Thursday, March 31, 2005

Front Row Seat to Murder -Terri Schiavo

Announced by Brother Paul O'Donnell at 9:53 a.m.
(spokesperson for parents and sibblings)

Terri Schiavo (b) 1963 (d) 2005 9:05 a.m. EST
On Thursday, March 31, 2005 -
God's child is called from labor to reward

We mourn Terri's death because it decisively signals the death of American respect for life and for God who is the giver of life and death. May God have mercy on Terri's soul. May she rest in peace. May the family be blessed. Through all of this, our God is glorified and Michael Schiavo is also in the hands of our God who loves justice. May God have mercy on his soul when he arrives at The Gate where HELL has written his name on the furnace door, because he perpetrated Terri's murder and is without repentance even to allow her parents and sibblings to be at her bedside when she breathed her last.

Never in America is there any place for Americans to stand by under constraint of arrest under the police authority that is misused against us by our government for speaking out against anybody, including them, deliberately allowing an innocent person (Terri Schiavo) to starve and dehydrate to death on the word of a man who ceased to be a husband and guardian over 10 years ago when he took a common-law wife and fathered two children by her in the interim. Common sense in the pursuit of justice could have abated Michael's and the courts' deadly nonsense.

Godly leadership and "(O)ne nation under God." Nothing less will suffice for fostering respect for life and for the law "that errs on the side of life."

The national dialogue about the runaway judiciary and the culture of death just begins.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The ThrowAway Life - Hitler Lives in U.S.!

It used to be the question posed by abortionists was, "Who knows when life begins?" How strange that we in America would live long enough to run headlong into the culture of death in our nation. Now human secularists and all of their ilk have decided not only won't they wait for God to have His say about the beginning of life, but now they won't even wait for God to have His say about the ending of life. It is, as it were, that life begins when our courts will allow it and it ends when our courts demand it.

Let our cry resound throughout this nation! Remember Terri Schiavo! She represents our own concentration camp in this 2005 time of plenty. Police power is used to oppress and murder innocents as surely as the "Brown Shirts" did decades ago. When we look back historically we can readily understand that the Jews were falsely blamed for not speaking up. Many spoke out and stood up against Hitler and "the law" and, when they did, they were unceremoniously carted off to death camps. In Florida, the police -- acting under the authority of the courts-- arrested men, women, boys, and girls, because they stepped forth to try to get a drink of water to Terri. She is a captive of the state and the nation.

When President Bush spoke on Monday (March 29, 2005) about the freedoms going forth for the Iraqi people and their new-found democracy, I couldn't hear a word he said for what he has (not) done to stop Terri from being starved and dehydrated until she is dead. I am amazed that Bush doesn't stop in mid-sentence and apologize to the nation and Terri and her parents and sibblings for his inaction. And all of this madness is sanctioned by many politicians and christian churchgoers and nonchristians alike. They are those who feign ignorance about why the majority of American citizens do not agree with Michael Schiavo and all of his cohorts.

Interesting! Monday (yesterday), the news reported that Michael Schiavo and his family members have been threatened and they are being protected by the same police force that searches the family members and friends of Terri to make sure they are not going to give her one ice chip or photograph her devastating dying that Michael's lawyer said was peaceful and that she looked so much better than he had ever seen her. Ludicrous! That statement alone ought to signal to the courts and anybody else what liars they are. Since when is starvation and dehydration a peaceful and beautiful way to die?

Talking about bloggers? Journalists thought they could keep the news sanitized and spoon feed it to the public the way they want to stir it up. We don't have to be journalists and thank God we are not. We are not beholden to any conglomerate. Fellow bloggers -- write your hearts out. Hold fast to your mind. Tell it the way you receive it in your heart and let the chips fall where they may. Guess what? Don't be surprised that your thoughts are not the only ones that are being expressed in the same way throughout this nation. That's just a lie the (IL)"legitimate" news media wants us to swallow so they can shut us up and shove us out of the public arena.

Is it any wonder that Ph.D. stands for "Poor Helpless Dummy?" And is there any wonder that it is said, "There is no fool like an Edu(ma)cated Fool? People of America, pray to the Lord, because death is on the march and the strong arm of the law is storming your front door.

Father, forgive them, for they "KNOW" what they do." (para. by Rev. L. Dowell)They are reprobate. They are true sons and daughters of Satan. And they, like their father the devil, will receive their just reward from our Father God who reigns supreme over all things.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

AUTOPSY? Terri's Not Dead!

It boggles my mind to hear the pundits now discussing an autopsy for Terri. Now they are giving kudos to Michael Schiavo for "consenting" to give Terri an autopsy. I keep screaming at the television, "But she's NOT Dead!" What's wrong with this picture?

America the land of the free and the home of the brave? I guess it's time to be brave, because the "free" comes at a high price. And, if you cannot meet that price that lawyers, courts, and medical personnel put on your life to keep you alive, then so long.

I have been on this earth a long time, thank the Lord. I have seen a whole lot (even what I have not wanted to see). I have heard more than enough to last my lifelong through. I have tasted bitter and sweet. I have felt harsh and loving. I have loved and been loved. I have gained and lost. I have lived and do live now until God says, "Well done. . . ."

BUT . . .
I cannot recall ever seeing anything as evil in America as perpetrated by one man, Michael Schiavo. I have never known anything like what is happening to Terri. However, I hope the nation will better understand the plight of those caught up in the throes of the "justice" system when they are innocent. What's more, when the evidence proves their innocence and the court refuses to examine it to determine whether or not to release them even from the death cells across this nation.

To all who shut their eyes and ears and mouth cuss words, because they just want to see the whole thing go away and they can go on with their (pitiful) life, wake up! Your time cannot be too far behind. And when it comes, you will have learned a hard lesson at a great expense. Compassion doesn't cost a cent. Mercy can bring great rewards. Justice administered by people in authority who are themselves just, can work for the good of all people.

God have mercy on Terri, because this nation won't. Lord have mercy in Jesus' name. Amen. God bless Terri and her parents and sibblings. And may the Lord's mighty hand be merciful to Michael Schiavo, when He moves.

Monday, March 28, 2005

While Terri Schiavo Fights - Congress Cowers!

What can we say that has not already been said but that those who love life must keep on shouting it out from the rooftop that Terri Schiavo is worth saving. I believe Congress and the Bush(es) are consenting to the murder of Terri by not stopping the madness. Since when is it the policy of the United States to sanction starving and withholding water from an otherwise, healthy person? How can they keep mum or whine that their hands are tied and they cannot do anything to intervene? President Bush is the one who boldly said, "Bring it on!" before sending thousands of our loved ones to die on foreign desert shores to free the people in the middle east. He led the fight against Sadam Hussein and Bin Laden. He is lifting his official voice against North Korea and China. How is it his powers have all of a sudden been taken away from him? How is it President Bush looks shrivelled up and confused? When current news reports announce the President's intention to support the military, I remember the times he used to look like a strong Commander-in-Chief to me. For a man who has publicly touted his support for erring on the side of life, he has ducked for cover and kept silent while Terri fights to live.

Governor Jeb Bush, his brother, is no better. He is hiding behind the mantra that he cannot and will not go against the law -- meaning against Judge Greer's edict to withhold food and water from Terri. He even deigns to stand still and allow this puny circuit person (to put it nicely) dictate to him his authority. Judge Greer strong armed the Governor and the Governor let his arm weaken and fall helplessly to his side as a wet noodle. They claim that Terri is the one who is "brain dead." But even though they know Terri is no such thing, let me put it this way-- Terri has enough brains to know what they are trying to do to take her life and she is fighting with everything in her to live.

Tonight, on MSNBC cable tv "Scarborough Country", former Congressman Joe Scarborough, the host, said that "Congress is hiding under the rocks." Earlier in the program he said that, "Speaking as a former member of the Judiciary Committee, when Congress issues a subpoena and a judge tells them to go to hell, Congress has the authority to act."

All I know is that the God we serve is a miracle-working God and Terri's life and her parents and sibblings are glorifying God in all of this.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sold Out When Cowardly Republicans Blinked!

America will sink lower each day they withhold Terri's feeding. Any time Janet Reno can send in the paramilitary with guns drawn to take Elian out of his home (there's Florida, again), then surely Governor Jeb Bush could send in the state police and national guard, too, and take charge of Terri Schiavo's life.

If Congress, President Bush, and Governor Bush cannot act against judicial activism, then who can? They are our elected leaders. The Judges, for the most part, are not. The Republicans need to bite the bullet and let the chips fall where they may and then sort it all out after Terri's feeding has resumed. I don't think conservatives are angry at the Bush(es) for "acting." I believe we are (I know I am) angry at their "inaction" to see this crisis through to help Terri.

The advanced directives they are pushing on the public are not the total answer, especially when our courts and leadership demonstrate a lack of mercy and compassion for the sick, infirmed, and dying. Advanced directives will only give the government more power and authority through the medical community to rush sick people to their death after their money runs out and they can no longer afford to pay medical bills.

Besides all that, how could Terri have purportedly given thought to a living will or advanced directive, when they didn't become the "fashionable thing to do" until well after she was stricken? Michael Schiavo is a demon from hell. And so are his brother and family members who back him on murdering Terri.

What is going on? Why are our elected leaders and officials cowering under the ungodly hand of the minority party of demo(n)crats?

The Republican Congressional majority continues to capitulate to the relatively few who are demo(n)crats and has compromised once again. Every time they give in, it comes back around to bite them like a boa winds around its "best friend," who had no better sense than to lie down beside it. Note the Clinton Impeachment hearings.

In re Terri Schiavo -- The Republicans watered down that bill offered on her behalf so they could appease the dems to say it passed on a bi-partisan basis. Over 100 congresspersons deliberately did not even show up for the Palm Sunday debate and vote on the floor. Those who did show up fought tooth and nail to make it fail. If the United States Senate and Congress and Executive Branch (President) can't pull rank on the Judicial Branch and bring them back in line by use of Executive Power, then why do we bother to have three branches of government? This is not about an advanced directive or living will. This is about giving the government more power to continue legalizing drugs, perverse living, a culture of hate, a culture of death that one person recently called what is happening to Terri, "Homicide by Judiciary." Any time a judge threatens a governor with police power it is time to have a meeting and talk about this!

Governor Jeb Bush blinked! President Bush blinked! Congress blinked! The Senate stood its ground on this issue of getting a bill passed, then watched defeat helplessly from the sidelines.

Under the watch of President G.W.Bush (43rd) we sat stunned watching the United States Judiciary use its police powers to haul a Ten Commandments monument from the halls of an Alabama courthouse which, by the way, had been placed there as a gift from Chief Justice Roy Moore, of that courthouse. Then they unceremoniously removed him from the court and the courthouse.

We have watched so many more jobs being sent offshore --- even certain military equipment, clothing, and ordinals are farmed offshore to foreign labor.

We have watched as our young men and women return from the current wars and were billed for their food and hospitalization while they lay recuperating from horrible wounds. Many are coming back to find they have lost their well-paying jobs and health coverage, and too many are evicted and living from pillar to post.

And, now, Vincente Fox has announced that Mexico and the U.S. have entered into a
"Total Partnership" and will fight the war on terrorism together(?!) Where was Mexico from the outset of this series of wars? Sly Fox looked like he has Bush where he wants him. Fox's plan is to send Mexicans in this country, illegally, to claim ground as squatters for Mexico's flag to fly over U.S. property. One of our schools has had the nerve to fly the Mexican flag in the classroom complete with PLEDGE beside the American flag.

Fox is announcing a plan for "convergence of our economies" and "a fluid border." We are a nation that has been sold out in the name of the Lord Jesus. We trusted our elected officials to protect us. Intead, Bush has jumped into bed with Fox and is showing himself to be a weak leader with no spine.

Pray for America. She is no longer the leader of the free world. She is a laughing stock. And God has withdrawn His hand from this place. Pray for President Bush. He has gone off the Godly track. He almost acts like he doesn't care. First the lawyers. Then the courts. And now our elected leaders. They have sold us out to the devil! I believe the news media has missed it and this is truly why many conservative constituents are unhappy with President Bush right now.

Don't get mad at me for bringing it up. I am a longtime Republican. Get mad at the system and let's work together to come up with some viable solutions to turn this around before it really is too late, if it isn't already.

Letter to the Editor -

This is my personal response to the
article by Susan Jones(3-25-05) "Priest Calls For Civil Disobedience."

"If they take me in the morning, they will come for you in the night." -Angela Davis

First They Came for the Jews
First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.
Pastor Martin Niemöller
Source for above poem:


To fellow believers on Jesus (said without apology), if you have never been victimized by the U.S. Government when false accusations have been made against you, get ready! Fr. Pavone's observations are correct.

Terri Sciavo is being starved to death, because of an alleged "faulty memory" of her so-called husband (in name only). He just happened to remember seven (7) years following her hospitalization that she allegedly told him she didn't want to live "like that." Never mind the years before when he had already forgotten the matrimonial vows he made to her. Instead, Michael Schiavo left her side to enter an illicit sexual relationship that culminated in the birth of two children from an unwed mother and father (to each other).

I hope your faith in God is as strong as you have ever vocalized it to be. When you know you are innocent, and are being herded illegally down the path to a public shaming and nobody can or will speak up on your behalf to correct the situation, I hope you will remember, if you are ever extricated, and that you will become compassionate and less inclined to make hasty judgments without first becoming aware of all the facts. If you don't have them, get them. But from where? Take the time to ask questions, do some research (don't take too long when somebody's life depends on your assessment and relief), and continue to move while praying, until the Lord says "Do it!" Then get in a hurry.

Nobody but visionaries who have the foresight of what is behind the "seen" when they peruse the "scene" can sound such a warning. What am I saying? Take Notice. This is about the "Judicial Aggressiveness" and the elected leadership's betrayal of our trust (executive, legislative, judicial). Today Terri and others like her are in their crosshairs. But tomorrow it can be you or a loved one (I've already had my taste of it).

God have mercy on us, when we have to stand by and impotently watch the murder of the innocent and helpless among us. If I invoked the name, Hitler, l don't think that would be strong enough to explain what we are witnessing even though not passively. Preachers who know sound the warning. We point the way to our shelter. His name is Jesus. He is the miracle worker, and He alone will also repay anyone who stands in the way of His oncoming miracle!

Monday, March 21, 2005

U.S. House Passes Law in re Terri Schiavo

This just in! This morning, at 12:43 a.m. EST, the House of Representatives, passed the bill into law that will allow the case of Terri Schiavo to go to the federal court for a de novo hearing. There were 203 yea's, and 58 nay's. The House adjourned at 12:46 a.m. EST. The bill is now going to be enrolled and promptly delivered to President Bush to sign into law.

For the life of me, I do not know why the demo(n)crats (oh that's why). Anyway, they and a handful of Republicans have a problem understanding the culture of life trumps states rights--- especially in light of the overwhelming evidence brought out in debating this case that Terri and her parents and her sibblings have been denied due process. There are just too many open-ended questions that remain to be answered before depriving this young woman of her life. Thank God for the leadership (bi-partisan) who stayed the course. In the end, we will all come to know that God is God and man will never be God.

Americans will never knowingly or willingly consent to a policy of euthanasia.

UPDATE! Fox News Alert (Cable tv 54) Monday, March 21, 2005, l:26 a.m. EST

Just Reported: "Sr. House Aide: Pres Bush Signs Schiavo Bill"

Friday, March 18, 2005

Jessica Lunsford Abducted and Murdered!

Imagine! Asleep in your own bed in your own home. Lights out. Quiet and calm. Peace. Then, in the dawn, nightmare! Your child is missing. Nowhere in sight. Yet, no sign of hearing anything during the dead of night to signal alarm. God forbid that it should continue to happen on a daily basis that young children, men, and women are abducted and murdered. Are we so used to hearing and seeing those news broadcasts that we have, as a nation, become callous and uncaring? I realize everybody is not just sitting by and doing nothing. But their job becomes harder when they have to knock the complacent out of their way to go on to finding a solution to this madness.

Slogans and songfests be dammed. Killers are going to be killers! The electric chair, the gas chamber, the "needle," the lengthy jail sentences --- none of these deterrents are getting the job done. Ask those family members and friends who follow behind the hearsts of loved ones whose lives have been prematurely snuffed out whether by another family member or a stranger.

If I could write a slogan that would get the message out!
If I could write a song that would strike at the very heart and find it in the killer!
If I could stretch out my hand and retrieve every missing child shown on milk cartons!
If I could foresee the oncoming dangers and sound the alarm ---- and be believed!
If I could shed enough tears that the resultant flood would wash away every killer!
If I could pray and know God would strike the killer dead before he or she could strike!
If I could --- I would --- And everybody would know it!

One More Little Victim of Violence
In Florida, Jessica Lunsford was abducted from her bedroom while her grandparents slept nearby. And the abductor spirited her away and brutally sexually abused her and murdered her out of the presence of her family. The police have identified the killer. He confessed after being questioned by the F.B.I. The family and law enforcement have not announced whether or not the killer has told where he placed her body. I suppose that information will be forthcoming.

The killer was a sex offender who lived with a family member in close proximity to Jessica's family before he fled the state to escape prosecution. Jessica's family had never considered that even as a remote possibility. They were never informed about it. The "person of interest" (the killer) fled to Georgia where he was captured and is awaiting extradition to Florida for further questioning. There may be other killers involved. The Police are investigating the matter.

Do You Know Who Lives Next To Your House?
Have you even thought about it? This is not about paranoia. This is a necessity to protect not only your family but also other families, as well. These sex offenders live in our communities near schoolhouses and the police do not tell us for our safety?

Inform your ownself about what is going on.
Click link to the State Listings of Sex Offenders


UPDATE! Palm Sunday, March 20, 2005. 10:12 p.m. EST --
THE DEMO(N)CRATS ARE AT IT AGAIN! i.e., Ignoring wishes of the majority.

The United States Senate has already passed a bill into law to allow Terri Schiavo's case to be heard before the Federal Court instead of in Florida. At this time, the United States House of Representatives is debating whether or not to pass a companion bill to do the same. It is unbelievable that these dastardly men and women demo(n)crats do not respect the culture of life. They revere only death and destruction -- even of a live, innocent person such as Terri.


If it is Friday, the news media has an all-day feeding frenzy. Why is it that we have seen it time and again like clockwork that late-breaking news almost always come with a vengeance on Fridays?!

God bless the United States Congress for intervening in the Terri Schiavo case. She is the one who has remained unable to either express herself or defend herself, because of her state of health.

Fifteen years ago, Terri reportedly went into heart arrest due to an also reportedly lack of potassium in her body caused reportedly by her being bullemic. However, Michael Schiavo, her husband (in name only), insists they both had a conversation before she collapsed in which she stated she did not want to live in such a helpless state. At that time, Terri was reportedly in her mid-20s. She was a newly wed. How many newly weds in that age group think about wills and cemeteries and death and dying to openly express any comment on the matter? Not only that, but also, how can Michael Schiavo persist in his legal briefs to this day to maintain his wife (in name only) wanted to die rather than live on life support?

Advance directives or living wills have only had their greatest light of day during the past 10 years. That was five years *after* Terri's tragic health episode which continues to this day.

To the young'uns! You who were barely birthed when this whole Schiavo saga had its genesis. Terri's case is not the first one in which the fight has been fought to save the life of a young woman in such a state. Look up Karen Ann Quinlan. Then look up Nancy Cruzan. Doesn't the national mandate matter that this is a country of life and not death? Christians woke up some time ago. We are standing now as never before against this degenerative culture of perversion and lies. We will win because God is God and they are not! Lord have mercy on their souls.

I believe it is ironic that Michael Schiavo is adament about keeping this alleged vow to end the life of his wife (in name only), but shows no remorse about breaking his very real matrimonial vows to her, when he pledged to be with her (in pertinent part), "In sickness and in health. To love and to cherish. Til death do us part." If Schiavo considers himself still a married man, then does his having an "unmarried" family of a girlfriend and their children make him a bigamist or an ungodly, immoral, greedy person who wants what he wants and Terri's parents can forget Terri is their child to lovingly help?

I would be interested in hearing from his long-time girlfriend and their children conceived while Terri has been fighting for her life. Schiavo's girlfriend's voice has been silent throughout this whole public ordeal. Why hasn't she been interviewed? Doesn't she understand that she is seeing a preview of her life with "Mike," when he tires of her?

Michael Schiavo is as heartless as convicted murderer Scott Peterson who now sits on Death Row, as "a dead man walking," perhaps for the next 20 years. Even death row prisoners receive food and water up to the day they are executed. What is it about the arrogance of these men who go outside of their marriages and believe they have "rights" to have some say over what happens to their wife? If they feel they are man enough to step out, then they ought to be the man enough to step off! Murder is never an option. Didn't the Peterson trial prove that? Why hasn't Schiavo gotten a divorce and moved on with his life? We can be pretty sure that Terri's parents and sibblings would think better of him than having him kill their daughter and sister.

IF the killing of Terri Schiavo goes the way Michael Schiavo plans, then this U.S. government and its people ought to apologize to Dr. Kervokian and throw a party for him and his supporters, open his cell door, and set him free to go forth and kill at will (no pun intended).

Geoffrey Feiger represented Kervokian and he has come down on the side of Michael Schiavo. But his client is in jail! Apparently, they do not understand that knowingly killing live people is not an option that Americans will ever accept as the national culture of death.

Monday, March 14, 2005

What's an Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy?

What do you think about the recent announcement that President Bush has had Secretary of State Condi Rice (to) nominate Karen Hughes to the subject position?

I personally do not believe it is a cabinet level position. She should remain in her advisory position to the President (as Dr. Rice had done before being appointed as Secretary of State). There appears to be a definite crossover in those positions. However, Karen Hughes's duties, as publicly related, actually place her in a separate niche all her own instead of as acting under the authority of the Secretary of State.

It is a nice gesture, but what exactly is an "Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy?" Since when have Ambassadors taken a cabinet level position at the President's table? That is one of the reasons I don't think Congress should confirm her as such. Her demeanor is too soft and "cute" for the job that has to be done, especially in the Middle East. She can continue in her public relations and communications position without having to step into a made up position out of gratitude for her help.

I believe this new move will be a grave distraction. It will give the news media a field day for creating a made up "war" between the two "women.*" I have already heard one Congressman (Repub.) talk about the Secretary of State in terms of having worn "a very nice dress" at a recent official White House event. Do they ever talk about the "nice suits" men wear in their official positions? Anybody know what I mean?
*I put parentheses around the word, "women," to highlight the attitude of the press towards the role each will have to play on the world stage. I am also mindful that the press already has a problem recognizing Dr. Rice as an official who is more than qualified to direct the way America is perceived around the globe. After all, she has had the President's ear for many years and that has held him in great stead with other world leaders at home and abroad.

Movie Deal for Ashley Smith? Here We Go!

Listening to Fox and Friends on Cable 54 (here in the east). Right on target!
Announcement: During an interview this morning, the news pundits announced (8:37 a.m.) that Ashley Smith has already obtained an attorney to pursue a movie deal! Burns me up! The victims are hardly buried and the black female deputy is still in the hospital fighting for her life and they are already pushing for a movie deal.

If that "hostage" had been a black female, those same news pundits would have grilled her and speculated and conjectured and sneered that she had to have been involved in the crimes. And, if that were the case, they would still be questioning why she had made no attempt to call the police or escape when she had the chance? They would have wanted to know why she was so calm and why she made breakfast for the killer Nichols the next morning, if she had not known him previously? They would have wanted to know how Nichols "happened" to find his way to her apartment out of the many houses and apartments on the way? They would have labeled her everything but a child of God, if she as a black woman had said that God had her take the killer in and minister to him to convince him to give himself up and to not kill her.

Examples of Racism in News Reporting

Not a racial issue? How could it not be? He is a black killer and she is a white woman. I have heard the tv cable news people relentlessly pursue noted black males and females who were accused of committing a crime while, at the same time, giving white males and females a pass. For example O.J. Simpson and the white females (alive and dead). Kobe Bryant and the white female accusing him of raping her. Bill Cosby and the white females accusing him of groping and doping them. Michael Jackson who the news pundits are quick to scoff that he is trying to be a white female. It is outrageous! They show no signs of objectivity -- let alone compassion. They don't use words like "alleged," "innocent until proven guilty," "have not gone to trial yet," etc. when talking about the cases of those people. They are so busy calling for those black defendants to lose their "money" and the capacity to ever earn any at any time in the future.

Call those pundits racist and they would be appalled. Yet, when have you heard the news pundits constantly call for Phil Spector to lose his livelihood? He was caught with the smoking gun in his hand and the warm body sprawled out dead in his foyer. He still has not gone to trial.

How about Robert Blake? He just happened to leave his (relatively) new wife in their car parked in a dark alley a few blocks from the restaurant they had just exited and he went back "to get his gun" that he had inadvertently left at the restaurant. And, when he returned to their car, his wife happened to be on the front seat with a bullet hole in her. He also had a gun in his possession and an alleged expressed wish to have her dead. But, the news media has not continued to besmurch his name. They don't even talk about Blake's case except to say there is a trial going on and now the jury is out deliberating. Silence.

Don't forget Scott Peterson. He was found with the materials for making a homemade cement anchor. He had a boat. He went fishing. His wife and unborn child went missing. But she and her (born) child turned up dead in the area where he said he had gone fishing. The press never made as much "guilty" noise as they have done for Jackson and the others. Peterson is now in jail awaiting sentencing. He is facing the death penalty. The press is silent.

White singer, Justin Timberlake pulled on Black Janet Jackson's top and exposed one part of her breast for about a split second during a Super Bowl halftime and the news media had a natural fit! They forgot all about Timberlake. It was as if he had no part in it. Congress held a hearing. The Federal Trade Commission fined tv stations. Janet was scourged. Yet White women were shown on tv nursing their babies. White women were shown on tv parading in Victoria Secrets scanty attire. And the White media salivated at the sights of those women.

Worst of all! Last week, Michael Jackson's attorney reportedly told the judge that his client was ill and in the hospital. The judge's response was to offer Jackson loss of his $3M bail and a warrant put out for his arrest to stay in jail for the duration of his trial, if he did not make that 45 mile trip in to the court within one hour. So in scuffles Jackson on the arms of his bodyguards. He was obviously in pain. They brought him into court still in his pj's straight from his hospital bed. Yet, the news people had a field day talking about Jackson showing up in court in pajamas. One white female pundit said on tv that she was hoping the judge would rescind Jackson's bail and put him in jail. The news even reported that Jackson showed up in court with "uncombed, matted hair." Can you imagine? I can show them matted hair and his was not in that condition. They said Jackson feigned his ailment, because the accuser was getting too close to the truth and Jackson couldn't take it.

White comedian Jay Leno has outdone himself. It has been reported Leno will be a witness in the Jackson trial, against the mother of Jackson's accusers. She allegedly tried to shake Leno down using the same method as with Jackson before Leno called the police. When Leno was precluded from telling jokes on tv by court order, he wrote his crude jokes about Jackson and had guest comedians come in to deliver them on tv as he stood close by. Nobody called for Leno's job or livelihood. Notice the difference yet?

Face It ~ Sometimes Racism Is Racism

This is 2005 and I still know what racism is when I see it. Sometimes racism is racism. Ask Bill O'Reilly. When he had his time of accusations against him, he used his time on the air to plead with viewers to not make any conclusions until all the facts were out. O'Reilly told his audience and anybody who would listen that he was not going to settle with that woman. Then what did he do? He settled. We never heard anybody say he should lose his job and livelihood. In fact, O'Reilly came back as arrogant as ever. Any wonder why he is leading the trumpet to have bloggers regulated? Where else would we be able to get out our point of view? News media have branched out so much that pundits are no longer news reporters but they are commentators and gossipers. And quite a few (including O'Reilly) act as if they were elected officials, because they use their public platform all too often to try to affect local, state, national, and international policy.

White women get "the press" and Black women get "de/press/ed." I thank God for Jesus. He is my hope in every stormy gale and my prayers and sympathies lie with the victims and their families. As well, with the family of Brian Nichols. May God have mercy on his soul when he appears before Him at the Beautiful Gate.

Court and A Bloody Day In Georgia

What a week/end we have had. The news was not good.
Brian Nichols, a prisoner detained on various criminal charges including weapons and raping his ex-girlfriend in August 2004, became the headline for last Friday and Saturday, when he was finally captured.

Brian Nichols, it is alleged (the legal jargon), beat a female deputy within an inch of her life, took her gun, hunted down the trial judge in his courtroom and fired a bullet in his head. Then he turned the gun on the judge's court reporter, killing her. He fled down seven flights of stairs and killed another deputy in a confrontation on the sidewalk. He then carjacked several different auto owners within the shadow of the courthouse. And he escaped a wide Georgia Police net to end up caught on the outskirts of Atlanta in an apartment complex with a "hostage."

Now, I want to know why that "hostage," was accorded more respect than the female deputy who was escorting Nichols to the courtroom and suffered grave injuries as a result? The news pundits went after her like a lion in a den of unguarded lambs. I believe it was because the deputy was a black female that the white female pundits spit out such venom against her, even as she lies in critical condition in the hospital fighting for her life. Those white news females are, in effect, saying that women ought not be guards -- and, in particular -- not black women. They are allowing their "guests" to call the Georgia deputies incompetent and ignorant, and they are calling for the Sheriff to be fired ("heads are gonna roll,") they say.

Well. On Saturday, Nichols was caught after a 27-hour killing spree in which he also murdered a customs agent and took his weapon, badge, and truck before fleeing to the outskirts of Georgia, where he was apprehended.

What a story she tells (reiterated here in part)

Ashley Smith is touted as being the heroine of the day. She is a young, white widow. A single mom with a child. As she tells it, she was on her way out of her apartment at 2:00 a.m. to "go to the store," and noticed the truck parked there. When she came from the store about five (5) minutes later, she saw the truck was still there. Nichols got out and accosted her and forced his way into her apartment, where he stayed the night and they talked -- after he had tied her up with masking tape (?), extension cord, and draped a curtain around her waist. He carried her into her bedroom and taped her legs. Then he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom and sat her on a stool she had there. Nichols then decided he was going to take a shower and told her he was going to cover her head with a towel "so you won't have to see me take a shower," (to which she glibly replied, "o.k. you can take a shower"). Then Smith goes on to relate that following Nichols's shower, he asked her if she could walk to which she said, "No, but I can hop." And she said she hopped into her bedroom where he proceeded to remove the tape, extension cord and the curtain from around her. And as they continued to talk, she began to let him know he had done wrong and needed to give himself up.

She continued stating that towards morning, Nichols decided he had to get rid of the (custom agent's) truck. He told her he wanted her to follow him. She asked if she could take her cell phone. At first he said, "No." Then he agreed and off they went. Him in the stolen truck and her in her automobile with a cell phone following behind. After Nichols put the truck another place, he got into her automobile and she drove him back to her apartment. She had not attempted to call the police while she was alone in her car. (?) They continued to talk about her life and about the events that had unfolded around his rampage. She read to him and later on, she fixed him breakfast in her apartment. He was overwhelmed at having pancakes and real butter. He finally let her go see her daughter. And, she said that he was giving her money but she refused it. And, as she was preparing to leave, he asked her if she wanted him to do anything around the apartment for her while she was gone "like hang curtains"? She said she "guess he just wanted some normalcy in his life."

Then she went out to see her daughter and, on the way, called 911 and said Nichols was in her apartment and that she was on her way to get her daughter. The 911 dispatcher told her "to turn around and go to the leasing office."

Questions Remain Unanswered~
This may sound cynical, but Smith seemed entirely too calm and cool in telling her story. She did not miss a beat. She covered every minute-by-minute occurrence. Nevertheless, there are still far too many unanswered questions for me. And I am waiting for the other shoe to drop on this one! There is a world of difference between how the news media treat white people and black people. Next thing will probably come a movie about "Ashley Smith and The Big, Black Mad Killer."

I am reminded of the Boston murder where the white man reported that Black men killed his pregnant wife while they were stopped at a light and he caused the police force to turn the black Bostonian neighborhoods upside down routing a whole lot of young, Black males only to learn later that the white man was the perpetrator/murderer after all. And he later committed suicide by leaping off a bridge.

The Real Heroes?
The local, state, and federal law enforcement, including that female deputy Nichols pounced upon and left for dead in that Atlanta (GA) courthouse.