Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Election 2004 - Day Breaks and Hearts Too!

Monday was so full of distressing news that I couldn't begin to express my heartfelt grief. Not only was another kidnapped American beheaded by terrorists in Iraq but there are also other kidnapped hostages purportedly awaiting the same fate. On top of all of that, John Kerry, a U.S. Senator, took to the national forum via tv to vehemently, falsely, viciously, and cruelly lambast President Bush for his Iraqi policy, as the Commander in Chief.

Even with our military men and women in the heat of the battles all around the world, Kerry fails to understand that he is aiding and abetting the terrorists. But, then, he did not understand that 35 years ago during the Viet Nam war, either. This country is at the crossroads of building up America or utterly destroying it as world leader. It began with the Clinton-Gore disregard for discipline, respect, order, and professionalism.

CBS --Their False Documentation and Apologies.

Actually, I think what I saw was that Dan Rather did not bring out the crow. Rather (no pun), he looked more like the catbird that swallowed the canary to me. Outwardly Rather stressed his statement, "I am sorry." But he did so with his deceptive lips and not with a contrite heart. It left me with the observation that Rather's only regret was that he got caught. Notice how they all initially rushed to disavow foreknowledge of the document (fraud) and attribute knowledge, if any, instead to "partisan detractors." When pressed, they quickly followed with their verbose and strident protestations that the "content" about President Bush was, nevertheless, true.

The Demo(n)crats quickly picked that mantra up and ran with it (i.e., if they did not, themselves, start it). Terry Mcauliffe, head of the democratic party quickly stated his party did not participate in the "preparation" of those documents. Yet, he never mentioned anything about their dissemination, which frankly, I believe further and deeper digging will root out stalks up to the head of the DNC and others. Keep in mind that the DNC had contacted various news media days before that CBS 60 Minutes II program. And they were reportedly gloating about "something big getting ready to happen," as they urged the news to keep watching. The DNC tipped their hand ---- red flags all over the place. This smacks of "Clinton-Gore" administration tactics. We still rue the day they were in office. They totally disrespected that Office.

NOTE - Monday night on the Chris Matthews "Hardball" program, among other admissions, Tony Coello of the former administration admitted that Dan Rather memo story had been brought to the attention of the DNC during the "Gore-Bush 2000" election. But he said they considered it and dismissed it. I wonder?? Or would it be found that the news media refused to bite at that time? After all, there are admissions all around that (CBS) Dan Rather has been working on that story for the past five (5) years. And, Rather admitted that he had, in fact, first approached the man who turned over the bogus documents. The man was re-interviewed by Rather and both admitted he was pressured.

Now, Kerry's "foreign policy" speech in New York on Monday (9-20-04) was highly incindiary and blatantly false on top of that. Did anybody here notice how he flipped his position again even as he spoke? Watch closer and see also how much Kerry is parroting so many of President Bush's prior pronouncements and actions (after the President) that it can almost be suspected Kerry has an insider in the Bush-Cheney Campaign to lift their papers. The man is dangerous. How can we trust a man with his hand on the "football," when he has yet to demonstrate all these months that he has a handle on his own mind let alone past and current events? Maryland's answer has to be President Bush is the man with the plan to keep all Americans safe at home and abroad. War is not a temporary measure for permanent peacetime. It is a permanent awareness of ongoing warring factions around us. Sometimes they have to be addressed. Sometimes they can be monitored. Sometimes it takes all of that and more. We are in the latter phase right now.

I am in Maryland. I want to know that Maryland is with and for President Bush along with other parts of this nation. Our neighbors and friends are hardliners for Kerry-Edwards. We have to be just as tough for Bush-Cheney and let them know it, without guilt, excuse, or apology. I believe truth is decisively on the side of the RNC. And I believe what is now under the tip of the DNC iceberg is going to surface and catch a whole lot of hardliners as they are coughed up. My vote and attention are fully with Bush-Cheney for 2004 and beyond.

God has blessed us. God has blessed America. May He continue to bless. Amen.