Saturday, October 30, 2004

Pessimism, Who Is Your Mother?

Bin Laden makes a sudden taped appearance on a fine Friday afternoon and stirs up the ongoing voter rhetoric.

News media hurriedly put out questions as they gasp for breath and all but foam at the mouth for the pot stirrer Laden. And, when they gather their collective breaths, they come up for air and latch on to two (2) Presidents of the U.S. That is what I said! And, since when did a candidate for that Office have the authority to assume the same position as the holder of that Office? This nation has only one (l) President. His voice ought to have been the only voice we heard coming out of that chaotic message. And the President's advisors need to let him, this country, and the whole world know this is too important an issue to relinquish the Presidential seat and come down to speak on the same level as a candidate.

I believe political correctness ends where political savvy begins. Period! The President may be a candidate at this time, but he is our President. Kerry has a big mouth but he can't seem to fix it to tell the people what his plan is or what he did to the veterans of Viet Nam.

Even though we are in the final throes of the election season, this nation still has only one voice. President Bush (#43). That voice is never more crucial to our welfare as it is when we are at war and our men and women are in harm's way. Yet, Sen. John Kerry (sorry, I choke on that) is sought out for a comment on the pot stirrer Laden; and, guess what?! Kerry makes a statement that sounds Presidential. And is there any wonder? President Bush had already made the statement many times over before that. Could anybody miss the last part of Kerry's message (i.e., "Whatever it takes!"), supposedly said with authority? Well, who has not heard the President publicly make that resolute statement as a mandate? Nevertheless, the press latched on to Kerry's remarks as though they came from his mouth alone and first.

We have seen the same thing happen time and again since Kerry stepped up on the public stage from out of the shadows. We saw it happen after the President used the terms, "Dead or Alive," and "Bring it on!" The DEMS were beside themselves. They talked disdainly about the "cowboy attitude" and scoffed even at the terms. Yet, after Kerry used the words, "Bring it on!" to taunt the President, his kool-aiders acted as if that was macho and began attributing that term to Kerry. Then Kerry began acting as if he were macho (on the President's coat tails). And that is the way the DEMS began riding out their election season. On GWB's coat tails! And I have not once heard the news media make that connection. Is there any wonder the nation is divided and so many constituents are confused?

  • Where is all of this pessimism, cynicism, sarcasm, bitterness, and downright pure hate and disrespect for authority coming from across this nation?

  • Who proclaimed the "Blame America First" dicta as the rule of thumb standard and won't call it back?

  • When did that 9-11 moment of national pride deteriorate into bringing in national disunity?

  • How is it the country is so divided along partisan lines?

  • Day in and out, we watch and listen as pundits appear by way of old fashioned means of getting out the news (i.e., tv, radio, newspapers). But, now, there is a new category. Bloggers are on the scene!

    Over the years, I have noticed how the Republicans (i.e., President, Congress, Senate) have capitulated to the DEMS' whims and then watched as they turned around and used the GOP compromises negatively against them. On the other hand, the DEMS have refused to compromise their position to reciprocate. Being "nice" has its place. But when you are in a neck-to-neck combat zone and your neck is headed for a chopping block or a hangman's noose, then nice has to go. I want to know why the GOP puts up with it. They are the ones who, on tv debates with the DEMS and their cohorts, keep smiling and nodding in agreement while we sit at home and watch them get pummeled unjustifiably so. The DEMS overtalk them, are rude, crude, and downright debased in their delivery. And even after the moderator/host says the GOPer gets the last word, the DEM surrogates not so gently elbow in their last zingers. And the hosts always allow it! Then they all smile and say a polite adieu. But, I don't believe our hearts can take it! It's past time for the disruptive DEMS and GOPers (who are) to be left on the side of the road and let the President's "Ship of State" glide on with those who can rock the boat and, yet, still stay on board (beyond party, race, gender, polls).

    I have asked this question, "Pessimism, who is your mother?" And I have a response. "News media take a look at your own womb that births discord rather than truth. That's really where we need abortions. "

    I am certain I am one of many who thank God that President Bush knows who His Father is and is not ashamed to let the whole world know Jesus Christ is his Role Model.

    Thursday, October 28, 2004

    Atrocious Lies via Black Commentator

    I believe this is strong stuff that needs to be addressed now; but by whom and how in a way as to correct these assertions in a timely manner? If anybody knows, please pass the link (below) to the appropriate GOP(ers).

    As Republicans, we know the truth of the matter. How is it our message is not getting through to some DEMS (other than the fact they do not want to hear or converse about issues in a common sense format)

    Below is only one such link that expresses best why Republicans *shall* remain in leadership four more years. Even so, unless the people who agree with those sentiments expressed in the link (below) were to pick up, pack up, and park their wares elsewhere (Canada?), we are sure to have (as a nation) worst dissention than before. The commentary (below) is totally skewed and downright wrong. Be sure you listen to the clip entitled, "Somebody's Counting the Wrong Blacks." These misconceptions and mischaracteristics must not be left unaddressed. What we are witnessing is a decayed national, ungodly ethic which has evolved out of their notion that the First Amendment allows it and illegal court actions that have given legal credence to it.

    It seems to me we are also witnessing what happens when "You spare the rod and spoil the child."

    Over the past 30 years or so, America has given birth to weak-minded, whining complainers. And, now, we are paying the price for their failure to adhere to Godly principles, values, morals, mores, virtues, truths, respect, discipline, ethics, and to the tenets of God, Himself. My prayer is, "Father forgive them, for they know what they do." (sic)

    This will make your head spin and your stomach hurt from yet another diatribe against Republicans.

    Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    Kerry the Man Is Not Right!

    It boggles my mind that Kerry and his co-horts and the DEMS (seem) to get away with their deception. I know they will not do so but the appearance is remarkable.

    Early on, the DEMS announced on tv that they were going to "unite" like the Republicans.
    So, Terry McAuliffe called a halt to the other candidates running in the Presidential race and
    called for them to unite behind John Kerry. Most did early on with the exception of Rev. Al and Dennis Kosinich. It wasn't long after that the DEMS began to vocalize (plagiarize?) the tenents of the GOP. That is one reason Kerry has not been able to articulate his "PLAN" beyond saying that he has a plan. He cannot talk about what he does not know.

    The past week, Kerry perpetrated a lie about the United States troops in Iraq, claiming they did not guard explosives allowing them to be looted while they were there. Even after it was disproved, Kerry continued his tirade. Worst is that Kerry and his pundits feign not knowing they were talking against the troops. Let alone the Commander-in-Chief in the time of war. Shameful! Disgraceful! Atrocious! Unpatriotic (yes, that is what I said). Kerry does not seek the best interest of the United States. His intent is to win at any cost that place in this nation that would be too costly for this nation. No Presidential material is he!

    Is there any wonder the people across this nation are confused? The Kerry camp stole the GOP public relations stating that:

    "W stands for Women." In recent months, they came up with signs saying, "Women for Kerry."
    The lawn signs I have placed on my property say (on one side) "Bush Country" and (on the other side) " I M 4 W." The recent tv appearance by Kerry shows a very large sign behind Kerry that says, "Kerry Kountry." Last night, one cable network's report compared a statement made by Kerry with that listed on the GOP site. They noted the only difference in the wording was at the end, where Kerry's team said something to the effect that we need another leader. I wonder if the Kerry people have a spy in the GOP camp.

    If there is any discord, division, disunity in the land --- look only to Kerry the perpetrator.
    I cannot understand how Kerry can stand with a straight face and attribute to the President all those characteristics that are decisively his own (Kerry's).


    Beginning of the End for Kerry!


    I see John Kerry going down in flames.
    I see Kerry falling fast in a blaze of flames.

    God hates liars.
    "Yes, and all liars shall have their part in the Lake of Fire."
    Kerry and his team lie with impunity; and they do so, willingly, knowingly, and deliberately with the intent to deceive. Hurts my heart to think so many people are deceived. This is not only in the government but also in many churches with godless leaders. We need a Godly leader over the nation. Not to take people's "rights" away, but to put right all the wrongs they mistook as "rights" that they never had in the first place.

    What is the prayer?
    God be glorified in all the earth that You will be found to be the true and living God of all who receive Your Son.

    We tried it "their" way and gave them room to exercise "their rights," and Christians are on the edge of oblivion (if not for God's grace). Now is the time to stand as bold soldiers of the Lord Jesus, because He truly is the only way to receive all we

    Tuesday, October 26, 2004


    Sin, Death, Hell, and the Grave and all encompassed with it . . . .

  • evil -- contrary to contemporary thought, it does exist
  • satan -- despite popular belief, he does exist
  • abortion -- early, late, on-time or otherwise
  • lies -- one-half a lie is still a lie (white, black, omission, comission)
  • rape -- including body, soul, mind, spirit against and by male, female, child
  • murder -- premeditated and vicious
  • death -- accidental, incidental, sentimental, providential
  • child abuse -- including screaming at and threatening children
  • domestic violence -- against and by male, female, child, spouse, parent, etc.
  • vain disputations -- esp. when they go on without reconciliation
  • animal abuse -- deliberately perpetrated by heartless people
  • immorality -- that attempts to redefine and to destroy family structure
  • devastating diseases -- esp. ones that have no known cures
  • hunger --- esp. in a land of plenty
  • drought -- and devastating forces that rip up the earth and its people
  • ungodly leadership -- whether in our home, church, or state government

    Someone once wrote and sang that "It's a thin line between love and hate."

    Many people know what the Word of the Lord has to say about God's love.
    What does the Word of God say about hate and evil? Questions?
    contact me.
  • Monday, October 25, 2004

    Christian Blogs Undeleted Ring

    I have searched and searched and could not find a blog webring that fit my spirit. I did not know what it would look like. I only knew I would know it when I saw it. Alas, no go. Then, step by step, the Holy Spirit led me to first consider starting another ring. Next came my desire for the name of the ring all the while I was surfing the net to find one already made.

    Long story short ---

    Christian Blogs Undeleted Ring is now online as of Monday, October 25, 2004. The sites in this ring will be unique in that they won't be linked to more than one or two other rings. Visitors will not run into these sites with each click of the webring link.

    My prayer is that anybody who is wandering around the internet looking for a blog ring with Godly Christian sites (in general) will be led to come and join. Or, they will be able to click the "Join" link at the bottom of this site.

    Saturday, October 23, 2004

    Joke is on Kerry's Women Followers

    How does one get through a brick wall and open the heavy strongholds of people's minds? What is worst, many of those minds belong to people who profess Jesus as Savior and Lord. How can so many people be deceived and not know it? The Pied Piper piped his tune and the masses danced to it.

    Not only has Ms. Tay Razzzz ZZZaaa insulted the First Lady and anybody else in her path (i.e., Shove it!, etc.), but John Kerry, also, continues to insult the intelligence of the masses (at least the gullible). For me, the latest insult was hearing Kerry ask the audience of women he was addressing, "Who are you going to believe? George Bush or *your eyes*? Left unsaid was not hard to guess. Like everything else Kerry has pronounced during his 20-year term of public service, he quickly forgets what he has said and done and disavows having done it. But I understand, and I believe others do, that Kerry was asking those attentive women, without saying it, "Who are you going to believe? Me! Or your *lying* eyes!" How about that man? And he has the unmitigated gall to state for publication that President Bush is not right in his head.

    Well, Kerry-Edwards people, the joke is on you! And it is all over but the SHOUT! Well, I am not waiting, I am shouting now, because I am so happy this nation will get back to feeling pride for our officials and the conduct of business on behalf of U.S. citizens and for the good welfare, justice, and peace of the whole world without being concerned that our President is praying on his knees with thanksgiving to God for allowing him to watch over us, in the Lord, for another four (4) years. Thank you, Jesus! More time to help somebody to get to know you in the pardon of their sin before you crack the sky.

    Friday, October 22, 2004

    The Joke is on John Kerry

    I rec'd a great email about Kerry lying. Told briefly, a man went to heaven saw a lot of clocks and asked St. Peter about them and was told they were "lying clocks." He said that everybody had them and when they told a lie, the hands on their clock would move. Replying to the man's other questions, St. Peter told him one was Mother Theresa's clock (the hands had not moved at all). Next was
    Abraham Lincoln's clock (he had lied only two times). The man asked St. Peter where was John Kerry's clock? St. Peter said, "Oh, that one is in Jesus's office. He is using it as a ceiling fan." (I know that's the truth) lol Have a blessed day!

    Kerry Lied Flash Video! Must see!!

    Sharing my initial reaction after viewing the film (referenced below). Heart wrenching!

    Oh my God. Along with the message from the Marine Corporal, that film broke my heart. I haven't stopped crying. I remembered those daily news reports with photos spread across page after page of our young men who gave all -- died for this country (as well as women). I remembered those nightly news casts with video tapes from the battlezone in the jungle. My heart couldn't take it then and, now, it is all back, and I can't stop crying. I get mad all over again when I think that in 2004 we are faced with the same ignorant mindset that caused our men and women to be mislabeled as the first to lose a war. Not true!

    I remembered the photos my husband brought back from Nam. My husband served in Viet Nam and he is one of the blessed ones who came back -- intact. I think I get more upset than he does about that era.

    North Vietnam won the war in our streets for no other reason than this. Just like then, today, again the ignorant masses are led by John Kerry out in the streets. It
    is his hope that America will "lose" the war on terrorism and I believe he does have a plan. I believe that plan was set in place back in the 1970s to turn this nation over to the enemies of our faith and culture. When we think that Kerry and Edwards are lawyers that ought to be enough to force us to see we are in this battle against good and evil. Lawyers?? Do we really need another 4 to 8 years of two more lawyers? Remember Billiary Administration? They have never left the political scene and they don't intend to do so. The DEMS always said they wanted Bill and Hill to have another term. I see this as their means to that ends ---- Kerry!

    Seeing that film also makes me want to start a movement against the government to release our men and women who were blessed enough to live through that hell in Iraq. The officials know that war is hell. Yet they have prosecuted our brave men and women and released the combatants! Pray for action to call for the release of those brave men and women "scape goats" of that Iraqi prison. I want to start a move towards having those soldiers exonerated and their pay restored. What is what they have done when compared to the terrorists who cut off heads of humans and film it so everybody can see? Where is the outrage about that? I am for President Bush but he, as Commander and Chief, also has to step up and speak out. He told this nation before going into battle that this was a different kind of war and that there would even be things that we would not know about (and I think we knew what they meant when he said it in the joint session of congress). Well, political correctness bedamned! Our people are in Iraq. My daughter volunteered to serve in Afghanistan and in Bosnia and, thanks to God, although she wants to go to Iraq, my prayers -- I believe -- have kept her home. I have had to fight the military on her behalf because she is a strong young woman who has earned medals and is a Captain. She is a college graduate, linguist, and a paratrooper. Yet her commanders tried to block her promotions and did block her bronze star. What's wrong with this picture? Our military need to be applauded. They have their own private hell but they love this country literally to death and have chosen to serve it even in the face of (their own) death. Yet, so many of this younger generation who have taken to the streets across this nation really do not know what it means to be a patriot. How could they when they have not seen enough people come to heart wrenching tears when the Star Spangled Banner plays or when the troops are on the march or when you look up and see the flag flying overhead? or when the President of the United States was about to address the nation. OR when you walk into the voting booth not to be vindictive but for the joy of doing what is right for the nation. I am offended -- highly so -- that the news media (who do so) have misused their positions to denegrate the Office. How could our children not be confused. We have taught them what is right. But schools and universities and peers have gripped their puny minds and told them to think for themselves (after they had told them what to think). And God is not in it. God have mercy on us all. And may the President's victory be more than enough proof for naysayers and this whole wide world to know that our God reigns Supreme and Supremely reigns! God bless. (signed) - clergywomen/Silent Thunder

    -- Original Message with the video link --
    From: (Maryland4Bush List Moderator)Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2004 1:09 PM

    Subject: [Maryland4Bush] KERRY LIED FLASH VIDEO!


    NOTE: Might take a few minutes to load, but worth the wait!

    Tuesday, October 19, 2004

    Comments, etc.(Greetings from Norris Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans)

    I hope you are doing well, we exchanged e-mails sometime back, and I am still hoping you would like to attend one of our meetings.
    We meet the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Damascus MD public library-9701 Main St Damascus MD,301-253-5100)
    next meeting NOV 02,2004, 7:30 PM( guest speaker from the Nat Park Service/"archeology of the Monocasy battlefield") it would be a pleasure to have you as a guest anytime.
    We are easy to get to from Columbia, you can take MD RT 108 "west" right in to Damascus.
    Please fell free to call/write for directions.
    Most Sincerely Yours
    Bob Brewer
    Gaithersburg,MD 301-977-0087

    Monday, October 18, 2004

    The Bush-Cheney 2004 Team and the IM4W Buttons--

    Just thinking about earlier today when I went shopping. Of course I put on my sweater with my two (2) IM4W buttons.

    Old age catching up with me.

    By the time I got inside the store and started to look around,this young man smiled, took a few steps then backed up (thought he was backing up for me---- NOT!) LOL

    He was curious about the buttons (forgot I had them on). So I told him to say the letters out loud. By the time he got to "W," he realized it was about --- and he said at the same time -- "George W. Bush!" As far as I know, he might have been a demo(n)crat, but at least GWB (43rd) was in his brain! HAH!

    Then a few minutes later in another part of the store, a woman shopper was near me. She had a problem communicating with the employee who didn't speak English. She (the employee) only spoke Spanish and I have spoken out publicly against Congress trying to make this a bilingual country). But, I translated between the two and that led me to talk further with the woman shopper about today's ongoing election events. Here's where the button comes into play (again).

    Taught me I need to pay attention to details.

    The woman shopper asked me what the buttons said. She told me she didn't have on her glasses. Then she came closer to my chest and read the button out loud. Guess what?! And this is the funny (humorous) part. She read out loud, "I M 4 W dot com" I was startled and told her it didn't say "dot com." Then I looked at the button closer and sure enough in very tiny letters was "dot com."

    Well, that just made my day. And it sure perked up a little more when I found myself driving behind another car that had a "Bush-Cheney 2004" bumper sticker on it. I felt positively proprietary, since I had *my* own sticker on my car, too! lol

    Even in MARYLAND it really feels great to be REPUBLICAN in 2004!!!

    God bless America. God bless Americans. God bless our President!

    And how was your day?!

    Sunday, October 17, 2004

    Bill O'Reilly Didn't You know. . . ?

    O'Reilly, didn't you know that "What goes around comes around?" Oh, I think you forgot!

    I never cease to marvel at the media pundits who flippantly pick up news from the ticker and, under the guise of "commentary," interject their opinions as if they were fact. Oh how they preen and, with puffed up chests, declare any accused (esp. if they are a black celebrity) already "guilty," as alleged. Lack of facts notwithstanding, the "no spin zone" becomes the force for spinning. O'Reilly had to know his time was just around the corner to stand in the shoes of the accused. Rightly or wrongly, but now he has to hear his heretofore exasperated "love-hate" public say, "Me thinks thou dost protest too much!" Doesn't feel so good does it?

    Worst of all, this same media lord who was so quick to pounce on Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and others whose very reputation and livelihood were at stake finds himself now in the arena of public opinion and spin. However, he quickly sought understanding and (what else?) Belief? Trust? Forgiveness? Pity? Patience? So why don't we hear the white media calling for his job? Why are we not hearing a call for advertisers to boycott this show and, indeed, the whole network? According to O'Reilly, that's the "right thing" to do in this case. After all, wasn't Kobe Bryant's accuser trying to shake him down for a whole bunch of money in the guise of a rape lawsuit? Oh, O'Reilly was only accused of unwanted phone sex that allegedly went on for several hours and over a period of several years and with the same woman(?) who, herself, is reportedly employed under his supervision at a reported salary of at least $93,000? That's not chump change, either!

    Different strokes for different folks? You tell me.

    Don't those accused black entertainers and athletes also deserve the benefit of the doubt?
    Don't they work hard to make their millions and pay their fair share?
    Don't they deserve to let justice be able to work her job without the news media prematurely fast forwarding their case with smirks and jabs and inuendos just because they "own" the microphone and pen for a few hours?
    Don't the news media need to take a good, long look at itself and check itself?

    Instead of journalists, American airwaves have been taken over by "commentators." They give no indication of caring about getting out the facts in an objective way. No. They want to spice it up --- sex it up --- titilate the ear drums of the masses (like me) who don't want to hear their garbage, but won't tune out for fear of missing out when "real news" comes through. I tell you this is not funny. Especially, O'Reilly! When his viewers write to compliment him and, also, ask him to hold in check his arrogance ---- he quickly shoots back from the lip to let us know in no uncertain terms that we are the ones who are arrogant, because he is in the "no spin zone."

    Oddly enough, as I have watched all those television pundits like O'Reilly do their work (male or female), I have screamed at my tv, "You just wait for your time!" And this, "I wonder how you would act, if it happened to you?" And, now we know, don't we? Doesn't feel so good does it?

    Media execs --- get with it! Stop confusing entertainment with news. We really can handle the truth! What is more, we want objective reporting sans poisoned pens and tongues. Research. Research. Research. Put more money in the pot for research and less in the pockets of the pundits. That'd be nice.

    Give justice a chance. Stop hanging our people with your tongues (where it is not warranted). After all, they have just as much money as you. And isn't that what makes the world go 'round? Keep in mind. "What goes around comes around." That, too, is a law of almighty God.

    As for O'Reilly, I will let justice have her say while I watch to see what the news media may (or may not) say about this curious case. How about that?

    Friday, October 15, 2004

    Here's To "W" !!

    I don't like when email posts get out of context. Oh well.

    Now, to another subject. Where would I be without my IM4W buttons?

    Today I stopped at the grocery store and outside of it was a woman and young boy setting up a display. On the way out, the boy asked me a question and I said, "No." But after I put up my grocery cart to head for my car, I went over to him and asked what it was he said. He said he was selling popcorn for the Boy Scouts. Even had on his blue uniform. He was cute and courteous, too. So, since my husband likes popcorn, I told him I would buy some and gave him $10. The purchase was for $5. The woman (maybe his mother?) handed him change for $20, at the same time she noticed my IM4W buttons on my sweater. But I told her I had given him a $10. When she checked, she said, "Oh thank you. That wouldn't have been right." At that point I told her that was why I was for "W." I said we need moral authority. She agreed and said, "He is a moral man." I agreed but I told her this was beyond personalities and individuals. It was about "moral authority." And this is not about Bush or Kerry. It is about the whole country's needs rather than individuals. To my surprise, she thanked me and said, "I haven't heard anybody ever put it that way before." I told her it was because any other way creates arguments and discord. And, when I left her, she was less cynical about my buttons. I sure hope you hold on to your buttons! LOL That made my day just a little nicer.

    For grimacers, if any, I don't think I am smarter. I know I am not. I just like to open up and share, when I think my sharing can help somebody. And, it might just do that.

    Here's to "W"! As a matter of fact, did anybody here recognize that in addition to other themes, John Kerry's team stole the Bush-Cheney 2004 theme " ' W ' stands for Women" ? Now you can see those "Women for Kerry-Edwards" signs all over the place. For somebody touted as being so smart, Kerry does not have one original thought in his big toe let alone his heart. I heard one Bush pundit on tv say that "Kerry has a plan. He got it from Kinko's and its two points short of the Bush plan." How true. And how about Kerry's response to the question about his wife? He said, "Some might say I married up." And that came after he first spoke about his deceased mother and his two daughters. What's wrong with the man??? If he is -- God forbid -- mistakenly placed in the White House, this country will never recover from the downward slope escalated by the Clinton-Clinton-Gore Administration. Serious times call for serious talk. And, please, don't get me started!

    Thursday, October 14, 2004

    Pull Out Your Bush-Cheney Signs and Buttons!

    Anybody know what I'm talking about?

    Earlier today, when I drove up to my house and left my car, a woman was approaching me and asked if I lived here and I said I did. As she approached, she had this big smile on her face. I had never met her before but she introduced herself as a neighbor around the corner and up the street from my house. She told me her husband had come home yesterday and told her there were Bush signs on our lawn. She said she told him she was going to come knock on the door but he said not to. So she said today she decided to walk down to see for herself and saw me pulling up in my car.

    She told she was so glad to see somebody had enough courage to put the signs out. She said she was Republican but she had been afraid to put out any signs. (There are no Bush signs anywhere in this whole neighborhood.) In fact, I have not seen one yet. But I ordered two (2) Bush signs and put them out. And they really make a difference. One side of the sign says, "BUSH COUNTRY!" and the other side of the sign says, "IM4W". So I positioned the signs to show both messages to passersby. My neighbor and I laughed and talked so long that her husband took a walk around the corner to (I guess) check up on her. And the three of us talked for almost an hour even though we had never met before. We had a great time comparing notes on the Wednesday debate and the ignorance of democrats. Boy do we have a book to write! lol

    I also had a doctor's appointment earlier, and at the last minute, I put on my 2 buttons I ordered with the signs. Both buttons read, "IM4W."

    When I got to my doctor's office I noticed a sign on the receptionist's window. It was addressed to pharmaceutical reps and asked them to be patient and to not disturb the receptionist while she was either on the phone or with a patient. But when I saw the graphics and text about "sit buddist (sp?) style" and it included a reference about Budda, I went off (tried to be gentle). I asked the receptionist what that was doing there and who had put that up when we as Christians can't even say Jesus or display a cross in this country any more. She said she didn't know and started backing up and seemed to be cringing. LOL

    So while waiting for my doctor to see me, I was so disgusted I contemplated asking for my co-pay back and going out to find another doctor. So while deciding whether to stay or go, I looked at the bulletin board. Then, I went off again when I saw two pages of neatly typed clips that were obviously democratic spin long since disproved and, yet, noted as "The Facts." Again, the receptionist couldn't tell me who put it there so I said I would talk to somebody who could tell me why it was there. There was absolutely no balance of information in the telling. And there was one smaller note on the board about the President which was a terrible slur against him.

    One male patient was in the office at the time and he went up to the board to see what I was talking about (which he muttered to himself). LOL

    Then he turned to me to ask what was so bad about it. He said it was a private place and they could do what they wanted (but he was not abrasive or abusive). He was open to dialogue. Then we entered into discussion about the definition of "public v. private" facility and the freedoms of America and last night's Presidential debate. Then he asked me about what my buttons meant (i.e., IM4W). I told him and he said he never knew that. After I had asked him if he was a democrat, he told me he was a Republican the last four years. And by the time we parted, he shook my hand and thanked me. And we parted, I felt, with an understanding that even when we might not agree, we can listen and depart in peace.

    When my doctor came in, she asked me about the board and I told her. The receptionist must have gotten to her first. But my doctor said she didn't know it was on the board and she said she was going to speak with the person who put it up. She told me, "They are all democrats but I am not." I told her that I was just surprised to see that in the doctor's office, especially without counterbalance. And on the way out, I laughingly told the receptionist that posted information was incorrect and it was enough to give patients high blood pressure. I told her I was going home to make a cup of tea and calm down.

    And how was your day?

    Wednesday, October 13, 2004

    No "Separation of Church and State" For Me!

    I think God allows death, because He knows human life can stand but so much, even after He has cleaned us up as only He can. God knows that our life becomes repetitive. I'm not talking about coming back as a butterfly or such, as some may believe (i.e., not reincarnation). I am speaking about the differences between youth and old age (in human terms).

    Youth comes along and reminds elders of where they have already been and overcame by the blood of the Lamb Jesus. But youth becomes obstinate in the learning process (I was one of those once). And that hurt the heart of those who had already travelled that road and learned the pitfalls of life. It hurt the heart to the breaking point and at that point when the heart breaks into pieces like "Humpty Dumpty," then life ceases to stimulate growth to recover. Elders realize the futility of the human struggle (thank God those who die young are spared the fate of youthful ignorance) but the old souls long to go where the initiated have gone on ahead of them.

    Christians have so many blessings. God blesses us to come under His forgiving hand to rest in His loving heart all because of His grace and mercy. But God please help us to overcome believers who have gained a little knowledge somewhere between life and death and want to take on God's job. I laugh in the face of such ignorance and, yet, I am grieved by such ignorance, because that ignorant has no idea their ignorance is showing. But I know that if God's mercy should allow them to come to that place called, "Let us hear the conclusion to the matter," then they would laugh, too, at just how ignorant they really were about God, the things of God, and the people of God.

    Yes, we come across so many believers (online and offline) who love God and whom God loves so much. But how is it their love is so willing to dismiss God's "chilluns' " whom *they* believe to be ungodly but without cause? The truth of the matter? They are God's "chilluns' " who have moved beyond "beyond," and none can see but those who have endured all that went on before to arrive at the best place of all. And that is, at that place of pure contentment "in whatsoever state (they) find (themselves)." God was not playing when He said what He said. And all that He said-- He said. God really meant what he said. But He is still yet speaking! Hearing and obeying is the human lesson not yet quite mastered. I've got so much peace that I am emptied of self (at times) and it becomes all the moreso with each passing day. We have always lived in the days when victory waited up ahead.

    But on that day we meet victory -------- what a day! Who can understand? If even believers fail to discern, then how will the world come to know this "conclusion to the matter"?

    Sunday, October 10, 2004

    Debate #2 w/Clear and Definite Differences

    Friday night, I watched the clear and defining moments of the Presidential Debate No. 2, which was held at the Washington University in Missouri (Friday night). President Bush presented a definite difference from Sen. Kerry, his opponent. The differences were always there, but Kerry continued to try to emulate the conservative position for so many months it's no wonder the general public is confused. I surfed through the televised programming before, during, and after the debate and found the media bias towards Kerry is so obvious it hurts my head (Fox News Cable 54, MSNBC Cable 57, CNN Cable 2, C-SPAN, C-SPAN2). The latter two stations were the least biased presentations. Of course, their telephone callers who saw the same programming had diverse opinions and views about it.

    Charlie Gibson (Host, "Good Morning America" tv program) selected objective, substantial questions from the audience members and had a selected number of them to read their questions outloud for response by the President and the Senator. I have read quite a few online assessments of that debate, and I have heard the pundits and spinners during the debate wrap up. I believe President Bush took the gloves off (finally!) and that he forcefully put Kerry on the defensive by reminding him of his (Kerry's) 20-year Senate record that is nondescript, especially when placed alongside the President's almost four-year first term in office.

    As for me, I will continue to work for and join in with the continued prayers of faith on behalf of President Bush, his administration, our congressional leaders, and for all those who love the Lord God's truth, liberty, justice, freedom, faith and love.

    The reader(s) will note I have not delineated the differences in this post. There are so many who have already written about the debates in their Blogs. And any who are interested can find those via an online search. Suffice it to say, I pray for four more years for the Bush-Cheney Administration. Thank God!

    Saturday, October 09, 2004

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    Thursday, October 07, 2004

    Did Pres. Bush Drop the Ball on Iraqi Inspections?

    I came across a great timeline. Many of us lived through it in the moment but this person has compiled a great timeline to allow us to look back. Sen. Kerry vehemently contends President Bush did not give the U.N. inspectors enough time before taking steps to oust Saddam. What Kerry has not talked about is where he was (Kerry) in the Senate during that time long before former Gov. G.W. Bush became President. As I recall, much of what went on before that was within the domain of President Bill Clinton! And, now, we are being pestered by the same administration people who failed to take decisive action when they had the chance (Clinton-Gore). What I can't understand is how gullible so many people are who could very easily do a little research for themselves today rather than just "drink the kool-aid" doled out by Demo(n)crats.
    Great Online Resource

    VP Cheney Kicked Sen. Edwards' Butt!

    Let me be clear. Christians are peace-loving followers of the Lamb Jesus. It is not contradictory to profess Christ and Salvation and, at the same time, kick the devil every chance we get. God did not make us to be doormats to be walked on and kicked around. When "Christ in us, the hope of glory," resides within us and among us who love Him, we know that by His Spirit we can discern right from wrong and good from evil and mess from bless. LISTEN! It is all well and good to know about the Lord and His Word. But it is all together something else to know Him and His will, word, and way. When you know this God we serve, then you are not afraid to stand up for what is right and true and of God.

    Republicans, as a party, are people who generally confess to be Christians. Yet, Democrats, as a party, make the same confession. How, then, can there be such a wide gap among them in terms of what political and social issues they support? Notwithstanding all of that ---- Republicans continued to take the high road and stayed focussed on the issues. Democrats turned a deaf ear and lent a blind eye to the discourse. If that were not bad enough, they then emerged as a party to misrepresent the unfolding events in the world.

    [If anybody wants to know what I *really* think, email me for an indepth discussion/debate/argument/talk/summation, etc.].

    In this forum, I only want to speak on the surface, because I have found that deeper discourses go by the boards when people clearly do not understand or have any intentions of trying to reach some degree of understanding with one another.

    Why do I say that VP Cheney kicked Sen. Edwards' Butt?

    VP Cheney spoke directly to the issues. He addressed the questions Gwen Ifill, as Moderator, posed to him and he still maintained a calming yet strong demeanor compared to Sen. Edwards' boyish inexperience and failure to directly (or indirectly) address the questions posed to him by the Moderator. In this way, Edwards followed the model of Sen. John Kerry (his running mate). Except Kerry remained with a frozen face while refusing to respond directly or indirectly to questions posed to him during his debate with President Bush. The President's campaign is hit hard not by the debates as much as they are by talking heads and pundits who try to effect policy and manipulate the upcoming Presidential election by twisting and spinning out of control on behalf of the Demo(n)crats.

    News media are still playing the dangerous game of forgetting that historically and by necessity, this country has only one (1) President at the time. But they have capitulated to the Demo(n)crats who have made it no secret that they want (sic) Clinton to have a third term in office. When we see their same old hateful rhetoric and stepped up efforts to undermine the Bush-Cheney Administration every chance they get, then it ought to become clearer that they meant it when they said they *hate* George W. Bush (#43). Americans who know the worth of prayer realize they cannot discontinue sending up prayers on behalf of this administration, nation, and all people all over the world. I am leaving so much unsaid, in this forum, but my mind, body, and spirit, stand ready, willing, and able to engage the battle. I, for one, am not afraid to kick butt and take names! And, yes, I am Christian. I know God and God knows me. And I thank God for all this Holy Boldness that He worked in me to work through me.

    Monday, October 04, 2004

    War Is Hell!

    War is hell. This is 2004. That message is not new. It is as old as time. Since Cain killed Abel. Nobody likes war. Especially mothers --- or fathers who send off sons, daughters, children, husbands, wives, in-laws, friends, enemies. How can we forget there is a time for everything under the sun. Time for war. Time for peace. Time to laugh. Time to weep. Time to love. Time to hate. War is a necessary evil. It is all the moreso when it is not begun by those who love peace. We love peace. We did not seek war. On the other hand, we must not cower in the face of evil. Does it gain us peace to back away from wickedness? I think not.

    War is hell when good people do nothing to confront the hell of war when it confronts them. Understand? We did not seek war. We did not ask for war. We did not start this war. Remember when Saddam Hussein invaded its neighbor in the desert and took over before the U.S. went forth and drove him back? At that time, President Bush No. 41 capitulated to the voices that told him to not go to Baghdad to take Saddam out. He stopped short of Baghdad. People who depended on the U.S. at that time rose up against Saddam but the U.S. backed out to satisfy the "peace mongers(?)" Saddam carried out horrors this nation as a people could never even imagine (tongues cut out with razor blades, necks cut off with swords, hands cut off for touching U.S. money, school children killed for learning English, (it has been reported that literally busloads of people were found buried ---- alive --- in the desert). Women and men torn to shreds by vicious dogs unleashed by Saddam's evil sons. Saddam's two sons-in-law who first defected but were lured back only to be horribly killed (and these were men who were married to Saddam's two daughters at the time). Men were bound and thrown from the rooftops to the ground below and dragged away screaming from pain only to be killed. Saddam killed whole communities of men, women, children.

    The military are truly "America's Finest." They are men and women who have volunteered to serve this nation. To a man and woman who serve, they want to of their own volition. They understand what it means to fight for what is worth fighting for. My children volunteered. They are wonderful men and women who serve. And they know and love God. They trust God. They love truth and righteousness.

    IT IS A DIS-SERVICE (sic) and ignorant lack of understanding of anybody who fails to understand John Kerry is not calling for anything but for President Bush to move aside so he can do the same thing. Do not be deceived. Kerry is a liar. He is Godless. He mimics President Bush to deceive the masses of people ----- and they are the blind who are led by the blind. We had well over 3,000 people killed and maimed and forever changed on September 11, 2001. Many of us were up talking to one another the night before that without an inkling of what was to come in the early dawn. All of us were stunned beyond belief. President Bush and his administration had only just come into that office EIGHT months before. Clinton and Gore had EIGHT whole years to protect and defend and preserve America. They failed. The Twin Towers had been attacked before we knew them as terrorists. The U.S. Cole was attacked. Oklahoma was bombled. Look back to Atlanta, Georgia with the bombing during the olympics --- can you remember hearing about bombs with nails and other sharp instruments in America before that?

    President Bush ---- THANK GOD FOR THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Young people and old people who fail to understand the role of the President of the U.S. are harmed and they are harming this nation. They need to go back ---------- pick up a history book that has not been altered ---- study and ask somebody who knows what PATRIOTISM means.

    As long as this nation is at war, we need to re-introduce the term and penalty for TREASON! Kerry leads the pack now just as he did in the late 60s and early 70s. He aided and abetted the enemy then. Kerry is aiding and abetting the enemy right now in 2004. I am sick of the whiners and complainers. Our military are not the boys and girls, as the ignorant call them. They are not our little *babies*. They are not even our *children* any longer. They are grown men and women!!!!! They know their mission and they are the true PATRIOTS! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

    We need to go all the way back to powdered eggs, blackout shades, curfews, anklets, powdered milk, picking up tin cans and soda bottles for nickels. Maybe then, these people will understand we are at war!!!!! War IS HELL! Try living somewhere else and see if America is all that bad. Our faith is in the Lord God. Whose heart does not go out to every one of those who has been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan or Bosnia or Kuwait, or Kosovo, or Germany or Korea or Viet Nam or on the streets anywhere in this nation? I hate war! I hate warmongers! More than that, I detest Americans who side with the warmongers and continue to "blame America first." By the time they come to the realization that they are doing much harm, it will be too late. But they can live with their conscience. And I do not forgive them after they have read this, because by now, surely they know what they do! I have told them!


    Sunday, October 03, 2004

    Re: Radio UserLand: Mail from Silent Thunder

    At 02:12 PM 10/3/2004 GMT, you wrote:
    Silent Thunder [1] sent this email to you through the [2] community server, re this page [3].

    I enjoyed reading your blog via I understand. I empathize. I agree wholeheartedly with many of your sentiments in terms of living an obedient life unto God in times when so many humans do not really believe He is real, alive, and in total charge of all things ---- including us.

    I have placed a link to your site to visit often. If not for the Lord God, there would be no comfort in our spirits. And who can understand? Only those who have experienced His hand full upon them.

    God's continued peace and blessings to you and yours.

    Friday, October 01, 2004

    President Bush Bears Much Weight!

    The long-awaited first debate between Sen. John Kerry and President George W. Bush (43) is over. For now, I cannot address the content, because the air is filled with so many opinions swirling all about. We all watched the same telecast yet we each saw something different. To add to the mix, the news pundits put in their commentaries. And, we all know how much weight national news coverage carries. Suffice it to say, the President has carried a lot of weight on his capable shoulders. Much of that weight has come from the deception of the Demo(n)crats. God help us as a nation, if we have to even think about another four years of the Clinton regime.

    This is the times in which we live. People call right wrong and wrong right. Sen. Kerry and his spin machine know how to rip the heart out of any truth. They operate from the standpoint of pure evil. That is enough to tire anybody. Trying to keep up with the many positions of Kerry and his cohorts and maintain some semblance of dignity is very hard work! Our President is articulate and steadfast and has a healthy respect for the Office. He is doing his job of protecting and defending this nation. Anybody who cannot see and understand the differences between Kerry and the President will not be able to no matter how many words the President may or may not use.

    President Bush is the man for this time and season. If the Demo(n)crats had any idea of what loyalty to this nation means, they would realize how much harm they are doing to the cause of freedom and security by mischaracterizing the President's ongoing position while we are at war. And Demo(n)crats are doing it for the sake of winning politically by any means necessary. God help us, is my continuing prayer. The Demo(n)crats upset my stomach every time they show up and twist the truth into facts that suit their evil purpose.

    Earlier today, I received an email from a military person stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, just around the time the news broke about the explosion and murder of about 35 children and injury of about 100, including our military. That email was a pleasant conversation and my heart went out in gratitude to all who serve to keep us free.

    This very night (Thursday), the President knew what the nation had not yet learned --- that is, more of our military was at that very moment embarking on an intensive combat offensive in Iraq. Even at this hour, the news is still not being widely disseminated to the public. I happened to have just seen it on CNN. Is there any wonder that President Bush's mind might have been elsewhere tonight?

    Maybe I will be able to speak on the debate matters between now and the next debate(?) But my prayers are with President Bush, his family, his team, our military, and this entire nation and our allies.

    Lord, "forgive them for [The Demo(n)crats know] what they do!"