Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The ThrowAway Life - Hitler Lives in U.S.!

It used to be the question posed by abortionists was, "Who knows when life begins?" How strange that we in America would live long enough to run headlong into the culture of death in our nation. Now human secularists and all of their ilk have decided not only won't they wait for God to have His say about the beginning of life, but now they won't even wait for God to have His say about the ending of life. It is, as it were, that life begins when our courts will allow it and it ends when our courts demand it.

Let our cry resound throughout this nation! Remember Terri Schiavo! She represents our own concentration camp in this 2005 time of plenty. Police power is used to oppress and murder innocents as surely as the "Brown Shirts" did decades ago. When we look back historically we can readily understand that the Jews were falsely blamed for not speaking up. Many spoke out and stood up against Hitler and "the law" and, when they did, they were unceremoniously carted off to death camps. In Florida, the police -- acting under the authority of the courts-- arrested men, women, boys, and girls, because they stepped forth to try to get a drink of water to Terri. She is a captive of the state and the nation.

When President Bush spoke on Monday (March 29, 2005) about the freedoms going forth for the Iraqi people and their new-found democracy, I couldn't hear a word he said for what he has (not) done to stop Terri from being starved and dehydrated until she is dead. I am amazed that Bush doesn't stop in mid-sentence and apologize to the nation and Terri and her parents and sibblings for his inaction. And all of this madness is sanctioned by many politicians and christian churchgoers and nonchristians alike. They are those who feign ignorance about why the majority of American citizens do not agree with Michael Schiavo and all of his cohorts.

Interesting! Monday (yesterday), the news reported that Michael Schiavo and his family members have been threatened and they are being protected by the same police force that searches the family members and friends of Terri to make sure they are not going to give her one ice chip or photograph her devastating dying that Michael's lawyer said was peaceful and that she looked so much better than he had ever seen her. Ludicrous! That statement alone ought to signal to the courts and anybody else what liars they are. Since when is starvation and dehydration a peaceful and beautiful way to die?

Talking about bloggers? Journalists thought they could keep the news sanitized and spoon feed it to the public the way they want to stir it up. We don't have to be journalists and thank God we are not. We are not beholden to any conglomerate. Fellow bloggers -- write your hearts out. Hold fast to your mind. Tell it the way you receive it in your heart and let the chips fall where they may. Guess what? Don't be surprised that your thoughts are not the only ones that are being expressed in the same way throughout this nation. That's just a lie the (IL)"legitimate" news media wants us to swallow so they can shut us up and shove us out of the public arena.

Is it any wonder that Ph.D. stands for "Poor Helpless Dummy?" And is there any wonder that it is said, "There is no fool like an Edu(ma)cated Fool? People of America, pray to the Lord, because death is on the march and the strong arm of the law is storming your front door.

Father, forgive them, for they "KNOW" what they do." (para. by Rev. L. Dowell)They are reprobate. They are true sons and daughters of Satan. And they, like their father the devil, will receive their just reward from our Father God who reigns supreme over all things.