Sunday, September 19, 2004

News Media Self-Examinations Begin

Where do I start?

Preface. It is early Sunday morning now, but I had received more of the answers to my initial open letter to the news media almost immediately after posting my last update on the subject yesterday. The program was so wonderful I could hardly contain myself. It contained relevant questions and solutions. I had wanted to write this sooner but perhaps the following will explain.

After I posted my last update yesterday, I fell asleep with the tv on. But around 8:24 p.m. EST, I woke and surfed to C-SPAN TV in time to hear the dialogue about more of the same issue I had raised. This was a panel discussion moderated by Betsy Ashton, Board Member, Society of Professional Journalism. She was conducting an interview of Walter Cronkite, former CBS-TV News anchor (1952-1981) and Bryan Williams, NBC-TV News Anchor and Correspondent. It was fantastic!

The program was conducted by their "2004 National Convention" held at the New York Grand Hotel, on September 10, 2004. It was a rebroadcast. The topic was, "Past, Present, and Future of Television News." It was an excellent forum that reminded me of the professionalism and civility long forgotten. I took notes but right now more can be found on it at I would highly recommend getting a copy of that transcript and/or the DVD. See: "American Perspectives." More about The Society of Professional Journalism at

There is always somebody who doesn't get the message.
Immediately following that rebroadcast (above), C-SPAN aired another rebroadcast from this past Tuesday. It was a "Debate on Election Issues," moderated by Van McMurtry, Vice President, Government & Community Relations, Cornell University, New York. The panel was David Corn, liberal magazine editor, and Rich Lowry, conservative magazine editor. See: "American Perspectives" at . The dialogue coming from Mr. Corn, a former advisor to the Clinton Administration, was so uncivil that the moderator formed his question to the panel around the matter of "tone" of the current campaign.

Suffice it to say, it would have been good if Mr. Corn also had the opportunity to see the earlier program and could have taken notes. His venemous responses wore me out! When will people wake up and judge the noticeable differences between the party candidates and their supporters during a necessary debate?

BTW, if President Bush is guilty of all that the Democrats continue to accuse him of, then where does that leave "Senator" Kerry? I placed his title in parens, because both Kerry and Edwards have been among the missing from their senatorial and congressional duties for many months during this crucial time for our country. Dems need to re-examine their facts and watch their conversation. If they did that, then surely they would know how much they are talking about themselves, and that their own nakedness is showing. And we are screaming at them that "The Emperor(Kerry/Edwards?) is not wearing any clothes!" They are treating this campaign as "fun and games." It is not even in their minds to understand.

Another thing. Earlier this past week, I watched Senator Joe Biden being interviewed by Imus on his MSNBC-TV simacast. I was shocked to hear Biden freely and openly disclose government intelligence information to Imus and his listeners while lambasting President Bush. Worst yet, Biden also vehemently revealed to Imus that he (in his capacity as Senator) had already met with about 50 (or so) international leaders (?) and threatened some of them that they know George Bush is not good for the country and if they did not go along with the Dems, and Kerry is made President, Biden said he (Biden) told them he would "go in and tell him (Kerry) to pull the troops out (of Iraq)!" Apparently the man he had told that expressed disbelief, because Biden told Imus he repeated it to assure him he would do it.

What is going on in this country?!
Imus and his on air buddies have made horrible remarks about Security Advisor Rice and other Bush staff. And, last week, Imus -- on air -- blatantly threatened- in his words, "to go beat Vice President Cheney's a___." He even had the gall to call the Vice President's name. Anybody else would be looking at the FBI agents right about now. When will we, as citizens and, certainly, as Christians, stop allowing the First Amendment excuse to beat up on us with impunity? Can you hear me? Then what are you doing about it on the street where you live?