Monday, November 01, 2004

Polls Skewed! Remember Jesse!

At this late hour, it appears the news media are stepping up their every attempt to skew the results of the election. Polls go up and down for one candidate or the other. Yet, there is good news for Republicans and the President. However, we hear the numbers highlighted *for* Kerry.

We are all are in a fight for electoral votes. The President does lead in those overall numbers. Americans who are listening to the cable news might get the idea there is no need to go vote (I pray that is not the case). The Republicans need to present a stronger and more confident voice in the nation. We have God and truth on our side whether any wants to believe it or not. But, Kerry has yet to articulate an original position or plan for this country, beyond making the case that he will say or do anything to get elected. And, in fact, a review of his record proves time and again how Kerry has not told the truth about many issues that matter to the nation's general health and welfare.

Remember Minnesota and Jesse!

I recall that, when Jesse Ventura was running for Governor of Minnesota, the wrestler was laughed to shame. The news media were all over him. He was presented as a clown but the media couldn't resist giving him a whole lot of publicity. Guess what?! Jesse V. won and didn't know what to do. He didn't even want the job. He made all kinds of promises to the people -- until he got into office. Then he started making backtracks. He found out how much it takes to run a state and that his say was not the last sayso. He promised to give people their money back. Next I heard from him (via the news media), he was apologizing. The worst part of all of what took place was this. A lot of young people were lured to the polls, because of Jesse's wrestler status. But, when they were later asked why they voted for Jesse, many of them said, "I voted for him, but I didn't think he would win!" After one (I am sure) agonizing term in office, poor Jesse passed up another run. Sad commentary for this nation.

Stay encouraged! And, continue to encourage one another.
Don't get through praying. Continue praying it through to the glo ry of God.

Praying and praising as I go.