Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry the Man Is Not Right!

It boggles my mind that Kerry and his co-horts and the DEMS (seem) to get away with their deception. I know they will not do so but the appearance is remarkable.

Early on, the DEMS announced on tv that they were going to "unite" like the Republicans.
So, Terry McAuliffe called a halt to the other candidates running in the Presidential race and
called for them to unite behind John Kerry. Most did early on with the exception of Rev. Al and Dennis Kosinich. It wasn't long after that the DEMS began to vocalize (plagiarize?) the tenents of the GOP. That is one reason Kerry has not been able to articulate his "PLAN" beyond saying that he has a plan. He cannot talk about what he does not know.

The past week, Kerry perpetrated a lie about the United States troops in Iraq, claiming they did not guard explosives allowing them to be looted while they were there. Even after it was disproved, Kerry continued his tirade. Worst is that Kerry and his pundits feign not knowing they were talking against the troops. Let alone the Commander-in-Chief in the time of war. Shameful! Disgraceful! Atrocious! Unpatriotic (yes, that is what I said). Kerry does not seek the best interest of the United States. His intent is to win at any cost that place in this nation that would be too costly for this nation. No Presidential material is he!

Is there any wonder the people across this nation are confused? The Kerry camp stole the GOP public relations stating that:

"W stands for Women." In recent months, they came up with signs saying, "Women for Kerry."
The lawn signs I have placed on my property say (on one side) "Bush Country" and (on the other side) " I M 4 W." The recent tv appearance by Kerry shows a very large sign behind Kerry that says, "Kerry Kountry." Last night, one cable network's report compared a statement made by Kerry with that listed on the GOP site. They noted the only difference in the wording was at the end, where Kerry's team said something to the effect that we need another leader. I wonder if the Kerry people have a spy in the GOP camp.

If there is any discord, division, disunity in the land --- look only to Kerry the perpetrator.
I cannot understand how Kerry can stand with a straight face and attribute to the President all those characteristics that are decisively his own (Kerry's).