Wednesday, November 03, 2004

God Broke Kerry's Heart!

Before the whole watching world, we saw as God broke Sen. Kerry's heart. And that is the very best thing that could have happened to him, if he recognizes it.

I saw Kerry's heart break and he was broken as he delivered his concession speech, almost to the point of tears. Now God has removed his heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh. God humbled the man -- brought him low so he had nothing left to do but to look up. And I believe all of those days he spent in the churches across this land were not in vain. "God's ways are not our ways. Nor are His thoughts our thoughts." But God does reveal His mind to whom He wills. A new breeze is blowing among us and it is sooooo sweet! Keep on reading the Word to know it and "be the word," before people who will not pick it up and read it. Did that message annoy somebody? Good! That means they heard.

Now, God told me. I told you. And that's all.

Praying and praising God as I go.