Monday, November 06, 2006


I ask each one to prayerfully consider and let the Lord lead you as to your choice, before you pull the lever tomorrow at the polls. America is at war. Believe it or not, we still have officials and citizens saying we are not at war. Does anybody here remember what it was like during World War II?

Saving tin cans. Eating powdered eggs and powdered milk. Wearing socks instead of silk nylons. Black out curtains. Searchlights moving across the skies at night. Curfew. Rationings. on and on. Do you suppose the citizens would be happier if this administration rationed gas, sugar, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. and limited our vehicular traffic to conserve gas? What about if this administration raised the taxes to pay for the war? How about having little school children practice ducking the bomb?

What more would it take for Americans to realize we are a nation at war? How can so many Americans not know that "loose lips (still) sink ships?" What is it about today's Americans that make them believe it is o.k. to leak secrets? (And they are the elected leaders who have done it).

We are in trouble as a nation. We need to get back to God. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones who will have to face the fallout, if the Lord tarries, but they will, by that time, really think it is o.k. to have a world view in which everything and anything goes.

Vote your conscience Tuesday, November 7, 2006, but VOTE! And encourage those who feel they are without a voice to exercise their voice by their vote. God bless.