Thursday, January 06, 2005

Americans Against America

No doubt you are aware of today's "debate" on the House floor led by Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D-OH) et al and sanctioned by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). It was another failed effort to derail today's certification of President George W. Bush (No. 43) going into his second term of office. I found it to be an affront to the administration of all that America stands for. Apparently the majority of the U.S. Senate also found that to be the case, because they voted 74 to 1 to knock down Sen. Boxer's petition to support the House Representatives in their bid to halt today's certification of President Bush. Seventy-five Senators were present today for the vote.

Among other congresspersons who spoke on the House floor today, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) used the most hateful diatribe. She even loudly extoled the "virtues" of Michael Moore and thanked him, as she said it was he who had brought the "truth" to American citizens by his film. On the other hand, she said she was ashamed to say the Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, was black, because, as she claimed, he kept the Ohio citizens from being able to cast their votes and have their votes counted. Rep. Waters even invoked the name of Florida 2000, claiming that was another time President Bush was improperly elected to take office. Those who spoke were of the belief that there needed to be a series of ongoing investigations. I don't believe I heard anybody there voice the opinion that many investigations have already been conducted into the allegations made primarily by the democrats.

Indeed, following the Florida 2000 Presidential election and the same outpouring of opposition by many of the same Congresspersons, the EEOC panel, led by M. Barry (Dem.), conducted an extensive investigation *in* Florida *for* Floridians and the nation, and they reported there was no evidence of election improprieties during that time. Nevertheless, the dems will not let it rest and neither will their constituents who will die believing President Bush stole that election from V.P. Al Gore despite the fact that Bush was ahead with each and every count!

During this past summer 2004, Rep. John Conyers convened a partisan investigation *in the shadow of the White House,* invited in people from across this country and it would be very interesting to read that final report. Yet, Rep. Conyers, too, was on the House floor to challenge the Ohio vote. There is no pleasing those folk. Did you notice how Sen. Kerry was (conveniently) absent from that debate. He is out of the country (during a time when Congress is sworn in). But isn't that like him to be missing in action when it counts? When I listened to the (what Rep. Tom Delay caused "noise" -- and it was), I thought I could hear Kerry cheering those "noise" makers on to ramp up their vile rhetoric while he was hiding somewhere, as is his demeanor. And, once again, there are many citizens who will die believing President Bush stole the election from Sen. John Kerry despite the fact that a very publicly displayed map throughout the election showed a blood red map. As well, the count in Ohio sealed the deal and left Kerry in the dust. He and his crowd just refuse to pick themselves up, brush themselves off, and set themselves down in the Oval Office with the President George W. Bush.

Regardless of whatever excuse those Congresspersons used for today's debate, I believe it was clearly all about their downright hatred for the personhood of President George W. Bush (No. 43). They seemed to want to revise their same confrontational tone of the 2000 election. Then, guess what! They will denigrate the Office of the President and act surprised when they are not invited to come sit down around the table of "common sense," for benefit of the common good and welfare of all the people of this great nation. And when they are called on it, they claim the loudest that they are victimized by racists. They need to step back and examine themselves. Their shrill false statements about the Presidential election process only reveal them to be ignorant of the overall voting process in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the relevant laws of this nation.

It would be good to know they are making the decision to ask, "Is it I?" Or does the majority vote for President Bush really mean that he won weeks ago fair and square and they lost?

Maybe if the news media would get real and print the truth like they meant it, then those who follow their news reports would know they could trust what they have had to say.

A note to the news media.
Watergate is over! Besides that, Woodward and Bernstein proceeded to uncover the story behind the story out of healthy skepticism (perhaps cynicism). Yet, we still do not know who Deep Throat is, because those reporters have refused to this day to name him (or her?). Why not have a go at that story?! Hmmmmm?