Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Today As A Clergy 19 Years--

Today, on this anniversary date of my God-given ministries, I thank you, Lord, for loving me through 19 years+ of serving your people in Jesus' name and by Your grace. If not for You, and knowing how real and alive You are, I truly would have fainted, because I have failed to get the heart of Jesus for the ones who did not return to say, "Thank you" and thereby glorify God in the telling. Some preachers might know what I mean. Some might not. Those are the ones I stay away from. The former will understand. God knows. I am so thankful that You called me during the time in my life that I had no better sense than to believe You did it! Hallelujah! Yes, Lord! And I still believe it. You, O Lord, have promised and You have proved how You keep Your promises. And, thereby, I "walk by faith and not by sight." It is "in you I live and move and have my being." Supernatural living!