Thursday, March 31, 2005

Front Row Seat to Murder -Terri Schiavo

Announced by Brother Paul O'Donnell at 9:53 a.m.
(spokesperson for parents and sibblings)

Terri Schiavo (b) 1963 (d) 2005 9:05 a.m. EST
On Thursday, March 31, 2005 -
God's child is called from labor to reward

We mourn Terri's death because it decisively signals the death of American respect for life and for God who is the giver of life and death. May God have mercy on Terri's soul. May she rest in peace. May the family be blessed. Through all of this, our God is glorified and Michael Schiavo is also in the hands of our God who loves justice. May God have mercy on his soul when he arrives at The Gate where HELL has written his name on the furnace door, because he perpetrated Terri's murder and is without repentance even to allow her parents and sibblings to be at her bedside when she breathed her last.

Never in America is there any place for Americans to stand by under constraint of arrest under the police authority that is misused against us by our government for speaking out against anybody, including them, deliberately allowing an innocent person (Terri Schiavo) to starve and dehydrate to death on the word of a man who ceased to be a husband and guardian over 10 years ago when he took a common-law wife and fathered two children by her in the interim. Common sense in the pursuit of justice could have abated Michael's and the courts' deadly nonsense.

Godly leadership and "(O)ne nation under God." Nothing less will suffice for fostering respect for life and for the law "that errs on the side of life."

The national dialogue about the runaway judiciary and the culture of death just begins.