Saturday, September 18, 2004

Election - An Open Letter to News-Update!

What an update!

Immediately after I posted my open letter, I turned on the Fox News channel 54 TV and the panel happened to be talking about the news media. Without knowing it, they were discussing the issues I had just raised in my last post, including media/news/entertainment, polls, and the upcoming election, etc. I give God glory for that quick turnaround. And I say with confidence that God is real. He is alive. He lives. He answers whenever I call. And it is not just a coincidence. It is confirmation.

So, if anybody is interested in conducting research to find out what the Fox News program had just said to compare it with my post, call or write them. Eric Burns is the moderator and their email addy is .

Do not put yourselves in the same position as Madelyn Murray O'Hair, one of her sons and her granddaughter (daughter of her other son who is Christian). O'Hair and the other two believed in their atheist organization's money more than they believed that God is God. And it is because of their love of money and rejection of God that they unfortunately died horrible deaths (murdered, dismembered, set on fire, and hidden for many years before being discovered).