Monday, September 27, 2004

Trailblazers in 2004 or Re-inventing the Wheel?

On Sunday, I passed by a sign that read, "Trailblazers Church of Christ." It made me wonder whether their message was that they were blazing new trails for Christ or that they were following the trails already blazed by followers of Christ so long ago? Somehow, I believe it was the former response. So, that made me search the annals of my puny mind to recall how many who once walked that path so they could come along and step upon it are now, themselves, resting in the arms of Jesus? Ought they to have been forgotten so soon? How soon is "so soon?" I believe the answer is, for as long as life lives. But history is only as kind as those who were around in the moment and are willing and able to relate the story within context. History begins when life ends and when there is no more to be written.

What about trailblazers? In 2004, if we were to search in earnest, we would be sure to find what is believed to be "trailblazers" is actually re-inventing the wheel. So much wasted time! History has proved how the truism, "Youth is wasted on the young," really is of a truth. And, too often by the time that reality is brought to fruition, the curtain is closing and is drawn never to be opened again. Understand? "There is nothing new under the sun." Oh how I long for that day when God is believed without mankind adding their own mentalities to taint His truths. Elders are seen to be infants and infants are thought to be elders. Upside down living is costly. Values, morals, ethics, integrity become skewed all the more when just because times and seasons change, people think God changes His mind according to the times. But when God said, it was already done for all time. We are just the ones whose time He chose to bring on the scene for a brief time. And, if that is so, how can it be that mankind has not seemed to learn the lesson that no one is immune to sin, disease, death, and dying and they, too, will soon pass off of the stage?

I daresay, if but for one instant a thought would catch hold in the minds of mankind (humans) that only God is mortal and eternality is His alone --- how much better would our times and seasons upon earth be, if but for a "brief strut across the stage?"

Christians ---- devils ---- athiests ---- nonbelievers ---- disbelievers ---- doubters --- scoffers --- mockers --- naysayers ---- learned ---- ignorant ---- scholarly ---- experienced ----- nonexperienced ---- living and dead ----- all will come to understand how much we are really hearing from the Lord our God. And won't it be something when they hear their own lips say, "I wish I had believed when I had time." My mother always said, "If you don't know, you'd better ask somebody." Sad when people don't know and don't know enough to know they don't know. So, what are we to say to all these things? God knows. Seek His face. Hear His voice. Obey His will, word, and way. Remember ------ in spiritual terms, a crowd of people is not the criteria for being thought to be on the right road. But, oh ----- if, every now and then, you find a soul coming up that same lonely road you are on ----- just know you are on the right road and "few there be that find it." Say on!

Whatever may come. Whatever may go. God is, was, and forever will be. Vote for those ones who promote the heart of God and whose spirit your own spirit bears witness as true and of God. If there is any "mixture," move on away from there.