Wednesday, October 13, 2004

No "Separation of Church and State" For Me!

I think God allows death, because He knows human life can stand but so much, even after He has cleaned us up as only He can. God knows that our life becomes repetitive. I'm not talking about coming back as a butterfly or such, as some may believe (i.e., not reincarnation). I am speaking about the differences between youth and old age (in human terms).

Youth comes along and reminds elders of where they have already been and overcame by the blood of the Lamb Jesus. But youth becomes obstinate in the learning process (I was one of those once). And that hurt the heart of those who had already travelled that road and learned the pitfalls of life. It hurt the heart to the breaking point and at that point when the heart breaks into pieces like "Humpty Dumpty," then life ceases to stimulate growth to recover. Elders realize the futility of the human struggle (thank God those who die young are spared the fate of youthful ignorance) but the old souls long to go where the initiated have gone on ahead of them.

Christians have so many blessings. God blesses us to come under His forgiving hand to rest in His loving heart all because of His grace and mercy. But God please help us to overcome believers who have gained a little knowledge somewhere between life and death and want to take on God's job. I laugh in the face of such ignorance and, yet, I am grieved by such ignorance, because that ignorant has no idea their ignorance is showing. But I know that if God's mercy should allow them to come to that place called, "Let us hear the conclusion to the matter," then they would laugh, too, at just how ignorant they really were about God, the things of God, and the people of God.

Yes, we come across so many believers (online and offline) who love God and whom God loves so much. But how is it their love is so willing to dismiss God's "chilluns' " whom *they* believe to be ungodly but without cause? The truth of the matter? They are God's "chilluns' " who have moved beyond "beyond," and none can see but those who have endured all that went on before to arrive at the best place of all. And that is, at that place of pure contentment "in whatsoever state (they) find (themselves)." God was not playing when He said what He said. And all that He said-- He said. God really meant what he said. But He is still yet speaking! Hearing and obeying is the human lesson not yet quite mastered. I've got so much peace that I am emptied of self (at times) and it becomes all the moreso with each passing day. We have always lived in the days when victory waited up ahead.

But on that day we meet victory -------- what a day! Who can understand? If even believers fail to discern, then how will the world come to know this "conclusion to the matter"?