Friday, November 05, 2004

Why Mourn For Sen. Kerry and DEMS?

I understand. I am certain I would have felt the same way, if Kerry had won the election. However, I know Kerry and the Democrats were the deceivers.

Kerry and the DEMS divided this country with fear tactics not the Republicans. They misread the nature and character of Americans, as a whole. It was that we were seeking/praying for a change in what the DEMS were doing. The majority spoke and bore that out.

The gays are not being discriminated against. They misused a legitimate term to highjack a valid claim for civil rights. If they are either black, white, red, or yellow, and male or female, and American and believe they have been unjustly treated, then they already have legal protection. But, what the gays have done was to deliberately mislead this nation into granting them "special rights" over and above what is due to all those who obey and uphold the law. No homosexuals ever had a "right" to misuse their minds and bodies to "love" same sex people. But they deceived and blackmailed the public into believing they had the right by calling them "homophobic, haters, discriminators," and any other false names that they chose."

Take heart. You will see in the days to come that this nation will turn people back to God's ways. And you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more peace you will experience in every area of your life -- even in times of trouble. Although you may not understand now; I will pray your peace and best wishes now and in the days to come, filled with all of God's merciful blessings, love, forgiveness, and salvation.

Note: I am convinced that DEMS love to suffer and do not want relief. I left this message (above) posted at -- "Nature Girls Guide, Spontaneous Me," but she deleted the post I left at her site. I guess she wasn't ready to know the truth, but at least I told her.