Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Demo(n)cratic Shrill Voices Rising!

The closer we get to Election Day 2004, the louder the shrill will be coming from the Demo(n)crats! They are running scared and it is scary. The once renowned U.S. Congress has shown its ugly face to the world for all to see. I guess it wasn't enough for us to witness literal fisticuffs in various august legislative bodies abroad (i.e., Taiwan, etc.). And, although it may appear we have come that close on the floor of our Congress, I pray our citizens will never have to "read all about it" via any of our news outlets.

The downhill spiral leading into the brand new millennium. When former President Clinton had the unmitigated gall to unzip his fly in the White House office while conducting the nation's business at that "sacred desk" of authority, responsibility, and accountability, he did so with a female intern underneath that desk. Then when his actions were finally "uncovered," he tried to cover up with fig leaves (lies). And "fig leaf" mentality has become the mantra of the Demo(n)crats ever since. What is more, gullible citizens bought the lie and have become bogged down in filth and degradation to the point of no return. And, right now, Sen. John Kerry's mind is not the only one that is "seared." Their minds have also become seared. Their fate is sealed. And HELL has written their names on the furnace door!

Sen. Kerry, Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy, Howard Dean, Sen. Nancy Pelosi, and on and on to name just a few have continued to try to lead this nation down the final stretch into hell's firery furnace. Their collective shrill voices have united to fill the air with hatred for one man ----- President George W. Bush (No. 43).

What is it about this one man, our current President, that causes such lacridity? Could it be that they know his heart is pure in God's sight? Do you suppose somebody glimpsed that his light is too bright for their dark-of-night deeds? Oh yes, I am sure these are they who have stayed up all night and day to hatch plans about how they can "get" this man. Indeed, they have told us they are out to get him. They even introduced a new slogan in the land. Dem(on)s call it "Anybody But Bush!" (ABB) We have witnessed their blatant resolve as it has gone forth via newspapers, radio, television, word of mouth, and even the halls of Congress. They have declared before God and this people how much they "Hate" our President. Now, I'll say this and mean it! Listen. l sure hope our CIA and FBI and Homeland Security folk have their eyes on those people over there who already have passes for admission to the Capitol. Why? Because any ordinary "Joe or Jane" on our streets would be scrutinized very closely, if even a hint of dislike for President Bush came from them. Are those with such vocal voices in Congress who breathe out threats against the President, and who have access, to be taken any less serious? I hope not. These are the "difficult days ahead," Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about. And he should know, too, because he told us "I've been to the mountaintop! I have seen the Promised Land . . . 'mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!' " I, for one, believe his report as Godly and of God. We need, as a nation, to get up off our knees and do what we know God has already told us to do. The reason so many remain on their knees is they are afraid to get busy about God's work.

I say, "Move on out!" It is past time and the enemies of God have overtaken us to give credibility to abortions, same-sex "marriages," redefinition of family, athiesm, teen sex, modern-day theologies/religions, manmade leaders, and all those things that are anathema to God's will, word, and way. God have mercy on us.

Moreover, any time our black Congressmen and women spew out, with disdain, as they do, their disrespect for the President of the United States, then we know we are in trouble. Have they forgotten their manners taught at Mammy's knee once she got up off of them? Have they forgotten how very hard Pap worked in the steel mills and on the iron rails so they could one day stand where they are today? Have they become so niggardly that they have forgotten the many niggers that hung from sycamore trees? Yes, like the song said, "Strange fruit." But all those who have been blessed to climb up out of all of that to be able to "sit under their own vine and fig tree shade" (paraphrased) have refused to take one moment to reflect on how they got there. And now that they are ----- they have not learned that this is not about them! This is about a nation. This is about a people, yes. But "the people" they represent want to see their example of how we move forward "as a people" to include all people who love God, themselves, and this nation "under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

It is past time for all Godly, freedom loving people to tell the Demo(n)crats that their saying it does not make it so! Whatever "it" might be, there has to be some evidence to substantiate their shrill charges. This nation (north, south, east, west) needs leaders who will push aside their own selfish agendas and allow those missions and goals to be ushered in which will elevate any debate rather than kill it from the outset in order that all will have a chance to engage the battle for truth and justice in the land.

There is but one man who is up to the task at hand of leading a team supported by Vice President Cheney. And he gets my vote. But not only my vote there are also millions of others who draw near to support him. He is President George W. Bush and I, for one, am so glad he even wants the job! Praying for his continued peace and strength in the Lord. Praying for this nation and the world and for all who love God. Always earnestly praying in Jesus' name. Amen.