Sunday, November 07, 2004

Spiritual Woman Rejected Comments

I addressed this message to the Spiritual Woman . She rejected it.

"We live and move and have our being in Him." "God is Spirit and they that worship must worship (God) in Spirit and in (God's) truth." Christians "must be born again" from God in order to understand the message of God. For, His ways are far above those of any man, woman, boy or girl. Jesus *is* the Son of God who *is* God who *is* the Holy Spirit, all together the blessed Trinity. To reject any part of that message is to turn your back on the Christian gospel of Jesus Christ. And it also reflects that your walk has yet to become mature in Christ, which is a process and takes your life long in Him.

Meanwhile, please be careful to understand that it is God Himself alone who chooses His beloved vessels to preach, teach, minister, keep watch, shepherd His own. This is important, because whenever we do it God's way, we must first hear His voice. And His words and ways are not our own. When we do it our (own) way, then we are apt to lead so many people astray and away from the true and living God. I am glad to know you are a self-confessed "Spiritual Woman." I trust you are aware, also, that --in the Supernatural Realm -- that spiritual realm includes the demonic as well as heavenly spirits. Discerning people know the difference.

I pray that your spirit will take time to listen and hear and not reject out of hand what the spirit does not bear witness to. I am praying for God Himself to reveal the truth of the matter and that you will hear what He has to say. Please do not be like those who are "ever learning but never coming to a knowledge of (God's) truth." God bless you and all who draw near to keep watch to see what the Spirit has to say to the church.

Posted by: Silent Thunder November 7, 2004, 02:45 p.m.

Note: It concerns me a great deal when I come across so many Christians online who have a zeal for God but have not yet learned that God alone really does call His own. What's more, they know they could not get away with the lack of accountability in their home churches that they try on the internet. But, every God's preacher knows that when God calls, He tells that person what his call on their life is. Not only that, But God Himself also prepares that person to step into His (God's) call on their life when God says they are ready. Too many Christians want to jump ahead of God. And when they are called on it, their lack of spiritual maturity causes them to take offense without testing the spirit. Ours is not to offend; but, when so moved by the Holy Spirit, to step in the gap lest so many believers would go off course and not know it. Discern. ---/me