Monday, March 28, 2005

While Terri Schiavo Fights - Congress Cowers!

What can we say that has not already been said but that those who love life must keep on shouting it out from the rooftop that Terri Schiavo is worth saving. I believe Congress and the Bush(es) are consenting to the murder of Terri by not stopping the madness. Since when is it the policy of the United States to sanction starving and withholding water from an otherwise, healthy person? How can they keep mum or whine that their hands are tied and they cannot do anything to intervene? President Bush is the one who boldly said, "Bring it on!" before sending thousands of our loved ones to die on foreign desert shores to free the people in the middle east. He led the fight against Sadam Hussein and Bin Laden. He is lifting his official voice against North Korea and China. How is it his powers have all of a sudden been taken away from him? How is it President Bush looks shrivelled up and confused? When current news reports announce the President's intention to support the military, I remember the times he used to look like a strong Commander-in-Chief to me. For a man who has publicly touted his support for erring on the side of life, he has ducked for cover and kept silent while Terri fights to live.

Governor Jeb Bush, his brother, is no better. He is hiding behind the mantra that he cannot and will not go against the law -- meaning against Judge Greer's edict to withhold food and water from Terri. He even deigns to stand still and allow this puny circuit person (to put it nicely) dictate to him his authority. Judge Greer strong armed the Governor and the Governor let his arm weaken and fall helplessly to his side as a wet noodle. They claim that Terri is the one who is "brain dead." But even though they know Terri is no such thing, let me put it this way-- Terri has enough brains to know what they are trying to do to take her life and she is fighting with everything in her to live.

Tonight, on MSNBC cable tv "Scarborough Country", former Congressman Joe Scarborough, the host, said that "Congress is hiding under the rocks." Earlier in the program he said that, "Speaking as a former member of the Judiciary Committee, when Congress issues a subpoena and a judge tells them to go to hell, Congress has the authority to act."

All I know is that the God we serve is a miracle-working God and Terri's life and her parents and sibblings are glorifying God in all of this.