Saturday, September 18, 2004

September Simmering - 2004

Can't believe I found my way back at last. Doesn't appear anybody has found me, yet. No feedback. No input. No gathering here, yet. Gives me a lot of time to reflect on all that is going on in the community, nation, and the world. Time to simmer and get real angry. Election time in the U.S. has never been nastier -- almost. Come to think of it, there are shades of "Clintonism" in the air. Matter of fact, Clinton's cronies have banded around John Kerry and his (failing) campaign to become our next President. Thing is, who needs a leader whose hand is never far from the "hot button," when that person can't even find his way to his own mind. True.

A few of my neighbors have placed Kerry/Edwards signs on their lawns. That explains some of the attitudes. Well, I placed a Bush/Cheney sticker on my auto bumper. So far, my car wheels and windows are still intact.

How about those "Swiftees?" How about all the vets who have personal knowledge about military ethics and procedures who have enough courage to stand up for truth? And I applaud citizens who take the time to look, listen, and make up their own minds instead of going along with the "herd mentality" of the majority of Dems. Thank God for Senator Zell Miller. He remains a true statesman heretofore unknown to this modern generation. He appeared at the Republican National Convention and refused to sell his soul for his "Party" affiliation choosing to stand up, instead, for what he knew to be true and just, as articulated by the Republican Party. And, he did that without feeling that he had to flee the Dems. Good for him!

What about the Dan Rather 60 Minutes fiasco? I am wondering when people will finally understand that "what goes around comes around." This deceptive practice is not new to CBS. Ask General Westmoreland and others. But this time, thank God, our citizens are more becoming aware. And they are mad at hell (sic) and refuse to be spoonfed garbage and junk any longer. With the advent of internet, especially, there is no reason to be ignorant or timid.

I want to say to Dems, in particular, when people (whether Republicans or not) repeat words spoken by the candidate and publicly documented as such, it does not constitute "attacks" or "hate speech." How could it, if the ones reporting have not changed the context or meaning? Get to know the difference and surprise yourself about how well the dialogue will be among people who may disagree. Closed minds and empty heads generate discord and disunity and destruction. Open minds and a degree of willingness to learn will go a long way towards building bridges. Think about it.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be deep. It is meant to be plain spoken and encouraging for those who are still unsure about what or who to believe in this fiercely political climate. Stop. Take a breath. Slow down. Wait and watch. Look. Listen. Be aware. You will come to know what I mean.

Whew! September simmering - 2004, is healing. I started out angry and found peace. Thank you, Lord.