Friday, September 24, 2004

John Kerry's "Dean" Moment---

Who didn't see the strong diplomatic demeanor and statements made by our President at the U.N. earlier this week? He was not there for entertainment or kudos. He represented this nation as world leader very well! That's why true leaders are called, "Visionaries." "If the leader has no vision, the people perish." That's why leaders have to first learn how to follow. Our President has done that. Senator John F. Kerry has never learned that lesson. And it shows. And that is why he is all over the place offering nothing but criticism of things he knows nothing about.

Who didn't understand that President Bush is not only a candidate for re-election but he is also still our current sitting President of the U.S.? There are decisions that are still only his alone to make. And he is a Godly man.

Who didn't see the guest appearance of Senator Zell Miller (Democrat) at the recent RNC in N.Y., as a look back to the day when the words, "Statesman" and "Diplomat" meant something? We need the demonstration of more like him where it was not only what he said and how he said it but why. He did America proud, because he spoke from what he knows this country will stand for and what it will not stand for despite party affiliation. He didn't make anything up, either.

Who didn't see the Thursday televised program with the current Prime Minister of Iraq standing and speaking boldly before the Joint Session of our Congress and take it to heart that we are on the right track?

Now why would candidate John F. Kerry, a U.S. Senator, not have taken note and responded accordingly?

Instead, he jumped up out of his sick bed (lost his voice) to publicly criticize President Bush's speech at the U.N. Then Kerry cancelled an earlier appearance he had Thursday (claiming loss of voice, which earlier clips showed) but then he jumped to make his appearance later on the same day (Thurs.) to criticize the Prime Minister of Iraq, along with President Bush to label them as liars and deceptive. I thought I was seeing a Kerry meltdown. To be sure we were looking at a Howard Dean moment right before our eyes. And Kerry doesn't even have the mind to understand we are at war. We have men and women (military and civilian) in harms's way on the battlefields of foreign shores. And those nations have access to the same tv programs we watch. Oh how the terrorists and their supporters must have been jumping up and down with glee. I can just hear them say, "You tell 'them,' Mr. Kerry! We can hardly wait for 'them' to get fed up and pull out of our "domain." " And, if this is not aiding and abetting the enemy, tell me what is.

Vietnam Revisited. If you have any family, friends, acquaintances who still "Blame America First" and say "Look what 'they' did in Vietnam!" Pull out a picture of John Kerry and say, "Hmmmm, now I wonder why that is?"

Marylanders For Bush! I might see more Kerry/Edwards signs in the neighborhood where I live, but I take great delight and comfort knowing that my house (sign on the lawn or no) is that one light in the whole block! Do you do the same? "Hail to the Chief" shall once again be the rallying cry behind President George W. Bush for another four years, as God is our Judge and as you carry the word for skeptics to judge the thing for themselves instead of remaining in the "herd mentality" mode behind Demo(n)crats. A partisan statement? Yes. And proudly so.