Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sold Out When Cowardly Republicans Blinked!

America will sink lower each day they withhold Terri's feeding. Any time Janet Reno can send in the paramilitary with guns drawn to take Elian out of his home (there's Florida, again), then surely Governor Jeb Bush could send in the state police and national guard, too, and take charge of Terri Schiavo's life.

If Congress, President Bush, and Governor Bush cannot act against judicial activism, then who can? They are our elected leaders. The Judges, for the most part, are not. The Republicans need to bite the bullet and let the chips fall where they may and then sort it all out after Terri's feeding has resumed. I don't think conservatives are angry at the Bush(es) for "acting." I believe we are (I know I am) angry at their "inaction" to see this crisis through to help Terri.

The advanced directives they are pushing on the public are not the total answer, especially when our courts and leadership demonstrate a lack of mercy and compassion for the sick, infirmed, and dying. Advanced directives will only give the government more power and authority through the medical community to rush sick people to their death after their money runs out and they can no longer afford to pay medical bills.

Besides all that, how could Terri have purportedly given thought to a living will or advanced directive, when they didn't become the "fashionable thing to do" until well after she was stricken? Michael Schiavo is a demon from hell. And so are his brother and family members who back him on murdering Terri.

What is going on? Why are our elected leaders and officials cowering under the ungodly hand of the minority party of demo(n)crats?

The Republican Congressional majority continues to capitulate to the relatively few who are demo(n)crats and has compromised once again. Every time they give in, it comes back around to bite them like a boa winds around its "best friend," who had no better sense than to lie down beside it. Note the Clinton Impeachment hearings.

In re Terri Schiavo -- The Republicans watered down that bill offered on her behalf so they could appease the dems to say it passed on a bi-partisan basis. Over 100 congresspersons deliberately did not even show up for the Palm Sunday debate and vote on the floor. Those who did show up fought tooth and nail to make it fail. If the United States Senate and Congress and Executive Branch (President) can't pull rank on the Judicial Branch and bring them back in line by use of Executive Power, then why do we bother to have three branches of government? This is not about an advanced directive or living will. This is about giving the government more power to continue legalizing drugs, perverse living, a culture of hate, a culture of death that one person recently called what is happening to Terri, "Homicide by Judiciary." Any time a judge threatens a governor with police power it is time to have a meeting and talk about this!

Governor Jeb Bush blinked! President Bush blinked! Congress blinked! The Senate stood its ground on this issue of getting a bill passed, then watched defeat helplessly from the sidelines.

Under the watch of President G.W.Bush (43rd) we sat stunned watching the United States Judiciary use its police powers to haul a Ten Commandments monument from the halls of an Alabama courthouse which, by the way, had been placed there as a gift from Chief Justice Roy Moore, of that courthouse. Then they unceremoniously removed him from the court and the courthouse.

We have watched so many more jobs being sent offshore --- even certain military equipment, clothing, and ordinals are farmed offshore to foreign labor.

We have watched as our young men and women return from the current wars and were billed for their food and hospitalization while they lay recuperating from horrible wounds. Many are coming back to find they have lost their well-paying jobs and health coverage, and too many are evicted and living from pillar to post.

And, now, Vincente Fox has announced that Mexico and the U.S. have entered into a
"Total Partnership" and will fight the war on terrorism together(?!) Where was Mexico from the outset of this series of wars? Sly Fox looked like he has Bush where he wants him. Fox's plan is to send Mexicans in this country, illegally, to claim ground as squatters for Mexico's flag to fly over U.S. property. One of our schools has had the nerve to fly the Mexican flag in the classroom complete with PLEDGE beside the American flag.

Fox is announcing a plan for "convergence of our economies" and "a fluid border." We are a nation that has been sold out in the name of the Lord Jesus. We trusted our elected officials to protect us. Intead, Bush has jumped into bed with Fox and is showing himself to be a weak leader with no spine.

Pray for America. She is no longer the leader of the free world. She is a laughing stock. And God has withdrawn His hand from this place. Pray for President Bush. He has gone off the Godly track. He almost acts like he doesn't care. First the lawyers. Then the courts. And now our elected leaders. They have sold us out to the devil! I believe the news media has missed it and this is truly why many conservative constituents are unhappy with President Bush right now.

Don't get mad at me for bringing it up. I am a longtime Republican. Get mad at the system and let's work together to come up with some viable solutions to turn this around before it really is too late, if it isn't already.