Friday, March 18, 2005

Jessica Lunsford Abducted and Murdered!

Imagine! Asleep in your own bed in your own home. Lights out. Quiet and calm. Peace. Then, in the dawn, nightmare! Your child is missing. Nowhere in sight. Yet, no sign of hearing anything during the dead of night to signal alarm. God forbid that it should continue to happen on a daily basis that young children, men, and women are abducted and murdered. Are we so used to hearing and seeing those news broadcasts that we have, as a nation, become callous and uncaring? I realize everybody is not just sitting by and doing nothing. But their job becomes harder when they have to knock the complacent out of their way to go on to finding a solution to this madness.

Slogans and songfests be dammed. Killers are going to be killers! The electric chair, the gas chamber, the "needle," the lengthy jail sentences --- none of these deterrents are getting the job done. Ask those family members and friends who follow behind the hearsts of loved ones whose lives have been prematurely snuffed out whether by another family member or a stranger.

If I could write a slogan that would get the message out!
If I could write a song that would strike at the very heart and find it in the killer!
If I could stretch out my hand and retrieve every missing child shown on milk cartons!
If I could foresee the oncoming dangers and sound the alarm ---- and be believed!
If I could shed enough tears that the resultant flood would wash away every killer!
If I could pray and know God would strike the killer dead before he or she could strike!
If I could --- I would --- And everybody would know it!

One More Little Victim of Violence
In Florida, Jessica Lunsford was abducted from her bedroom while her grandparents slept nearby. And the abductor spirited her away and brutally sexually abused her and murdered her out of the presence of her family. The police have identified the killer. He confessed after being questioned by the F.B.I. The family and law enforcement have not announced whether or not the killer has told where he placed her body. I suppose that information will be forthcoming.

The killer was a sex offender who lived with a family member in close proximity to Jessica's family before he fled the state to escape prosecution. Jessica's family had never considered that even as a remote possibility. They were never informed about it. The "person of interest" (the killer) fled to Georgia where he was captured and is awaiting extradition to Florida for further questioning. There may be other killers involved. The Police are investigating the matter.

Do You Know Who Lives Next To Your House?
Have you even thought about it? This is not about paranoia. This is a necessity to protect not only your family but also other families, as well. These sex offenders live in our communities near schoolhouses and the police do not tell us for our safety?

Inform your ownself about what is going on.
Click link to the State Listings of Sex Offenders