Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Madam Secretary of State Dr. Condi Rice

While I am here, let me say something about Dr. Condi Rice's confirmation hearings on January 18 and 19, 2005. On the 19th, the Senate voted in committee to confirm Dr. Rice on a count of 16 to 2. The "no" votes were cast by Senator Boxer and Senator Kerry. The Dems are still fighting the 2004 Presidential campaign. Kerry refuses to recognize he lost and it is all over, including the shout. The second Bush-Cheney term of office is here!

I do not seem to recall Madelyn Albright (a woman - former secretary of state under Clinton) having to go through so much cynicism and sarcasm and insults either before or by the U.S. Senate. But, Senator Boxer was outright insulting when she presumed to tell Dr. Rice, among other harsh comments, that she had to get with Dr. Rice to (teach) her how to respond to questions in her new position.

Those Senators who were argumentative with Dr. Rice (including John Kerry) made no secret of the fact they regretted Kerry was sitting in the Senate *with* them again. Even Senator Joe Biden admitted on "HardBall" that he regretted he was not chosen as secretary of state, because Kerry was not President. They treated Dr. Rice with disdain and acted as if she was weak and ignorant. That is the same way they have treated President Bush, since he stepped on the national stage as President.

What are the national congressional leadership and the news media thinking about? They have no problem showing respectful attitudes to *former* officials. For example, when the former officials appear on tv programs, they are respectfully referred to as "Secretary (of State) Madelyn Albright," "Secretary Kissinger," "Secretary Eaglesberger," and the same is accorded former senators and congresspeople. However, they have referred to (now) former Secretary of State Colin Powell (sans title) and Dr. Rice as "Condi." How smart does a person have to be and how much experience do they have to have, if they are black, to be treated as an American who has successfully defended this nation?

We also do not need any Republicans to compromise with the Democrats. The Dems are only going to turn around and whip the Repubs and flaunt any such compromise(s), as they have always done.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. God bless the U.S.A. and all who know and love God.