Sunday, November 05, 2006

Death Comes to America? Vote GOP!

That question remains. Note, it is *not* a statement.

We are approaching Election 2006, and if it was not for my love of the Lord Jesus, I would be known as "The Cussin' Preacher." Don't be so shocked. Go back and reread that! You must have skipped over that first part about Jesus. He is the key to this nation getting back to God and sanity. Have Christians become so gullible as to be deceived into believing all the politically correct diatribe that says you cannot mix politics and religion? When balanced, then we would have good order in this nation. It has been said that "War is hell." And, so it is. But, Americans have never been afraid to fight back (i.e., until the Clinton Administration refused to even defend America in the first place).

America has lost her way. Her people started out with God as the head rather than any political party, as important as they are to the national and global dialog, which has contributed to our former healthy growth, strength, patriotism, economy, and moral purpose. However, with each generation has come a weakened foundation upon which they could stand.

That failure has been evidenced more, in particular, during the past 20 years. Americans have a selective memory. The ethical and moral voices of both church and state became weakened, because the leadership gave in to what "it" wanted to do instead of what God has mandated. They have scoffed at God's will, way, and word.

Death is not kind to America! It is fighting to kill her from within. It knows it has no power that can destroy her as long as she remembers her God. What kind of mindset has America wrought that would blame and shame her in the face of evidence to the contrary? Who and what has blinded her people to believe what is deceitful and deadly, such as their twisting -- over time -- the true purpose of their right to free speech to mean that we have the "right" to kill and maim and abort fetuses in the womb; accepting as fact that perversion of all forms (i.e., homosexuality and beastiality, etc.) is "normal" and "a civil right;" believing that anybody can spit on, burn up, and defacate and urinate on the American flag? They even have the temerity to shamelessly say that our men and women of the military fight and die to give them that "RIGHT" to do all those ungodly things. Not so. Moreover, this nation's leadership and judiciary have endorsed that way of thinking as being correct. Crediblity and accountability are missing from the responsibility, whether political or religious or otherwise.

The world as we know it, has died; but, thanks to God, those who espouse such ungodly diatribe will never be without a voice to stand against it who remember the greatness of America and how she stood for "God, Country, Mom, Apple Pie," patriotism, respect, common courtesy, and common sense. We want that America back!

In order to revive her in her weakened state, it is up to all who remember her in her glory to stand up and speak out against all who tarnish her outward appearance. Her children have long been neglected. They were born dead on arrival. Their parents have failed to teach them that the Middle Passage, Ellis Island, Civil Rights, and Faith in God grew out of their not compromising their values and common sense. God alone brought us. He alone kept us. And He alone shall keep us, if we keep faith in Him and with Him.

The news media is cursed. It is demonic and filled with selfish motives. It has placed itself in the position of being a cadre of unelected policymakers. They do not care what happens to the common person to report it, unless it is so heinous and vile that it will make the national headlines in order to rake in enough statistics that will increase their own purse strings. Furthermore, in order to keep it that way, they have enlisted legal "eagles" to help them twist the news to make it into their legal victories. To them, "We the people" do not matter. Our laws do not matter which were enacted to maintain good societal order which was built upon Godly principles of truth and justice.

Demo(n)crats be dammed to hell! And I say that without apology. Republicans have tried to maintain order and Godly purpose. Dems announced publicly they would not cooperate with this President. They loathe him. Indeed, Senator Nancy Pelosi announced, earlier this year, that the Dems would not work with this congress until "they" (the Dems) were in charge. It is the Dems who have decried this President's use of the name, "Jesus." Yet, it is the Dems who now invoke that name publicly in an attempt to deceive Godly Americans into voting them into office but for their ungodly purpose. It is the Dems who have steadily condemned this President and our military to failure; and, thereby, have given fodder to the enemies of America to use against her. It is the Dems who have pulled down America "from the uttermost to the guttermost." They have broken their promise with Americans to keep her strong and lifted up as a standard bearer for her people and the world. And, it is the Dems who are trying hard to keep our President from keeping that promise.

"Wake up, America," has long been the call for many years now. America is AWAKE, but her people have blindfolded her and they have blown out her lamp. They have tried to break her back and pull her teeth. They have turned their backs on her and God. But, God has backhanded them, in His righteous indignation. And, it is they who will never achieve the devil's purpose of destroying America. She shall forever remain, in God, "The land of the free and the home of the brave." And we will stand to see Him appear to prove to all naysayers that He is God alone and He is real and alive.

People of God and of like faith, be encouraged! Our God is not dead. He is not asleep. He is not weak. He is not deaf. He is not impotent, as so many would have you believe. But, He shall laugh at them in their derision, who believe He is.

Our voices may be shouted down but no matter how hard those gutless wonders may try, God's truth will remain in all the earth as a testimony against them. We do not have to resort to unwarranted human violence, because our help comes from God. But we are not afraid to defend in the face of terrorism.

Which one of them knows the God of white hot anger? Which one of them can stand His heat?! We are not deceived. We pray that they will wake up, repent, and turn now. We will not be silenced no matter how many newspapers, magazines, radios and televisions refuse to broadcast our concerns to the glory of God.

GOP and President George W. Bush? Yes!
Dems and Senator Nancy Pelosi? No!