Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Taking the Vote to The River !

How do you deal with people who spit in your face, kick you on both cheeks, turn you around, stab you in your back, and then turn around and blame you for backing into their knife? Vote the DEMS out, that's how!

If JFKerry wants to be the next JFK? O well? But, I am so glad God knows exactly what He is doing.

As for me? I've got so much peace like a River. And once President Bush is re-elected, I know that River will have a lot less peace, because I'm staking a claim to that part, too. Hallelujah to Victory in Christ Jesus. For we know that, "Whether He (our God) will or whether He won't, we still will not bow down to you, O King (kerry/dems)." And, what's more, "Nevertheless, whether He will or whether He won't, we know that our God is able!"

God's continued peace and blessings.