuse the Republicans for what they, themselves, are guilty of doing? I talk to my tv and write and phone Congress and the Senate, but what does it get me? Or you?

I do not believe Frist will be the next Presidential candidate as he supposes.
He is too weak. Even if he could be counted on to do the right thing for right's sake, he might have stood a chance to be placed in that coveted position. But, we need strong leaders to get this nation back on track --- not wishy washy men and women who know what they were voted in office to do but who refuse to do it. And until and unless they do stand up and work for God's truth and justice, we who push them by our prayers are just wasting our breath. And God will never turn aside to hear double-minded men and women. But still we try! May God have mercy on us and shut the dems' collective mouth.

God Bless Rep. Patrick McHenry, Republican, North Carolina

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 -- C-SPAN U.S. House, 9:00 p.m. EST

He made it plain that the democrats want to "tear down the House." And he spoke out against Nancy Pelosi and S. Tubbs-Jones who amended their travel reports and one who never even filed any. Of course, before he could even get through his speech, the dems interrupted and raised objections and said Rep. McHenry was making false allegations against members of the House. But how about when the dems stand uninterrupted on the House floor and call the Republicans everything but colleagues who are the majority party? The dems do it all the time. And the Republicans let them.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Time for Dialogue With John Kerry

Why are there no email links on the Kerry site to correspond directly with John Kerry?

The man is a coward who hides behind pundits in order to spew his lack of regard for the rule of law and democratic values and morals. Neither Kerry nor the demo(n)crats understand that it is about more than talking about faith. They are not received by people of faith as being truthful, because their spirit exudes evil intent and demonic tendencies. Just to hear Kerry continue to lead the foulness of his party only lets us know he does not have the best interest of our nation at heart. The demo(n)s need to get with the constitution and get behind the leadership that the majority of this nation elected to lead us. The biggest dems' attack dog, James Carvel, does a lot of harm to your cause. Yours is the party that delights to spin and disregard truth. You attribute to the Republicans those heinous acts that you, yourselves, have committed.

Please tell Kerry that he and the demo(n)s could win Godly support if only they would stop trying to tear down our real Godly leadership. We know the difference between a truth and a lie. The dems can dish it out but they cannot take it. It is they who are the culprits and we are not deceived by them. I tried listening to Kerry's videos messages, but half-way through one, I got sick and had to cut it off.

Kerry needs to step back and get his job done in the Senate because he is not the President. Kerry lost. And he will continue to be a loser as long as he leads the dissent against people of faith who love the Lord and who are not afraid or ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ who is our Savior and Lord.

There is room for dialogue. But we cannot hear what he is saying for what he is doing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Save Rep. Tom Delay's House Leadership

Since this is a land concerned about the Bush-Cheney Administration, I think it may be safe to explore the following here. Am I the only one who is displeased about the Demo(n)crat's latest attempts to unseat Rep. Tom Delay? And does anybody think the Republicans should capitulate (again)? Why must we constantly watch Republicans (by the way, the MAJORITY) cow tow to the minority? Of course the dems want to have Rep. Delay out of the way. He is not afraid to stand up and speak out about issues that need moving through the House and to get them moving towards becoming laws, if needed.

During the Clinton years at a time the dems were the majority, they did not give one inch. The Republicans had to take action. Then as well as now, after Republicans gained more House seats, it is almost as if dems were not at the meeting! It is as if they have not read a newspaper or picked up a book or turned on a tv. It is as if they have never shown up at work in D.C. They LOST (pardon the caps). The Republicans Won (don't have to shout here, it's already done). Thank God.

On another matter --- Israel and Expansion and President Bush's Ultimatum

I am Republican, but like quite a few others, I am still not able to comprehend what the President is doing. He is letting Mexico's Fox outfox him into setting up a "guest worker" program and amnesty to allow illegal aliens into the country (to work and go back home to Mexico or grab more land here *for* Mexico??). He's not vocal about providing protection on our borders and he offers no encouragement for the American citizens who have banded together to protect "the homeland." He has offered no clear statement or action about a constitutional amendment to protect marriage and the unborn. He has given no clear statement about the "not-so-gay" lifestyle. And, I still can't help being reminded that he had no power to save an otherwise healthy, disabled young woman from being starved and dehydrated to death just a couple of weeks ago in America. So, I am finding it harder to listen to him each time he issues ultimatums to other world leaders and organizations. His credibility is flawed now and he doesn't seem to care. Speaking of which -- I thought it was the height of sexism to have our Secretary of State walking around the Vatican with a scarf on her head for no other reason than because Dr. Rice is female. She represents America, "The Land of the Free and The Home of The Brave." Women's lib has nothing to do with this. It makes me wonder if Dr. Rice is being allowed to make policy decisions on her own or whether she has talking points from the President's desk. She's got some heavy duty lifting to get done around the world and she also has to be credible and an example to male chauvenist that women are up to the task.

What are other Bush-Cheney supporters saying about this turn of events, if anything? If we are not able to count on the Godly leadership in our nation and the world from President Bush, then we may as well be under the Demo(n)crats. Heaven forbid.

1:20 p.m. EST -- Fox News Alert
A young oriental man is standing near the Capitol with two carry on bags and he is threatening to blow himself up on Capitol Hill. The West Wing is being evacuated at this time. The entire area has been sealed off. The police are dressed in protective gear.

More news -- Stay tuned for the outcome. God have mercy and grant a peaceful end.

1:42 p.m. EST -- Homeland Security At Work!

Seen in realtime, film footage and the report by Bryan Wilson - Fox News Cable TV 54. The man has been taken down by Capitol security police who put him in handcuffs and dragged him away from the bags. Praise God!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sen. John Kerry in Rome on Crutches

Why didn't I hear anything about this in the newspapers? Or was it reported there and I was paying too much attention to the internet and cable tv news the past several weeks? I was just watching "Capital Gang" on CNN-tv (4:36 a.m. EST). At that time, the panel was discussing the funeral of Pope John Paul II and the politicos and dignitaries who were in attendance. A bit of film footage was shown during the discussion. I couldn't believe my eyes. First I realized I was seeing Sen. John Kerry in Rome. Then at the last bit of film footage, I realized the Senator was on crutches.

I "Googled" and found out Sen. Kerry had an outpatient procedure on his knee and will probably be on crutches the next three weeks. Strange how the "Capital Gang" panel did not mention that Sen. Kerry was in that news clip, that he was in Rome, or that he was on crutches.

I wonder why Sen. John Kerry has to travel to Rome and other countries before we in the United States can see him let alone hear him (although he's been very quiet since the last election)? But it seems to me that, if he can travel to Rome with a sore knee that requires the use of crutches, then we ought to be able to see him every once in a while strolling the halls of Congress. Ya think??

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II Has Just Died- 1920-2005

Fox News 2:57 p.m. EST and 9:57 p.m. Vatican time -- by Shepherd Smith, Reporter Fox News








Terri Schiavo Cremated Today

Fox News announced that Terri Schiavo was cremated at 9 a.m. EST. It has also been reported that Michael Sciavo will bury her remains "somewhere in Pennsylvania" where her parents and sibblings will not know or be able to go to pay their last respects to her. Terri's body was autopsied for only one day following her death and then she was turned over to Michael for the final insult, as per the Florida court order that sanctioned her death.

Earlier this week, Felos, Michael Schiavo's lawyer of death, revealed that it was Judge Greer's recommendation that Terri be cremated following her death and autopsy. Why not? This judge ruled that she was worthy of -- not saving -- but total destruction by starvation and dehydration. In our time, the unjust judge of all time. Do these people have a bet with one another to find out who can mete out the most heinous sentence against innocent people? Notice, I said, "innocent." Even when all the evidence remains in full support of their innocence, these judges have vowed to not be made a liar and refuse to change their minds on the matter.

Terri Schiavo, may she rest in peace --- as I know and believe she is resting in the arms of Jesus now. She was dead and her soul was taken to the Lord's Throne Room. She did not know or care. But, as for Michael and his family and all those consenting to her untimely death, they shall wake up in hell. They shall see and feel and taste the flames in that firery pit that burns day and night. They shall beg the Father for mercy and to be taken out of that hellhole. But they shall not be removed. And in the Lord's time, they will all be destroyed with their father, Satan the devil, hell, death and the grave. They shall be no more forevermore. Terri, in the end, shall live eternal in the heavens with our Father God.

All scoffers and naysayers say, "Not so!" And to that I ask, "How do you know? Suppose it is you who are wrong and it is I who have spoken what is true?" At any rate, God's word says so and the Lord Jesus is "the way, the truth, and the life. " and "God is not a man that He should lie." "And all liars shall have their part in the Lake of Fire." Michael and all those who follow after your lying lead, REPENT while you have a chance and it may be that the Lord will have mercy on your soul.

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope is Dead. Long Live The Pope!

And as our Lord Jesus has said,
"Well done, thy good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord."

Faithful until the end . . . .
At 1:23 p.m. (EST) on Friday, April 1, 2005, Fox News has reported in real time that Sky News Italia announced the Pope's vital signs have gone flat. The Pope is dead. Pope John Paul II, 84-year-old Polish priest, gave faithful service to the Catholic Church.

Now thank we all our God for the blessings He dispensed through the life of this, His servant.

As the bells toll at St. Peter's in The Vatican, Let the church be the Church and let our God be God of His Church and all creation.

Pope John Paul II -No April Fool Joke

MSNBC Cable TV 57 (east coast) Flash News Remains Questionable
Friday, April 1, 2005, 3:25 a.m. EST
The Associated Press News out of Italy at The Vatican, concerning the Pope's health

The Italian press reports the Pope is now in a coma and is near death.

The Vatican denies the reports at this time. But reported the Pope suffered cardio-respiratory collapse during treatment for urinary tract infection. The Pope has been on a feeding tube through his nose in the past few days.