Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rather News Report At It Again (WMD)

I just saw a CBS News Break report on tv with Dan Rather.
I confess. When I see him now, my attenae go up, my skin cringes, and my stomach churns.

Is it me or just my imagination?

While he was "reading" a brief report about weapons of mass destruction, Rather said the White House has announced it has given up on its search for (them). Rather also added, "There were no weapons of mass destruction." And it seemed to me he relished that thought a little too much. I think I also saw a glint in his eye and a self-satisfied look of vindication. I hope somebody else saw that report the same time I did. If you did, please write and tell me your own immediate reaction (whether it is like mine or not).

Nevertheless, I really could not believe what I had just heard Rather say. I still can't! That's why I had to jump on this board and pose the following questions --

No Weapons of Mass Destruction?

What about that dictator-mass murderer who wreaked havoc all over the Iraq countryside for years until our military and coalition forces finally went and dragged him out of a worm hole?
(my tongue won't even utter his name outloud)

What about that dictator's sons that our military and coalition forces killed and laid their bodies out for all to see that they would no longer be able to carry out their heinous deeds against the Iraqi people or anybody else?

What about all of those many weaponry bunkers over there filled to overflowing with all kinds of materiel (sic) that were discovered and destroyed by our military and coalition forces?

What about all of those sleek airplanes that our military and coalition forces found buried and hidden in the desert and dug them out of the sand? (That's what I said, "sleek airplanes.")

What about all of those weapons the terrorists still use daily to kill, injure, maim, wound, disable, and to destroy our brave men and women who have put their lives on the line for a free America and world? Are those terrorist weapons a figment of everybody's imagination who view them, also, as being "Weapons of Mass Destruction?"

When did President Bush ever use the phrase, "Weapons of Mass Destruction," that has been erroneously attributed to him when he addressed the joint session of the U.S. Congress before "Operation Iraqi Freedom?" Search that out and then report it. I do not believe he said that. In fact, it was a prominent democrat had first used that specific term.

Looking beyond the banner hoisted on the battleship, when did President Bush ever say, "Mission Accomplished?" I do not believe he ever said that. He did not imply the war was over during that time he thanked the troops. In fact, even at the time President Bush addressed the joint session of Congress, he said this would be a different kind of war and enemy, that it would not be over for a very long time, and that there would be sacrifices made.

What does Dan Rather have to gloat about? Nothing that I can see. I hope he sees that, also, and apologizes for his self-important demeanor (to put it nicely).