Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Politicos- Reaching Out To You Is So Hard to Do!

Sometimes, I get the feeling that government entities do not trust the people. Try making a call to any office for assistance and, if you can get through, it is more than likely to an answering machine. But, if a human answers, they are likely to immediately turn you over to either a "comment line" or a "voicemail." The way things are going, I am not all that certain somebody will answer at "911," if you can get through.

How can it be that, with all of the government's money (i.e., taxes from the people) and enough personnel to fill up many stadiums, it is so hard to find a person (top to bottom) who is willing or able to either help you or refer you to the correct source to get help? Insiders are so busy introducing their friends and relatives and their friends to the right people to help them that it seems like you have to know somebody who knows somebody to get an audience with somebody to answer your questions and help. A whole lot of government waste of time and money could be alleviated, if human resources informed their incoming workers they are there to give service ---- not attitude (as in, "I've got mine. Now, you get yours!"). Atrocious.

Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, Governors, the Office of the President, and others in leadership leave us to fend for ourselves while their (unelected) workers assume their authority to make life and death decisions. That is not right. It needs to be addressed. I could say much more, but, because they remain unreachable, I reached out to try to "touch" somebody via a fax (copy below). Lord, help your people to know it isn't that nobody is speaking out against injustices and illegal acts. It is just that we do not own the news media to voice our concerns on a wider scale. Oh well. Lord? You know I tried. (I want to see my attachment and remember to keep on trying). See attachment below.

September 21, 2004

From: Rev. L. Dowell, [address omitted from blog]

To: Mr. Ed Gillespie, et al and BUSH-CHENEY '04, Inc.

Senator Biden appeared on IMUS* and made incredible statements that I have not heard repeated by any news media. IMUS is broadcast on radio, but I saw it on C-SPAN either Thursday, Friday, or Monday past. It was within that timeframe and can be verified via transcript or copy of the IMUS tape of that interview. * Biden was interviewed via phone in.

Senator Biden made statements to IMUS and the public in re intelligence from committee meetings. Senator Biden also said that he had met with 50 (or more) world leaders and he told some of them that they "know George Bush is not good for this country," and that unless they helped (to get him out of office), that "if Kerry becomes President, I am going to go into his office and tell him to pull them out! (referring to the troops in Iraq). It was frightening and dangerous knowing our own elected leaders are boldly working to undermine our President for political reasons.

Also, on Monday evening (9-20-04), at a panel discussion on "Hardball," Tony Coelo (sp?) former Clinton-Gore advisor told Chris Mathews that the Dan Rather memo information was known to the Gore Campaign (during the Gore-Bush 2000 election). Coelo said that information was brought into Gore and they considered it but decided against using it. Coincidentally, Dan Rather (CBS) has admitted his office has been "working on the (memo) story for five (5) years." The transcription or tape of "Hardball" will confirm this in terms of the DNC's ongoing attempts to undermine President Bush.

Today, (9-21-04), I called the offices of Senator Hatch and Senator Bill Frist, but I am concerned that none of this information will be considered in the course of the overall investigation. I want truth and justice to prevail. I am a Republican volunteer ("Party for Bush" and Prayer Team), but I also know this nation needs President Bush to remain in office. We do not need another term like "Clinton-Gore" with their deceptive practices. Please continue to fight for right. Thank you.