Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bill O'Reilly Didn't You know. . . ?

O'Reilly, didn't you know that "What goes around comes around?" Oh, I think you forgot!

I never cease to marvel at the media pundits who flippantly pick up news from the ticker and, under the guise of "commentary," interject their opinions as if they were fact. Oh how they preen and, with puffed up chests, declare any accused (esp. if they are a black celebrity) already "guilty," as alleged. Lack of facts notwithstanding, the "no spin zone" becomes the force for spinning. O'Reilly had to know his time was just around the corner to stand in the shoes of the accused. Rightly or wrongly, but now he has to hear his heretofore exasperated "love-hate" public say, "Me thinks thou dost protest too much!" Doesn't feel so good does it?

Worst of all, this same media lord who was so quick to pounce on Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and others whose very reputation and livelihood were at stake finds himself now in the arena of public opinion and spin. However, he quickly sought understanding and (what else?) Belief? Trust? Forgiveness? Pity? Patience? So why don't we hear the white media calling for his job? Why are we not hearing a call for advertisers to boycott this show and, indeed, the whole network? According to O'Reilly, that's the "right thing" to do in this case. After all, wasn't Kobe Bryant's accuser trying to shake him down for a whole bunch of money in the guise of a rape lawsuit? Oh, O'Reilly was only accused of unwanted phone sex that allegedly went on for several hours and over a period of several years and with the same woman(?) who, herself, is reportedly employed under his supervision at a reported salary of at least $93,000? That's not chump change, either!

Different strokes for different folks? You tell me.

Don't those accused black entertainers and athletes also deserve the benefit of the doubt?
Don't they work hard to make their millions and pay their fair share?
Don't they deserve to let justice be able to work her job without the news media prematurely fast forwarding their case with smirks and jabs and inuendos just because they "own" the microphone and pen for a few hours?
Don't the news media need to take a good, long look at itself and check itself?

Instead of journalists, American airwaves have been taken over by "commentators." They give no indication of caring about getting out the facts in an objective way. No. They want to spice it up --- sex it up --- titilate the ear drums of the masses (like me) who don't want to hear their garbage, but won't tune out for fear of missing out when "real news" comes through. I tell you this is not funny. Especially, O'Reilly! When his viewers write to compliment him and, also, ask him to hold in check his arrogance ---- he quickly shoots back from the lip to let us know in no uncertain terms that we are the ones who are arrogant, because he is in the "no spin zone."

Oddly enough, as I have watched all those television pundits like O'Reilly do their work (male or female), I have screamed at my tv, "You just wait for your time!" And this, "I wonder how you would act, if it happened to you?" And, now we know, don't we? Doesn't feel so good does it?

Media execs --- get with it! Stop confusing entertainment with news. We really can handle the truth! What is more, we want objective reporting sans poisoned pens and tongues. Research. Research. Research. Put more money in the pot for research and less in the pockets of the pundits. That'd be nice.

Give justice a chance. Stop hanging our people with your tongues (where it is not warranted). After all, they have just as much money as you. And isn't that what makes the world go 'round? Keep in mind. "What goes around comes around." That, too, is a law of almighty God.

As for O'Reilly, I will let justice have her say while I watch to see what the news media may (or may not) say about this curious case. How about that?