Friday, January 14, 2005

Don't Blame God and Don't Blame His Messengers

I am very glad that God is real. He is alive. He speaks daily.
We do not know when the Lord will come back for His church, but we do know and believe He shall surely come again riding on a cloud. We are truly in the last days more than ever.

God in His mercy has always loved His creatures and forgiven their transgressions. He sent a propitiation for our sins. God allows all things that no man, woman, child will ever be able to do. In His divine wisdom, God provided for the welfare of humankind. His prophets have continued to be run out of town in an effort to shut their mouths about anything that had to do with living a life pleasing in God's sight. His preachers have been laughed to scorn, because the message they preach is from the mouth of God to their ear (whether male or female called by God to preach). They have come up against a people with itching ears heaping up teachers for themselves. And, as a result, people in general have degenerated to the lowest dregs of society by a lack of Godly love, morals, values, purpose, and plain old common sense.

God has stepped back and given mankind what they asked for. To be let alone about anything that has to do with naming the name of Jesus and being led by the Holy Ghost to worship God in the way that is pleasing to Him.

God's word, the pure, unadulterated gospel, has given way to psychology; social sciences; theological, philosophical, hermaneutical, homeletical designs of human flesh that is far removed from spirit. Where is God in all of this? We are living in the time, as prophesied, when men call right wrong and wrong right and the people love it so.

The preacher that has called out for people to turn to God, repent, and to let God turn them from their sins, is laughed to scorn. People don't want to feel guilty or bad. They want to feel good. They don't want no bad news, as they see it. Because, if they heeded the preacher's call, they know their life will change -- never mind for the better. They love their sin and would rather die than turn away from whatever it happens to be.

Preachers! Do not come down off the wall. Do not believe God is dead and does not see or hear. Pay no attention to the many voices that believe they can march on their own into God's throne in their unregenerated state without being washed in the blood of Jesus. Hold fast to God's Spiritual truth. When the storms come, as they have done in recent weeks, did you not know that a whole lot of people called out for God to save them who for a long time never wanted to be bothered.

Do not let anybody blame God for what mankind has taken upon himself to do. Just because man is wrong does not mean that God has lied. God cannot lie. All of His promises are yes and amen. Keep watch. Stay on the wall. Do not add to and do not take away from what God has spoken. We have come to the time when those who are hot must remain hot. Those who are cold shall remain cold. Those who are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm are being given the chance to jump on one side or the other (i.e., right or wrong, right or left behind, Jesus or Satan, hot or cold, saved or unsaved). God knows. His word has continued to go forth for centuries and this generation has been more privileged than most to see many of the fulfillments of end days living. Serious times demand serious preaching by God's called, appointed, and anointed whether the people hear or do not hear! Whether they like it or do not like it! Whether they believe it or do not believe it! Whether they become offended by the cross and the name Jesus or not!

God's word will continue to go on, if only by a narrow few, until God Himself says, "Blow the trumpet in Zion" (I speak about God's word and not those regurgitated by any man or woman out of their own mind that make a whole lot of people shout while their bad habits remain intact).

P.S. I thank God that Michael Newdow, a confessed athiest, did not prevail in his recent lawsuit filed in the U.S. Supreme Court to keep God, prayer, and the Bible out of the upcoming Presidential inauguration. Praise our God!