Monday, October 18, 2004

The Bush-Cheney 2004 Team and the IM4W Buttons--

Just thinking about earlier today when I went shopping. Of course I put on my sweater with my two (2) IM4W buttons.

Old age catching up with me.

By the time I got inside the store and started to look around,this young man smiled, took a few steps then backed up (thought he was backing up for me---- NOT!) LOL

He was curious about the buttons (forgot I had them on). So I told him to say the letters out loud. By the time he got to "W," he realized it was about --- and he said at the same time -- "George W. Bush!" As far as I know, he might have been a demo(n)crat, but at least GWB (43rd) was in his brain! HAH!

Then a few minutes later in another part of the store, a woman shopper was near me. She had a problem communicating with the employee who didn't speak English. She (the employee) only spoke Spanish and I have spoken out publicly against Congress trying to make this a bilingual country). But, I translated between the two and that led me to talk further with the woman shopper about today's ongoing election events. Here's where the button comes into play (again).

Taught me I need to pay attention to details.

The woman shopper asked me what the buttons said. She told me she didn't have on her glasses. Then she came closer to my chest and read the button out loud. Guess what?! And this is the funny (humorous) part. She read out loud, "I M 4 W dot com" I was startled and told her it didn't say "dot com." Then I looked at the button closer and sure enough in very tiny letters was "dot com."

Well, that just made my day. And it sure perked up a little more when I found myself driving behind another car that had a "Bush-Cheney 2004" bumper sticker on it. I felt positively proprietary, since I had *my* own sticker on my car, too! lol

Even in MARYLAND it really feels great to be REPUBLICAN in 2004!!!

God bless America. God bless Americans. God bless our President!

And how was your day?!