Friday, January 21, 2005


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It is imperative that I send along this Corrected Email /revldowell

To: Ms. Deirdre Murphy
National Coalition on Health Care (nchc)

Re: Ms. Vanessa Dixon
DC Health Care Coalition

I thank you for your prompt corrections. I hope you can understand the mix up because, without my knowing the organizations cited, those names and purposes appear at first sight, to be very similar. In fact, after I found your website, I thought that I had incorrectly copied the "D.C." captioned designation from off the C-SPAN2 program and adjusted it.

I am glad to know your organization is non-partisan as represented, and I will make your corrected notations on my website, where applicable. And, if you have no objections, then I will place your own corrected information ahead of the comments I have made on my site and reference it again directly on the entry. However, if you object to my doing it in that way, then please contact me and I will consider adjusting it accordingly. Again, thank you and please accept my apology.

Rev. L. Dowell

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From: Deirdre Murphy
To: 'Rev. L. Dowell'
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005 2:05 PM
Subject: RE: Shameful Behavior of NCHC Representative_revldowell
In response to your email on Friday, January 21, 2005, Vanessa Dixon is NOT a member or spokesperson for the National Coalition on Health Care. In our review of the C-Span film, we noted that Vanessa Dixon is a representative of the DC Health Care Coalition. We are not associated or affiliated with that organization.

Unfortunately, I could not find a web site for the DC Health Care Coalition, but did find a press release that may help you in contacting them:

Our organization, the National Coalition on Health Care, is a rigorously non-partisan, 501(c)3 nonprofit working for comprehensive health care reform. We do not involve ourselves in protests or political activity.


Deirdre Murphy
Public Affairs Assistant
National Coalition on Health Care
Web site:

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Subject: Shameful Behavior of NCHC Representative_revldowell

Good morning,

In re: Vanessa Dixon, D.C. National Coalition on Health Care (Washington, D.C.)
On January 20, 2005, speaking to A.N.S.W.E.R. protestors of President Bush

See my posted comments in the article entitled: "Cynthia McKinney . . ."