Friday, October 15, 2004

Here's To "W" !!

I don't like when email posts get out of context. Oh well.

Now, to another subject. Where would I be without my IM4W buttons?

Today I stopped at the grocery store and outside of it was a woman and young boy setting up a display. On the way out, the boy asked me a question and I said, "No." But after I put up my grocery cart to head for my car, I went over to him and asked what it was he said. He said he was selling popcorn for the Boy Scouts. Even had on his blue uniform. He was cute and courteous, too. So, since my husband likes popcorn, I told him I would buy some and gave him $10. The purchase was for $5. The woman (maybe his mother?) handed him change for $20, at the same time she noticed my IM4W buttons on my sweater. But I told her I had given him a $10. When she checked, she said, "Oh thank you. That wouldn't have been right." At that point I told her that was why I was for "W." I said we need moral authority. She agreed and said, "He is a moral man." I agreed but I told her this was beyond personalities and individuals. It was about "moral authority." And this is not about Bush or Kerry. It is about the whole country's needs rather than individuals. To my surprise, she thanked me and said, "I haven't heard anybody ever put it that way before." I told her it was because any other way creates arguments and discord. And, when I left her, she was less cynical about my buttons. I sure hope you hold on to your buttons! LOL That made my day just a little nicer.

For grimacers, if any, I don't think I am smarter. I know I am not. I just like to open up and share, when I think my sharing can help somebody. And, it might just do that.

Here's to "W"! As a matter of fact, did anybody here recognize that in addition to other themes, John Kerry's team stole the Bush-Cheney 2004 theme " ' W ' stands for Women" ? Now you can see those "Women for Kerry-Edwards" signs all over the place. For somebody touted as being so smart, Kerry does not have one original thought in his big toe let alone his heart. I heard one Bush pundit on tv say that "Kerry has a plan. He got it from Kinko's and its two points short of the Bush plan." How true. And how about Kerry's response to the question about his wife? He said, "Some might say I married up." And that came after he first spoke about his deceased mother and his two daughters. What's wrong with the man??? If he is -- God forbid -- mistakenly placed in the White House, this country will never recover from the downward slope escalated by the Clinton-Clinton-Gore Administration. Serious times call for serious talk. And, please, don't get me started!