Thursday, January 20, 2005

Cynthia McKinney A Disgraceful-Hateful Act

IMPORTANT! This post has been corrected.
Please also read the article about why in, "CORRECTED POST IN RE NCHC"

Shame on you, Cynthia McKinney (D-GA)! Does the word, "anarchist," mean nothing to you? I could understand the other "protesters," but have you not recently put your hand up once more and swore to uphold the United States Constitution in your official (and personal) position as a Congresswoman?

I thought I was hearing things when the protesters on the frontline of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. announced you were trying to come join them. But upon reflection, I knew it was true. Your atrocious demeanor towards President Bush and his agenda while you served in the Congress led to your being ousted by your constituency for the past two years. Now you are back and as shameless as ever. Georgia take note! And take McKinney back home.

McKinney joined with the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition protesters (viewed tonight on C-SPAN2) and she called the group "Patriots for peace." She also told them she was in Congress to work for them as "A voice for peace, dignity, and justice." She said she was glad A.N.S.W.E.R. included her in their voice of protest. The organizers have listed McKinney as one of their guest speakers at the rally. They also appear to boast about being able to have, for the first time, bleachers set up on the parade route and a sound system. But, during the 2004 Democratic convention in Massachusetts, Sen. Kerry's hometown, protesters were placed in specially constructed cages (surrounded by wire top to bottom) far from the Kerry-Edwards meeting place and made to stay in their alloted space. Yet, these protesters have failed to understand that were it not for the approval of President Bush, they would not have been so fortunate. Wouldn't you think that would have told them something about the tolerance of our current President? Like most things, they missed that, too.

As if that were not enough, McKinney's speech was followed by Vanessa Dixon of the [correction] D.C. Health Care Coalition (Washington, D.C.). In Dixon's diatribe, she compared President Bush to Hitler saying, "May I remind you Hitler was also democratically elected." What a surprise to learn via their website that Ms. Dixon was speaking as a representative of a reputable organization with hundreds of members as widely recognized dignitaries, officials, and organizations. [See the corrected post.]

Meanwhile, those same protesters were publicly advocating to IMPEACH George Bush and chanting such slogans as, "George Bush how many kids did you kill today?"
[I found that link they gave out belongs to a parked website]

Where were the Black Caucus members during the inauguration today? Even Sen. John Kerry and former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hilliary Clinton made the effort to appear. Even Sen. Nancy Pelosi took her place in the procession line. Either the news media overlooked the Black Caucus members or else they were not present. And, the various Democratic Party members who persist in ignoring the fact that we have re-elected our President, will be ignored by the majority, because they will have shown their intent is to obstruct and argue and stop the Presidential policies from going forth. And, if they are left out, then they will have only themselves to blame. One of their complaints is that President Bush does not include them in dispensing information. I wonder why not when some of our Senators and Congress people go on tv and radio and either disclose highly classified information shared in briefings or else leak documents and conversations to the news media and/or personalities?

Personally, I feel sorry for all of those protesters. They are wasting their voices and breath on issues that are being addressed by the Bush Administration. Why don't they spend their money, time, and talents (if any) on personally making a difference directly in their community and working to lift up the downtrodden they profess to be speaking for? Not only that, but also to hear them invoke the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as part of their cause is embarrassing. These are frustrated junior-minded ignorants who know nothing about the Civil Rights Movement. And they, much like the radical Islamics have done to Islam, are hijacking the vehicle that effected great changes for the good of Blacks and people of good will all over the world.

As long as God is on the Throne and we know the difference between right and wrong, hot and cold, left and right, good and evil, heaven and hell, and Jesus and Satan, then this nation will continue to stand up to every demon in hell and watch as they recede into the background and oblivion, if they do not repent before it is too late in God's sight. And I say that as decisively as I can, while God's truth is marching on.

I believe Representative Cynthia McKinney's actions were less than honorable, ethical, professional, moral, or as becoming a member of Congress, considering the forum and the timing of her appearance. And I think Ms. McKinney ought to be called before the Congressional Ethics Committee to give an accounting for her actions and sanctioned by the Congressional leadership and members. She is in Congress to help lift the people and not to descend to their base instincts (especially during an anarchist call for overthrow of our government). This is America but some things are off limits. Anarchy used to be one of them.

God bless America. God bless America. God bless America and the world to know He lives.