Saturday, November 13, 2004

Who Killed Yassar Arafat?

Isn't it just like man - and woman to look to the natural before looking toward the Spiritual?

There have been so many theories spun around what took Arafat's life. After all, you must remember he was 75! Arafat had a whole lot of enemies. Yes, he also had a whole lot of followers who actually loved him. And there have been just as many people who did not follow Arafat who wondered why he was lovable.

The man was responsible for taking an aarid land in a faraway desert and keeping millions of people content to live there amidst the relatively brand new settlement of Jews who landed in 1948. Well, actually 1948 was not the first time Jews landed anywhere. Isn't that right?

As God's chosen people, they get to go wherever God has driven them. What's more, we, as Christians and grafted-in believers of the same true and living God, ought to know by now that we do not just start out for some place without first having a mapped out destination that was chosen by God Almighty Himself.

Who Killed Yassar Arafat?

He was responsible for the murder of so many innocent people during his lifetime. He was a terrorist who is now touted as being a martyr even though he died in a nice clean hospital bed in Paris, France, after being transported there from his Palestinian hovel-rubble during his last weeks. So, a lot of people want to know what killed him? The diagnosis remains elusive and unannounced. However, there has been much speculation as to the cause from poison to AIDS - but no proof has been forthcoming. Now Arafat is dead and buried (1929-2004). What are we to say to these things? God bless his soul? I do not think so. Did Arafat cry out to God before he lost conciousness for the last time for God to forgive him and to save him? I have not heard that! Have you? Did God hear Arafat's repentance and nobody else heard? That remains between Arafat and our God.

Indeed, after all is said and done, I believe we can look to our God for the answer. The Holy Bible tells us that God puts up rulers and God takes them down. Did you not know that? Did you not believe that?

Start meditating on the things of God. Stop contemplating about the minds of men.

Have you yet to recognize that our God is real? God is alive. God IS! But just in case all of mankind all over the world has not known it to this day, then let the word continue to go forth that God is still God and they are not nor will they ever be God.

Our God has heard our many heartfelt cries to have mercy on this nation. Can we forget Him now that He has done it? Can we doubt that our God has truly done it by allowing this nation to go on under the leadership of a man who seeks His face, President G. W. Bush (#43)? What a sobering thought, as we continue to join in prayer that the people will turn to the true and living God to know Him in the pardon of their sin in Jesus's name! Amen.