Monday, March 14, 2005

Movie Deal for Ashley Smith? Here We Go!

Listening to Fox and Friends on Cable 54 (here in the east). Right on target!
Announcement: During an interview this morning, the news pundits announced (8:37 a.m.) that Ashley Smith has already obtained an attorney to pursue a movie deal! Burns me up! The victims are hardly buried and the black female deputy is still in the hospital fighting for her life and they are already pushing for a movie deal.

If that "hostage" had been a black female, those same news pundits would have grilled her and speculated and conjectured and sneered that she had to have been involved in the crimes. And, if that were the case, they would still be questioning why she had made no attempt to call the police or escape when she had the chance? They would have wanted to know why she was so calm and why she made breakfast for the killer Nichols the next morning, if she had not known him previously? They would have wanted to know how Nichols "happened" to find his way to her apartment out of the many houses and apartments on the way? They would have labeled her everything but a child of God, if she as a black woman had said that God had her take the killer in and minister to him to convince him to give himself up and to not kill her.

Examples of Racism in News Reporting

Not a racial issue? How could it not be? He is a black killer and she is a white woman. I have heard the tv cable news people relentlessly pursue noted black males and females who were accused of committing a crime while, at the same time, giving white males and females a pass. For example O.J. Simpson and the white females (alive and dead). Kobe Bryant and the white female accusing him of raping her. Bill Cosby and the white females accusing him of groping and doping them. Michael Jackson who the news pundits are quick to scoff that he is trying to be a white female. It is outrageous! They show no signs of objectivity -- let alone compassion. They don't use words like "alleged," "innocent until proven guilty," "have not gone to trial yet," etc. when talking about the cases of those people. They are so busy calling for those black defendants to lose their "money" and the capacity to ever earn any at any time in the future.

Call those pundits racist and they would be appalled. Yet, when have you heard the news pundits constantly call for Phil Spector to lose his livelihood? He was caught with the smoking gun in his hand and the warm body sprawled out dead in his foyer. He still has not gone to trial.

How about Robert Blake? He just happened to leave his (relatively) new wife in their car parked in a dark alley a few blocks from the restaurant they had just exited and he went back "to get his gun" that he had inadvertently left at the restaurant. And, when he returned to their car, his wife happened to be on the front seat with a bullet hole in her. He also had a gun in his possession and an alleged expressed wish to have her dead. But, the news media has not continued to besmurch his name. They don't even talk about Blake's case except to say there is a trial going on and now the jury is out deliberating. Silence.

Don't forget Scott Peterson. He was found with the materials for making a homemade cement anchor. He had a boat. He went fishing. His wife and unborn child went missing. But she and her (born) child turned up dead in the area where he said he had gone fishing. The press never made as much "guilty" noise as they have done for Jackson and the others. Peterson is now in jail awaiting sentencing. He is facing the death penalty. The press is silent.

White singer, Justin Timberlake pulled on Black Janet Jackson's top and exposed one part of her breast for about a split second during a Super Bowl halftime and the news media had a natural fit! They forgot all about Timberlake. It was as if he had no part in it. Congress held a hearing. The Federal Trade Commission fined tv stations. Janet was scourged. Yet White women were shown on tv nursing their babies. White women were shown on tv parading in Victoria Secrets scanty attire. And the White media salivated at the sights of those women.

Worst of all! Last week, Michael Jackson's attorney reportedly told the judge that his client was ill and in the hospital. The judge's response was to offer Jackson loss of his $3M bail and a warrant put out for his arrest to stay in jail for the duration of his trial, if he did not make that 45 mile trip in to the court within one hour. So in scuffles Jackson on the arms of his bodyguards. He was obviously in pain. They brought him into court still in his pj's straight from his hospital bed. Yet, the news people had a field day talking about Jackson showing up in court in pajamas. One white female pundit said on tv that she was hoping the judge would rescind Jackson's bail and put him in jail. The news even reported that Jackson showed up in court with "uncombed, matted hair." Can you imagine? I can show them matted hair and his was not in that condition. They said Jackson feigned his ailment, because the accuser was getting too close to the truth and Jackson couldn't take it.

White comedian Jay Leno has outdone himself. It has been reported Leno will be a witness in the Jackson trial, against the mother of Jackson's accusers. She allegedly tried to shake Leno down using the same method as with Jackson before Leno called the police. When Leno was precluded from telling jokes on tv by court order, he wrote his crude jokes about Jackson and had guest comedians come in to deliver them on tv as he stood close by. Nobody called for Leno's job or livelihood. Notice the difference yet?

Face It ~ Sometimes Racism Is Racism

This is 2005 and I still know what racism is when I see it. Sometimes racism is racism. Ask Bill O'Reilly. When he had his time of accusations against him, he used his time on the air to plead with viewers to not make any conclusions until all the facts were out. O'Reilly told his audience and anybody who would listen that he was not going to settle with that woman. Then what did he do? He settled. We never heard anybody say he should lose his job and livelihood. In fact, O'Reilly came back as arrogant as ever. Any wonder why he is leading the trumpet to have bloggers regulated? Where else would we be able to get out our point of view? News media have branched out so much that pundits are no longer news reporters but they are commentators and gossipers. And quite a few (including O'Reilly) act as if they were elected officials, because they use their public platform all too often to try to affect local, state, national, and international policy.

White women get "the press" and Black women get "de/press/ed." I thank God for Jesus. He is my hope in every stormy gale and my prayers and sympathies lie with the victims and their families. As well, with the family of Brian Nichols. May God have mercy on his soul when he appears before Him at the Beautiful Gate.